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There is need for radical transformation on how ageism has been perceived and handled over the years. Old age and the associated impacts of aging have led to myriads of health complications, loss of memory, high dependency level, and loss of social touch with events taking place in the immediate world. This essay briefly explores how technology can be embraced in order to minimize the effects of old age.

Problem statement

The old generation faces a lot of social discrimination especially in the modern societies. Old age seems to be a bother to the young generation bearing in mind that old people often experience higher levels of dependency than the young generation. They are also faced with additional health complications that demand regular attention (Mann 2005, p.26).

Moreover, old people are relatively slow in terms of responding to stimuli and therefore, they require assistance and guidance from time to time. However, there are ways through which modern technology can be adopted in order to combat the negative effects of old age.

High-Level Requirements: assumptions

Smart watches are wrist watches that have been invented so that they can improve the overall functioning of watches since most users have been unable to properly utilize the watch technology (Morley & Charles 2008, p.62). They have been used to improve technology in connecting several people. In other words, this type of wrist watch is meant to offer users with additional features that can improve their social lives.

Smart watches came into demand since they can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, they can be used to access the internet as any other computer. In addition, they can indicate updates on weather, sports, and traffic movement. Needless to say, electronic mails and several other sites connected to the internet can be accessed using a smart watch. Therefore, smart watches are specially designed to meet the needs of all types of people although individuals who are in old age can immensely benefit from this type of technology.


The main constraint that faces this modern application is that most people are not ready and willing to embrace the new technology installed in smart watches. Google glasses are also able to interface most of the applications at ago to enhance usability. It also improves the performance of the various individuals who are using it. The technology will also be enhancing the reliability and the way people interact.

Since Smart watches are worn on the wrists, the technology will enhance them to use it at any moment and at any place wherever they are. For example the smart watches can be used when cycling, swimming and also when jogging and at the various working places. They are light, consume less energy and are relatively cheap.

Another challenge is the issue of size. Quite a number of users have argued that the size is not appealing as the display of the information is not as large as expected by most users.


Smart watches are a type of wrist watches that have been designed with high level of interaction in order to offer multiple services to users especially those who are in old age (Stair & George 2010, p.12). Users are able to maintain their social lives in spite of old age. Some of the core features and functions of this type of watch include data storage, sending messages through speaking, monitoring sugar level, blood pressure, and heart beat as well as taking and sharing both audio and video files.

Smart watches use technology known as SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) that is aimed at bringing the power of technology to users.NET. They are computerized and they enhance low power consumption and low energy sources as compared to the other devices such as laptops and other technology related products. The main aim of building the smart watches is to improve communication and also make the gadgets more useful in the day to day lives.

SPOT is a technology that is used to deliver the necessary information and domains that aid in improving the welfare of the technology used. SPOT uses the main mode of technology has the FM broadcasting does. IT delivers the web-based data that is related to the smart appliances such as the smart watches.


The application and technology will be used by old people from all types of backgrounds. It will be modified by adding several vital applications so that old people will find it easy to use even in an environment with several communication barriers.

Interaction mechanisms

Easier and faster mode of communications will be applied to increase the rate at which the information is passed from one person to another. Some of the Input output devices that will be used in the project are the LCD displays, microprocessors and the numeric displays that are able to display to the users. The input and the output devices also enable users to boost their performance when interacting with the device.

The private life and work environment of an individual using a smart watch will be improved due to the hardware used to manufacture the gadget. The vibration feedback integrated acceleration sensors installed in this type of watch will indeed boost the user’s experience (Heckman 2008, p.72).

It is definite that the user will be offered with a non-obtrusive interaction with the computerized watch. Since the watch will be able to recognize physical activities, an aged user will be able to complete his or her social life without relying on external assistance.


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