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Strategies in “Exceeding Customer Expectation” Case Study

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Updated: Sep 16th, 2020

Successful companies are the ones that satisfy the changing needs of their customers. A satisfied customer will always come back and purchase the required products from the company or business (Minh and Huu 108). That being the case, my interpretation of exceeding a customer’s expectation is the ability to deliver admirable, memorable, and quality services to the targeted buyers. In order to achieve this goal, companies should be able to market superior products or services, address emerging problems, and ensure every customer feels empowered. These measures will make it easier for different business organizations to tackle the challenge of competition and eventually exceed the needs or expectations of their buyers.

There are various practices that are associated with firms that meet and exceed the expectations of their respective customers. The first one is the ability to collect data and information from the customers in order to create better service delivery procedures (Ilieska 329). The implementation of a customer-centered service delivery model is another attribute associated with a company that exceeds the expectations of the targeted clients (Ilieska 330). Being aware of the experiences of the customers after selling the products is another attribute of successful companies.

From a personal experience, I strongly believe that there are various companies that exceed the expectations of their customers. Google Incorporation is a good example of these firms. The company produces quality products based on the emerging needs of the targeted customers (Minh and Huu 112). The services are delivered to the customers wherever they are. The employees are usually encouraged to collect feedback from every customer. The acquired data and information are then used to promote research and development (R&D). These measures have continued to support Google’s business model. Consequently, the firm has remained a leader in its market segment.

Key Points from the Video

The video “Exceeding Customer Expectations” outlines a number of key points that can be embraced by companies that want to exceed the needs and expectations of their respective customers. The video begins by encouraging companies to do what the targeted customers expect from them (“Exceeding Customer Expectations”). By so doing, the customers will have their needs met in a timely manner. The video goes further to explain why firms should do more than what is expected by the targeted customers. This objective can be achieved by providing superior services or products that meet the customers’ needs.

Another unique key point is implementing a powerful service delivery model whenever marketing the final products to the customers. According to the narrator, the approach will ensure the consumer does not forget the attitudes, behaviors, and practices portrayed by the salespeople. Advertising approaches and staff members should also be considered throughout the service delivery process. This practice is necessary because it empowers every customer. The empowered stakeholder eventually engages in repeat business (“Exceeding Customer Expectations”). The approach can also discourage customers from purchasing from companies associated with poor services.

Finally, indifferent treatment is a powerful strategy that will ensure the expectations of the customers are exceeded (“Exceeding Customer Expectations”). The idea behind indifferent treatment is that the company will offer an unexpected support and appropriate communication to the client. The practice will ensure the customer is willing to become part of the business. Companies that embrace these key points will attract, satisfy, and retain more customers and eventually become profitable.

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