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Tablet PC Product Analysis Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 19th, 2022

The most cost-effective Tablet Pc will be launched in Turkey in the near future. Tablet PC is a computing device that has a cheap price tag. However, it is loaded with unique features that are similar to other computing devices. Jones asserts that:

Tablet Pc has the following advantages: it offers various learning styles; it has unique potentialities; and it can unite existing and accessible data in one device. Tablet Pc has faster internet connection/ access (Wi-Fi or GPRS). Tablet Pc is loaded with blogging, Facebook, Web, Twitter and e-mail services. (Jones 6)

Specifications of Tablet Pc

Tablet Pc has “a processor of 366 MH and uses a HD video processor or media and graphic accelerator, memory RAM of 256 MB LP-DDR2, secondary memory of 2 GB internal flash, physical storage (HDD) that is flexible to 32 GB” (Kennewell 20). Besides, it has an “operating system of 2.2 Google Android with seven-inch touch resistive screen 480 × 800 resolutions, and uses a 2 USB port and 3-5mm Headphone jack” (Rutenbeck 78).

Tablet Pc utilizes 2100mAh Polymer-Lithium battery with a backup that can operate for at least three hours. The product has one year warranty. Furthermore, the tablet operates with GPRS and Wi-Fi EEE 802.11a/b/g SIM Cellular Modem for its internet access. The device has 350 gram Mass and has various formats such as MPEG2, DOC, MP3, XLS, DOCX, JPG AAC, PPT, AVI, XLS, ODP, PPTX, AC3, MPEG2, PPT, WAV, XLSX, FLV BMP, and AVI.

Tablet Pc uses web standard of JavaScript 1.8 compliant and ‘Xhtml. 1.1’ complaint. According to Kennewell “Tablet PC is installed with the following Apps: “Browser, Ar Xiv Droid, Advanced task manager, Calendar, Clock, Email, FDriod, Jorte, Music, OL file manager, quickPIC, Settings, Speech recorder, Ubimails, units, Wi-Fi configuration editor, Aldiko premium, APG, ASTRO, Calculator, Camera, Contacts, Dev tools, facebook, Gallery, Messaging, Notepad, Phone, Search, Spare parts, Terminal emulator, Ubisurfer, and VuDroid” (Kennewell 25).

Reliability of Tablet Pc

“Tablet PC is the cheapest computer device in the world that is created for people, especially for students. Tablet PC is a web wireless access technology driven by Android 2.2, accelerated graphics, and embedded CPU with HD video and manifold of 7 touch screens” (Thompson, Strickland & Gamble 38).

Unfortunately, rich customers are the only capable people who can own most digital devises; ordinary people are not capable to afford technological devices. The Turkish government intends to terminate such divisive trend by 2016. In fact, Tablet PC is meant to meet people’s needs, though particularly designed for college and university students.

The main objective is to create a digital device of similar features (like other expensive computing devices) with an affordable price tag that offers better functionally. “Tablet PC is designed to enforce the prospective of interactive, personalized and high quality insight component over the internet” (Jones 8).

Tablet PC is a digital device of low cost but is enriched with high quality specifications and features. Moreover, according to Rutenbeck, Tablet PC is the newest generation of digital computer device (65). Tablet PC is incorporated with social networking applications. These make it more functional for human needs.

These impressive features and unbeatable price tag have made Tablet PC an appealing and stylish gadget that meets modern reality. “Tablet PC is a reliable device that would provide cost-effective internet and computing access to students” (Wiggins & Carter 70).

Tablet PC can function as a cell phone when Headphone and SIM card are inserted in the Tablet. In addition, this unique feature enables Wi-Fi and GPRS to work better in the Tablet PC (Wiggins & Carter 4). Besides, the device has an application which can enable it to function effectively as 3G Tab with the support of Dongle. “This Tablet uses USB connectivity, and can facilitate many types of documents since it is designed with many supported formats” (Morrison 34).

Moreover, “Tablet PC has text editor and PDF viewer, and has designed image display, video and audios of multimedia products” (Jones 5). Wiggins & Carter observe that Tablet PC has adopted Web compliance standards and offers YouTube services/ videos. In fact, Tablet PC is awarded RoHS/CE certification, and has also met other safety compliance standards (Rutenbeck 67).

Deficient Features of Tablet Pc

However, Thompson, Strickland & Gamble observe that specifications that are seriously lacking in the Tablet PC are: GPS, Android market region (Tablet PC uses App store as a supplement), multitasking (Tablet PC uses a processor of 366 MHz which is not capable to operate multitasking events). The Tablet PC has no calling competency in the current period; moreover Stylus is not exclusive in the price value of the device (Wiggins & Carter 4).

Integrity of Tablet Pc

Computer advancement has increased high efficiency that has lead to establishment of net-book technology such as Tablet PC. It is an efficient computer device that is portable unlike Computer Desktops which cannot be carried from one place to another. “Tablet PC is a notebook computing device which is a paper tablet” (Jones 3).

Moreover, Tablet PC has a phone that enables users to make and receive calls. In addition, it has a memory that is expandable up to 32GB. “Tablet PC has high quality Youtube and playback videos, games, typical pen-drives and educational software” (Morrison16).

It is important to note that Tablet PC is not designed to contend against IPod; the products are not meant to compete with one another in the market. However, Tablet PC is made to generate affordable and cheap internet access that would enable students to watch academic videos and to study eBooks. It enables users to access PDF documents. Tablet Pc is much faster when moving from one page to another than other known tablets.

It is designed with picture and MS office 2003 documents that make it more accessible and effective. Furthermore, the design of Tablet PC has incorporated ‘Androffice’ thus making generation and editing office documents easier. “Tablet PC is designed with text editor that is ‘Window OS Notepad’; meant to edit documents. Tablet PC is an effective device when playing mp3, audio cases, and streaming videos such as Youtube” (Jones 5).

“Tablet PC can work successfully with 1GB and 4GB pen drives, and also effectively recognizes 1 TB external Seagate hard disk, and data transfer can effectively operate” (Wiggins & Carter 37). Therefore, it is clear that Tablet PC is not a rival to iPod. However, they definitely provide high quality with specification services they declare.

Rutenbeck opines that “Tablet PC is cost effective, a mini- laptop device, and is designed with pen drive that makes it more useful especially to university students”. Tablet PC is designed with e-books that are useful for students. With the devise, students are capable to effectively access internet through the use of Wi-Fi when they traveling from one place to another. Moreover, Tablet PC is installed with high quality insulators that regulate internal heating to minimize internal problems.

“Tablet PC is designed with batteries that can adequately last for at least three hours that is averagely enough for daily use whenever there is electric black-out” (Wiggins & Carter 37). This makes the devise an effective computer device for college students. Actually, it is mainly meant for college and university students, but may be sold to the public at slightly higher price tag. It is a computer device that is procured by the Turkish government to students across the nation.

According to Rutenbeck

Tablet PC has generated several positive records in technological discipline; it is affordable and cost-effective, accessible to duties associated with education and internet, it can also be used as mobile phone, and as an iPod. (Rutenbeck 70)

Indeed, Tablet PC is the best upgraded computer device that has overcomed other expensive gadgets of the same purpose. It will create a positive effect on the Turkish economy.

“Tablet PC is a computer system at a fordable price just as price of a mobile phone; it is an effective source of video and audio files, useful for internet browsing, e-books and for playing games” (Morrison 42). Actually, human nature normally looks for better alternatives in life. Fortunately, Tablet PC is the best alternative that is more cost-effective than other computer devices.

Kennewell asserts that Tablet PC has Android screen-touch that has co-processor HD video for graphic designs, and for effective multimedia experience; this provides quicker supportive applications (20). Furthermore, Tablet PC has internet browser which speed up web pages with internet connectivity that is accessible in all places covered by GPRS network. The accessibility of GPRS and Wi-Fi enable cell phone functionality and internet accessibility to be available anytime and everywhere.

Besides that, the USB of Tablet PC is supported by a 3G modem, making the device very effective in operation. “The USB is incorporated with Dongle, Pen-drive, External keyboard and web-page together with cost-effective peripheral that make Tablet PC more functional” (Wiggins & Carter37). Moreover, Tablet PC is designed with screen that is quickly responsive. Thus, users do not strain much, but has to press the screen smoothly and it would respond faster than Samsung, iPod and other tablets that serve the same function.

Suitability of Tablet Pc

It is a fact that Tablet PC will boost technological reputation of Turkey. Tablet PC is designed as an alternative computer device that has an affordable price tag, with a more efficient performance compared to other existing models. Definitely, it is a perfect digital device for any place and any time because of its Android application, sports and web accessibility, and multimedia content. Tablet PC is not meant to be sold in the market, but to the Turkish college and university students.

The product will promote a flexible digital technology in education that will impact students’ lives through the launch of an affordable and effective computing device of the third generation androids. As projected, the sustainability aspect is likely to ensure that the product penetrates targeted market with ease since potential customers are concentrated in colleges and Universities across Turkey.

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