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Reynold Commercial Door Company Essay

Overview of Reynold Company and products

Reynold Corporation is a renowned family owned professional dealer of quality overhead door equipments. The company that started its operations in 1963 produces top quality garage and door equipments such as sliding doors and electric operators. The products are used in servicing the needs of residential and commercial consumers.

Since its inception, the company has recorded a tremendous growth in terms of structural expansion and financial performance. The growth is attributable to its effective management, production of quality items and effective distribution of products. The company’s excellent performance is also attributable to the quality of its workforce, innovation, teamwork and provision of timely services.

These elements have been the cornerstone of the company’s success over the years. Indeed, the company operates with a mission to servicing its customers to the best of its ability. Its workers are determined to ensure that customers are satisfied beyond their expectations. This element has enabled the company to record high financial turnover due to high sales and return purchasing.

It has also enabled it to establish its business portfolio and build a strong competitive edge over its rivals in the market. This has enabled the company to be recognized as the leading producer and distributor of overhead door servicing equipments globally. Currently, the company has embarked on an ambitious expansion initiative to cover new markets with an aim of expanding its global presence and improving service delivery to its customers.

Company’s vision

The company’s key vision is to become the leading consulting service agency globally with strong business operating units. This is essential in enhancing customer satisfaction. It also seeks to be the leading distributor of overhead door equipments with an aim of providing unmatched solution to consumers.


  1. To produced customized garage door equipments that matches the needs of customers with limited complications
  2. To produce quality items that conforms to the required standards and customer specifications
  3. To enhance its market share and performance through adoption of viable strategies that are economically sustainable

Key Individuals

As noted, the company operates under effective and flexible operating structure that fosters its growth. Its flexible operating structure facilitates coordination of activities, control, organizing and building of viable work groups. In its structure, the company has three levels of operation that include the management, production officials and functional workers.

In particular, it has 15 mangers that coordinate activities in all its branches and subsidiary units. They are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that every activity is executed appropriately. The company also has about 250 to 260 employees who are well qualified and hold immense knowledge in the field of electronics. Consequently, it has 30 supervisors whose responsibility is to carryout performance assessment on key business units.

Business variables

Major business variable that threaten to impede the company’s performance include different customer preferences in terms of product quality, size and efficiency. Other variables include expansion of product portfolio, operating network and enhancement of efficiency in production. These variables are significant since they define the level of performance in any institution.

Key problems and issues

As noted, the company is currently facing severe challenges and issues that require adoption of favorable operating policies. Firstly, there is lack of favorable working conditions and guidelines that creates less flexibility in operation. The company’s employees are complaining that they are working under unethical restrictions and poor terms of late.

The company is also facing a challenge in expanding its business portfolio due to financial implications. Therefore, the company’s management must do everything within their power to mitigate the effects of the challenges.

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