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The UAE’s Public Administration System Essay

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Updated: Jun 27th, 2020

There is a tendency in our modern age to be concerned about some democratic issues. With the rise of conscious people start thinking about human rights and the way they are observed in different countries. That is why it is very important now to have information about this issue. Traditionally, there is a belief that in countries of the East human rights are not very appreciated. It is conditioned by several factors. Historically, the power of one man was almost absolute there, that is why even nowadays people still consider that things had not changed. Moreover, there is a reason for people to think so. There are several countries, where the power of a ruler is not restricted by any regulatory body and that is why it is difficult to talk about some respect for human rights or even modern structure of the state. Moreover, it is rather interesting to compare how government functions in different countries under the influence of different stereotypes. Taking it into account, it is possible to say that our memo is devoted to investigation and comparison of some aspects of the United Arab Emirates administrative system with some other systems based on some readings. Moreover, a brief outline of some problematic or disputable questions is made. The UAE is one of the most developed countries of the East that is why it is possible to analyze it.

Traditionally, the UAE is a federation of seven emirates. These emirates are governed by an absolute monarch. That is why it is possible to state that some problems with human rights can be observed in the state. Nevertheless, being a federation, the UAE has its federal institutions. The ruler of the country is the President, which is usually the ruler of the biggest emirate. Though, there are also 4 other institutions which are the Federal Supreme Council, the Council of Ministers of the Union, the Federal National Council and the Judiciary of the Union. All these regulatory bodies are rather traditional. “This is central to a rational connection between the means and ends of public policy which can be defined in general terms as efforts to change or maintain the status quo in society” (Bertelli 3). The USA, being also the union of different states, has its federal institutes which govern the state. They are the Congress, the President and so on. That is why the political structure of the UAE seems to be quite traditional and it can guarantee respect for human rights. Moreover, this system tries to supply its citizens with all they need for them to be satisfied with their government and country. These facts show that the UAEs government is a modern and well-structured organization which functions according to accepted in the world norms.

To determine the current state of government in the UAE, it is possible to compare this system with another existing one and investigate its peculiarities, basing on some readings. Formally being the highest legislative body of the country, the Federal National Council, does not have much power and it can be called a supervisory body function of which is to discuss laws. With this in mind, it is possible to underline the increasing role of individuality in the UAE. Much depends on his choice. “To make a rational choice, the individual chooses the best alternative she can give her preferences ” (Bertelli 20). That is why, in countries like the UAE much still depends on the decision of one person, who is the President and whose power is still almost absolute. Though, it is also possible to mention the power of the purse while speaking about the UAE. It is “the political control of the bureaucracy or the ability of political branches to constrain the policy choices of the administration” (Bertelli 40). Being a state with centralized power, the UAE has not these problems in this sphere as the administration does not play such a great role in the policy of the country. Other regulatory bodies also influence decision making in the UAE, however in a less degree.

Having a modern and democratic political structure, the UAE has everything to be called the democratic state. However, there are still some problems. First of all, the role of the individual is still very important here. The question of responsibility rises, whether it lies in the characteristics of statutory delegations or the character of the people, performing governance tasks (Bertelli 155). It is a very disputable question. That is why, in other states where different legislative bodies play a greater role, duties and responsibilities are distributed. Things are different in the UAE. Having great power, the President of the UAE has to make decisions which can lead to different results or even prejudice the rights of people. Due to this fact, sometimes this system seems to be not so democratic as some other systems. However, it has also its advantages. it is easier to solve some questions or define a budget. Moreover, some disputable issues could be decided easier than in other states. Having a great number of different governance processes concentrated in his hands, the President can control the government and all other regulatory bodies of the country. That is why the concept of responsibility of individuals for work and organization of functioning of the state can be applied to his figure.

Having described some peculiarities of functioning of the administrative system of the UAE and analyzed it basing on some concrete readings and examples, it is possible to come to some certain conclusions. The UAE is a modern federative state which has its developed political system. There are 5 main regulatory bodies in the country, each of them has its function. The Federal National Council is supposed to be the highest legislative body of the country, Though, due to historical peculiarities and some unique characteristics and traditions of power in the country, it plays only supervisory function, discussing laws and projects. The President of the state is real power in the country as it has almost unlimited power. However, as the main aim of governance is to preserve the interests of people, he tries to supply them with everything they need, guaranteeing good conditions of living. Being an individual endued with great authority and responsibility, he can influence the development of the whole country. If to compare the Federal Supreme Council of the UAE with the Congress of the USA it becomes obvious that the last one is much more powerful organ, though it is still a question whether it is better as the concept and question of bureaucracy rises.

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