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The aircraft maintenance industry (Technology analysis) Research Paper

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The aircraft maintenance is about the desires and fulfillment in the industry when there are no errors being reported or realized. The industry always strives at excellence and accuracy technologically to provide safe air transport. This is seen through the ever-improving aircraft technology and the innovations made are better today than the yesterdays.

Any mistake made will result in a dangerous act and deaths of the occupants. Such instances are nightmares in the industry. It is through technology that knowledge is derived that helps in the safety in the industry, thus preventing any future disasters.

Aircraft technology should be developed with the highest technology in the land at any time in order to be efficient and proactive in the industry. Aircrafts should be unique and ever-creative industry. The aircraft maintenance schools should be practical in nature in order to expose the learners to the challenges they expect while handling an aircraft.

The maintenance facts programs should be simple, cheap and readily accessible by a company. This will assist in reducing the chances of reported errors and harmonize the plans of safety management system. The program should be customized by every country or organization in order to maximize the benefits. The Federal aviation has been in the forefront in providing information relating to the human factors.

There are more information required that’s assist in the aircraft maintenance from the recently posted by the European Aviation Safety Authority. The Transport Canada has also availed information relating to human factors to world users to promote safety across the globe.

This information can be utilized by the three countries in improving their technology of their aircrafts. This helps in attaining the relevant information that is missing in the respective countries in order to fast track the aircraft maintenance.


Poland has an ancient aircraft industry seen as from the 20th century. It has not been easy for the industry to develop but through challenges and learning from it. The industry at one time went down for few years then it grew again. This was due to the victorious restructuring that were made in the country.

This saw the growth of the aircraft productions due to its demand. The technology that was utilized was high and thus, it attracted many other countries to utilize their own. This is proved by the availability of operation four different aviation-engineering centers.

The country is well known for the productions of various airplanes. They are the leading as well in the maintenance of these aircrafts. The technology they use is superior and commands a large percentage share of the market globally. They produce various parts and accessories of the aircraft. Most of the country’s productions are exported to various countries such as USA, Venezuela, Greece and Italy.

Others include Canada, Spain, and Germany among others. With technology, come benefits (Wooldridge 73). The employment is high in the country due to outstanding performance in the industry. The recent changes witnessed in the country are due to the accession to the European Union.

This has led to tremendous changes being made in the civil aviation industry in Poland. As a result, there has been tremendous increase in the number of passengers using their space. They have all the equipments necessary to be utilized in the sector as far as the maintenance is concern and the care giving to the users (Woodward and Andrew 64).

The Poland aviation industry is highly developed and thus many airlines outsource their repairs and maintenance services. The main reason for the outsourcing is the technology used which is high, service provision is excellent and the costs are readily affordable. The country should also collaborate with Venezuela, Turkey, USA, Germany and European Union (Walsh and Mark 37).


The country began the use of the aircraft as early as 1920 when the military established a base with the help of France. France provided them with all the equipments and the technicians necessary for the establishments to be complete.

The technology they attained was extremely practical and weighty that they came up with the G-3 with one engine and the G-4 with the twin engines. The World War II destabilized the industry due to insufficient spares to be used to maintain their aircrafts (Graham 26).

Due to these challenges, Venezuela came up with various innovations that has seen its advancement in the industry globally. This led to the utilization of the technology and electronics in all the various parts of applied knowledge. This finally resulted in the vertical and horizontal integration of the specified technology. It settled on the creation of the highly innovative designs, outputs and the flight ability (Marrett 65).

The aviation industry in the country was now well established and very competitive globally. It is through this technology that it has made Venezuela a nation with its self defense mechanism when it comes to war. It has various aircrafts which are used specifically in war and training. They light and fast hence can strike without being easily noticed. This is because of the technology used in the manufacture and maintenance.

All the training session by the students are done using the fast rate aircrafts. This helps in exposing them to a highly completive and techno-vast industry. The standards set are high hence beneficial in equipping them with the relevant knowledge, therefore fast racking their creativity (Szezepanik 62).

Venezuela aircraft maintenance is outsourcing various services including the materials from Germany, France and Italy (Nath 2009). The country should also collaborate with Poland, Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, China, and Russia (Crans 63).


Turkish airline is a living testimony of the advancement of technology in use in the sector. The maintenance of these aircrafts is done by highly skilled and techno-surf individuals who want nothing but the best globally. The technology they use is of great significance to other countries. This explains why they are maintaining the aircrafts for other counties.

The industry has developed so much due to highly motivated engineers and pilots who adapt very fast to the ever-changing world technologically. Turkish airline has since its inception, been utilizing the maintenance services from the Turkish people and their technical abilities.

The companies advancement is due to the strive for them to be efficient at all times and giving excellent services to the potential customers. The Turkish airline has also been able to acquire a substantive market share; this has made it possible for them to even overcome the competition that is experience globally (Cali 18).

Turkey is highly respected globally and sort after country in its own highly skilled and up to date aircraft technicians. They are able to equip an aircraft with the use of the latest technology. Most other countries utilize the services that the Turkish airline enjoys.

It is important that turkey does not outsource its services and materials in the production and maintenance of the aircrafts. Instead, many other nations seek their assistance in producing and repairing the aircrafts. The country should partner with France, Italy, Poland, Venezuela, and USA in order to exchange the best services for maximum growth (Graham 39).

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