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Research Methodology: Criminal Gangs Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Mar 21st, 2021

Research Approach and Design

My research methodology requires me to collect data from various sources. The data will be compiled and analyzed to facilitate decision making. Effective collection of data requires an understanding of the target population. Some of the questions that I will try to answer while conducting the research include:

  1. How do criminal gangs form?
  2. Are there any ways that can assist in reducing the number of such gangs?
  3. What is the response of the authority towards the criminal gangs?

Data Collection

I will use various tools to collect data. It is because reliance on a single tool will not enable me to collect reliable results. In that case, qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques will be used. However, my focus will be on qualitative tools because the nature of my research favors the use of qualitative data collection techniques. Surveys, questionnaires, and interviews are the main tools that will be used throughout the research. A survey on an issue that affects various groups of people is conducted on a lot of individuals. Therefore, it will be of great importance to create a sample that will be studied. It is where critical thinking will be applied. The study will also adopt a descriptive approach.

A descriptive survey is appropriate because it gives a clear indication of the behavior, believes, and opinions of the gangs. This design suits the study since it will facilitate the attainment of the objectives of the study. When a survey is used to collect information from a group of people, sufficient and reliable information will be obtained. It is because surveys encourage self-reporting. The respondents will respond to the questions and inquiries that are raised by the person who is conducting the investigations. Therefore, the use of questionnaires is also vital in the collection of information.

The Research Plan

The research plan will contain the following elements:

  • The scope of the study
    • The results of the study will be collected from the residents of the country.
  • The approach used to collect data
    • Questionnaires and interviews will be primarily used to collect data.
  • A review of existing literature
    • Various books that explain the origin of criminal gangs will be read.
  • Conceptual framework

Research Setting

The study will be conducted in areas that are prone to criminal attacks. Even though the attacks are spread throughout the county, the selection of samples will be distributed by population densities. The majority of the respondents will be young people.

Population and Sample of the Study

A population is a collection of objects or events. It is where the sample size will be obtained. Generally, any member of the population qualifies to be included in the sample. However, the sample selection method that is used will determine the type and number of items or individuals that should be included in the sample. The study population will comprise members of the gangs and other members of the society. Since the county is large, it will be convenient to select a sample that is representative. A sample is defined as objects or individuals that have been selected from a population for the study. Sample selection criteria will be objective and comprehensive.

Criteria to Be Used In Sampling

Individuals to be included in the sample should meet the following selection criteria:

  • They should have attained the age of 18 years.
  • Each member should be mentally sound.
  • They should be cooperative.

Advantages of Using This Research Methodology in Promoting Changes to the Public Safety Policy

Several benefits accrue to every researcher who uses the above research methodology. Some of the benefits include:

  1. It promotes a good response rate. Several individuals are not willing to make contributions on matters that concern their lives. For instance, it is difficult to convince a criminal to give an account of the criminal acts that he has done. Since the investigations will be conducted by the researcher, detailed information will be obtained.
  2. The methodology can easily be administered. The researcher will not spend a lot of resources in collecting the data. He/she will also require minimal energy to collect information.
  3. The methodology promotes the concept of anonymity. Since it is research, the details of the respondents should never be disclosed.
  4. It offers minimal grounds for biases because the information is collected consistently.
  5. It offers an opportunity to carry out a comparison of results. The responses that have been given by various respondents can be compared. This facilitates the creation of sound policies to combat the problems that the county faces.

Ethical Considerations of the Methodology

When conducting research, the researcher is encouraged to observe due diligence. The researcher is also encouraged to be ethical. An ethical study should advocate for informed consent and confidentiality of those who made their contributions in the study.

This methodology observes research ethics. Before a respondent is requested to contribute, his/her consent should be obtained. They should also be informed about the intentions of the researcher. In this study, anonymity will be maintained at all times. No name of any respondent will be disclosed at any time. The methodology also observes self-determination. Every respondent has a right to participate or not. It is also essential to understand that the methodology observes scientific honesty. It does not allow any manipulation of scientific methods and data. All responses that are obtained are taken as they are. It will also facilitate the attainment of independent and credible objectives.

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