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The Competencies and Capability of Paramount Events Management (PEM) Proposal

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Updated: May 1st, 2022

Executive Summary

This profile aims to highlight the competencies and capability of Paramount Events Management (PEM) to manage events. PEM is recognized as a leading full events management service provider in Dubai. The firm has operated in the industry for over ten years and has since managed over 300 major events in Dubai. PEM’s competencies include a highly trained and experienced team of professionals. Through its creative and dynamic workforce, the firm has been able to provide the best customer service, charge low prices, and offer a wide variety of high-quality services. The company’s strengths include investments in venues, transportation systems, and information and communication technology. Thus, by choosing PEM, the client benefits in the following ways. First, the client will receive excellent and personalized services. Second, the client will benefit from low prices. Finally, the client will enjoy a great relationship with suppliers, artists, hotels, and media.

Event and Concert Management

Company Overview

Paramount Events Management (PEM) is a leading events management company in Dubai. The company was founded in 1995 and operates mainly in Dubai. PEM is recognized in the industry as an excellent and complete event solution provider. The firm’s philosophy enables it to provide services that match global standards. It provides insightful, as well as, creative solutions through events management, corporate hospitality, as well as, experiential marketing. Since its inception, the company has successfully organized and managed over 300 events in Dubai. Through years of research and development, as well as, organizational learning, PEM perfected the quality of its services and the experience of its clients.

The company has a team of creative and dynamic professionals with an excellent stream of ideas and experience in events management. The creativity of the team enables the firm to give a unique meaning, identity, and vision to every event. The goal of the company is to offer excellent services at competitive prices to its esteemed clients through simple and innovative techniques. Consequently, every event or function organized or managed by PEM is always a brilliant opportunity for interaction, entertainment, and personality development.


PEM believes in the consistent improvement of its services and the experience of its customers. The company’s philosophy and commitment to excellence are encapsulated in its vision statement. The firm’s vision is ‘to deliver event solutions through the highest standards of professionalism, and innovation while upholding the spirit of integrity, creativity, as well as, quality at all times. By pursuing this vision, PEM intends to be the first choice provider of tailor-made high-quality services in the events industry.


PEM is an empowered organization, founded on the principle of service to clients and commitment to value creation for all stakeholders. The company has a vast knowledge of the market needs, as well as, an extensive network of clients and business associates. PEM’s mandate is to provide niche events management, marketing, as well as, business communication. The company’s commitment to achieving this mandate is reflected in its mission statement. PEM’s mission is ‘to build interaction platforms that enable its clients to interact, deliver their messages and entertain themselves.

Core Values

The vision and mission of PEM are built on the following core values. First, the firm believes in leadership. PEM has the authority and creativity to lead the industry, inspire stakeholders, and cultivate positive social change. Second, PEM has a passion for proving value to its esteemed clients. Third, the firm believes in integrity. Fourth, PEM believes in respect, by recognizing the significance of diversity and mutual respect for all stakeholders. Fifth, the firm has strategically chosen to focus on excellence by aiming to offer the best quality in all services. Other values that guide the company include teamwork and empowerment.


The success of every event depends on the human resources and talent used to deliver it. Given the dynamic nature of Dubai’s events industry and the diverse tastes and preferences of customers, a successful events management agency must have a team of professionals that can transform the dreams of the clients into reality. Consequently, PEM has developed a pool of talent to help it achieve its mandate. The company’s employees have a wealth of knowledge and experience in various aspects of event management.

The company’s CEO has a BA (Hons) in International Events Management. He obtained his degree from the European Business School in London. He also has an MBA in project and events management. The CEO has previously worked in the events industry as an events planner, organizer, manager, and consultant. He has also worked in various markets which include Europe, India, and the USA. The CEO has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

The company’s COO has a Masters of Science in Events Management. He has worked in the industry for the last 15 years in various roles such as event planning, marketing, and consultancy. PEM has adopted a diversity program that enables it to attract the best talent from various parts of the world. The company also provides regular on-the-job training for its staff to enhance the delivery of excellent services to the clients. The firm’s corporate social responsibility focuses on promoting transparency, integrity, ethical behavior, and job satisfaction among employees. This translates into creativity, high productivity, and customer satisfaction.


PEM’s service package covers all aspects of hosting an event. This includes planning, managing/ coordinating, as well as, staging the actual event. The company’s product offering is divided into three broad categories namely, event management, event/ experiential marketing, as well as, corporate hospitality, and social events. The services offered under these categories can be explained as follows.

Event Management

Managing an event requires vital organizational, planning, as well as, managerial skills that no single individual can possess. Having taken cognizance of this fact, PEM has acquired a talented team of professionals that work with clients through all stages of organizing and hosting an event. In this context, the company’s team helps the clients with the planning and organization process. This involves assisting the client to make decisions on the scope of the event and budgeting. Our team assists clients with venue management which involves venue selection, decoration, fabrication, and branding.

The company also provides guest management services such as arranging for accommodation, transportation, as well as, food and beverages. Finally, the firm provides entertainment services which involve arranging for stage, lights and sound system. The firm also arranges for dancers, singers, and artists that match the tastes and preferences of the client.

Event/ Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing services are tailor-made to help companies organize and execute the events that accompany their marketing strategies. In this category, the services offered by PEM include brand promotion events, product launch events, roadshows, and dealers’ meetings.

Brand promotion means creating awareness about the brand. It aims to make the brand more popular among existing and potential customers. Companies aim at developing super brands to realize high sales. PEM helps companies to achieve this objective through canopy promotion and walk-through promotions. Canopy promotion involves putting a canopy/ tent in public areas such as a shopping mall. From these canopies, the promoters attend to the public by providing information about the brand, distributing brochures and discounted coupons. In walk-through promotions, the promoters wear shirts and jackets or carry flags with written information about the brand and walk around public areas to create publicity.

In product launch, PEM helps its clients with venue management, celebrity endorsement of the product, the creation of publicity through roadshows, and designing electronic adverts. The company also helps its clients to organize the launch concert to connect with the targeted audience. In dealer’s meetings, PEM offers venue management, guest management, and transportation services. Additionally, the firm facilitates entertainment and dealers’ award ceremonies.

Corporate Hospitality and Social Events

In this category, the events managed by PEM include exhibitions, annual celebrations, corporate tours, seminars, and press conferences. The social events services provided by PEM include wedding management, theme parties, live entertainment shows, as well as, fashion shows. While the company offers full event management services, it does not restrict its customers to its services. In cases whereby the customer is not interested in a full-service package, the company provides excellent consultancy services. In such cases, PEM offers advice to its clients on various aspects of organizing and managing an event of any nature.

What Makes PEM Special

The success of PEM in the events industry can be demonstrated by its core competencies and past achievements. Core competencies refer to the strengths that enable a company to create great value for its clients and shareholders. The core competencies are unique to a company and enable the firm to differentiate itself in the market. PEM’s core competencies include the following.

A Wide Variety of Services

Dubai’s events market consists of many segments which include tourism, nightlife, concert clubs, corporate hospitality, and social events. Each of these segments has unique needs and expectations. An event is considered to be successful only if it meets or even exceeds the expectation of the participants. In response to the diverse tastes and preferences of clients in Dubai, PEM has developed a variety of products to choose from. Additionally, PEM’s products are flexible. Thus, they can always be tailor-made to match the specific needs of the client. During the organization process, the client is always consulted to ensure that his ideas and expectations are taken into account. Through research and development, the firm introduces new products and improves the existing ones.


Organizing and hosting any event requires a substantial amount of financial resources. Lack of adequate funds or misallocation of funds can compromise the quality of the event and the experience of the participants. To help its clients to overcome financial barriers, PEM has developed a flexible pricing system. In this case, a client who is not interested in a full-service package pays only for those services he is interested in. Additionally, services such as budgeting and needs assessment are offered for free. Through process innovation, PEM has been able to reduce the cost of providing its services.

Consequently, it can charge the lowest prices in the industry without compromising quality. The company has also developed an incentive program for its clients. In particular, clients enjoy discounts of up to 20% for repeat businesses and the purchase of full-service packages. Finally, PEM has long-term partnerships with suppliers, club owners, media, advertising agencies, hotels, and artists. Consequently, by working with PEM for 4 years, the client will benefit from these partnerships at reduced costs.

Customer Service

PEM believes in creating value for its clients through high-quality products and excellent customer service. The company has been voted the best customer service provider in Dubai’s events industry for three consecutive years. Additionally, the firm has received awards for its high-quality products.

Experience and Past Achievements

The company utilizes the vast experience of its employees to deliver the best products for its clients. Consequently, the firm has been able to develop a large network of happy or satisfied clients. Some of the major events that have been organized or managed by PEM are summarized in the following table.

Event Date Client Attendance
Cultural and Scientific Association Opening Ceremony 2008 Cultural and Scientific Association 6,000
West Asia International Athletics Meeting for Handicapped 2008 Khorfokkan Club for Handicapped 5,000
Ice Ring Show 2008 Global Village Office 10,000
Launch of Zain Ltd 2007 Zain Ltd 1,500
Summer Fantazia 2007 Ministry of Information 10,000
Arabic Women’s Day 2002 Women Union 12,000
Muscat Festival 2000 Muscat Municipality 3,000

Why PEM Can Organize the Best Event

PEM’s ability to organize or manage a successful event can be demonstrated by the facilities and equipment it has at its disposal. PEM’s strengths include the following.


A successful event must have a venue that is big enough to accommodate the participants. Additionally, the venue should be suitable for the event, accessible, affordable, and safe to use. PEM has its halls and rooms for hosting indoor events. The halls and rooms are of different sizes and can always be portioned to suit the needs of the clients. Additionally, PEM has lease contracts that enable it to host events in leading hotels in Dubai. The company has also partnered with sports organizations to utilize their sports grounds for outdoor events. Finally, PEM has a large database of venues that it can recommend for its clients. Besides, the company assists its clients to negotiate for low venue rates.

Information Technology

Effective communication is central to the success of any event. Consequently, PEM has invested in modern information and communication technology to enhance the experience of its clients. PEM has both 2D and 3D presentation equipment, wall projectors, and LCD screens to facilitate better communication. Entertainment equipment includes audio-visual systems, plasma screens, and music systems. The company has also acquired modern video recording and photo shooting equipment. Through partnerships with dealers of communication and entertainment equipment, PEM can easily rent any equipment at a customer’s request. All venues owned by PEM have fast internet connectivity. PEM has partnered with media and advertising agencies to advertise its clients’ events at low costs.

Hospitality and Protocol

PEM recognizes the need to offer the best hospitality services to participants of an event. Most importantly, the firm has taken cognizance of the fact that protocol has to be followed in delivering any event. Through its catering unit, PEM offers a variety of food and beverages to its clients. The company has also partnered with hotel and restaurant owners to provide accommodation and food to its clients. Additionally, PEM has acquired its apartments to accommodate its clients’ guests. PEM offers special treatment for its clients’ VIP guests. Such services include reserved seats, special reception, brief entertainment, and transportation.

Multilingual services

Events bring together people from different walks of life. Thus, participants in an event may not speak the same language. This calls for effective translation services that enable the participants to communicate effectively with each other. In light of this requirement, PEM offers multilingual services to its clients to facilitate effective communication and coordination. To provide these services, PEM has hired individuals who can speak major languages such as English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Written materials such as invitation cards, program guides, and certificates of participation can also be written in a language requested by the client.

Security Services

The safety of participants is paramount in every event. With the rising cases of terrorist attacks and criminal activities, the targeted participants are likely to attend the event only if they are assured of their safety. PEM’s security protocol meets the national standards set by the United Arab Emirates. PEM offers security services to its clients through private security firms. The security protocol includes point checks and identity verification. These checks are done at the venues and hotels where the guests stay. A security officer is often assigned to every VIP, especially, in outdoor events.

Medical and Emergency Services

The medical and emergency services provided by PEM depend on the nature or type of event being managed. Medical services are provided when the event is expected to last for more than a day. Additionally, medical services are provided when the event involves risky activities such as sports. PEM has partnered with health care providers to offer specialized medical services to the clients during the event. To facilitate access to health services, health insurance is often provided to the guests during the event. Emergency services such as first aid and ambulance services are provided in every event.

Risk Management

Risk management helps planners to avert any risks that may interfere with the implementation of a plan. Consequently, all risks must be identified when planning for an event. Effective measures must be taken to address the identified risks to enhance the success of the event. Through experience, PEM has developed a risk checklist that enables it to identify the risks associated with every event. The firm ensures all insurable risks such as fire and road accidents. The risk of equipment failure is addressed by allocating standby or alternative equipment. Thus, equipment that fails to function during the event is replaced immediately to avoid disruptions

Environmental Services

Events can have adverse effects on the environment if they are not well planned, organized, and managed. For example, an outdoor party can lead to noise pollution. Such effects can diminish the desirability of the event and even attract penalties from law enforcers. Hence, PEM ensures that all events it organizes comply with the law and regulations in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, PEM’s corporate social responsibility focuses on environmental protection. In this context, PEM focuses on safe waste disposal and efficient use of energy.


An effective transportation system is necessary when hosting or managing an event. Participants must be able to get to the venues on time. Additionally, the equipment and materials to be used in the event must be transported to the venue in time. In response to these needs, PEM has acquired a fleet of vehicles that enables it to offer efficient and effective transportation services. The company has buses for transporting participants within Dubai. Special cars and buses are also provided for VIP guests. Additionally, the company has convertible trucks which are used for roadshows and transportation of equipment and materials. The company also assists its clients to arrange for air transportation.


Paramount Events Management is a leading firm in Dubai’s events industry. The company offers unparalleled services to a diverse clientele base in Dubai. The services provided by PEM include event management, event/ experiential marketing, as well as, social and corporate hospitality. The company’s service package covers all aspects of event management such as planning, organizing, and hosting the event. PEM’s competencies include excellent customer services, the ability to offer low-cost services, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in event management.

By working with PEM for 4 years the client will benefit from a variety of venues, information and communication technology, and transportation services. Other benefits include access to hospitality, security, multilingual, and risk management services. It is against this backdrop that PEM should be chosen as the preferred events solutions provider in Dubai.

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