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Reducing Cyber Bullying Evaluation Essay


Strategic implementation of the processes that aim at reducing cyber bullying relies on proper arrangement of the activities. When we identify concise activities, we improve the chances of evaluating the constituents without leaving some unattended. It is, therefore, necessary to identify what should be performed to support the system effectively. McDavid and Hawthorn (2006) postulated that proper organization is the stem of high performance.

For this reason, program constituents must be organized to warrant successful results. Identifying and planning the activities are ways of ensuring program organization. Therefore, I will evaluate the program to determine the areas that require establishment of activities. In a bid to show this, I will table and describe the activities expected in reduction of cyber bullying.

Table of Activities

Activity Significance
Assembling parents/guardians, students and teachers to announce and explain the program in the institution To enlighten parents/guardians, students and teachers about the rules and regulation enacted due to the threat of cyber bullying
Distribution of the regulation materials To provide regulation reference documents to the students
Assessing cyber bullying at the initial stages of the program by use of questionnaires To determine the level of cyber bullying in the institution so that the administrator can determine the strategies of acting.
Reception of cyber bullying reports and provision of the reporting documents To collect reports and ensure that students have efficient access to reporting materials/documents

Information Dispersion

It is crucial to create awareness and a strong foundation when the program initiates. Otherwise, if the pace of the program seems weak at the initial stages, the students might assume or ignore the seriousness of the issue. The administration must be ready to enforce the program into action.

Probably, it can arrange for a meeting with parents/guardians, students and the staff. This meeting could target on enlightening them about the program, and warning those who bully others about the impacts of their actions.

Materials Distribution

Implementation of the program must consider planning how program materials will reach the people. Information about the program will be published and provided to all involved parties. One way of distributing the materials is by supplying them during the meeting mentioned in the previous paragraph. In this way, parents/guardians will, also, have copies of the program details.

The students can, also, receive copies of the materials in classes. This activity of distributing the materials will warrant that the entire school is aware about the restriction made by the administration. Awareness will lead to low cases of cyber bullying and high performance in the school.

Initial Assessment

The other activity will involve assessing the level of cyber bullying in the school. It could be done by using questionnaires to assess bullying incidences. The questionnaires can be presented to students during class proceedings. This step will assist the administrator to identify the strategies of responding to cases of cyber bullying at the initial stages. The school management has to evaluate its steps and actions to prevent the rise fatal consequences (Andras, 2011). It is, therefore, vital to evaluate its status before handling new cases.

Reception and Provision of Materials

Once the three steps are performed, materials that will be used to report new cases can be made available to students. The materials could be statement forms that students will fill information of bullying experienced. After filling, students will return the forms to a discipline department where appropriate measures will be enacted.


Learning institutions must take the role of reducing cyber bullying at all cost in the institutions (Hunter, 2012). They must determine the factors that fit in the fight against cyber bullying. Clear and concise determination of activities to be performed in the program will mark the credibility of the results. This activity will, therefore, mark the beginning of success in the program.


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