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Wireless Endoscopy Developments Essay


Gavriel Iddan pioneered wireless endoscopy developments, despite the fact that he lacked medical background. His electro-optical expertise can never be underestimated as being key factor, in his role in endoscopy developments. Iddan was working on a project that was meant to develop ‘an eye’, which would guide missile to its target.

Same scenario was presented by Scapa, when she met Iddan in Boston. Scapa mentioned that one of the challenges in treating diseases in small intestines, was that physician would not be able to identify region with the problem. Physician was not in a position to view lining of small intestines, since x rays could not show twists and turns. Existing endoscopes could not go beyond first third of small intestines.

Iddan considered inventing an object that would view images in every region of small intestines. Clear images of small intestines would enable physicians to diagnose conditions and problems, which were escalating. Further, invention process would consider transmission of images from small intestines.

Notably, Iddan had gone to Boston to work for a company that produced x ray tubes and ultrasonic probes. Iddan’s background was therefore essential in role of being a pioneer in wireless endoscopy. For example, Iddan’s involvement in endoscopy developments was founded on his earlier project of inventing an eye guided missile.

Further, his finesse in electro engineering can be linked with invention of semiconductors, which were later developed into complementary metal oxide semiconductors (CMOS). The development was essential as it solved charge problem, since Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) that would be depleted within 10 minutes, were replaced with long lasting CMOS.

Demand or existence of need was the other factor, which enabled Iddan to pioneer wireless endoscopy developments. Scapa literally pressurized Iddan to come up with a way in which physicians would be in a better position to view images, of small intestines. Alarming statistics of population diagnosed with disorders of small intestines, facilitated necessity to develop alternatives.

Challenges that faced medical field, required interventions and support from other scientific fields. Existing gap in medical field provided an opportunity for other scientists including Iddan, to pioneer any developments in wireless endoscopy. Support and collaboration also enabled Iddan to pioneer wireless endoscopy developments.

For example, Meron acknowledged Iddan’s creativity when he presented CMOS product to him. Further, combination of efforts of ‘Given Imaging’ with those of research team from United Kingdom, enabled Iddan to initiate wireless endoscopy developments. Development of wireless endoscopy was successful, after efforts from both teams were combined.

Given’s development of camera pill can be understood as science push, which was facilitated by demand pull. Science push defines advancements that are facilitated by evolution of research. On the other hand, demand pull can be defined as evolutions that are triggered by the fluctuations in population.

Given Imaging, arose from acknowledgement of evolution of science. Meron, the CEO of Applied Limited, acknowledged developments presented by Iddan and founded Given Imaging. Further, Given Imaging agreed to join forces with team of experts from United Kingdom, as a way of responding to science push. Given Imaging utilized opportunity of scientific research to maximum.

For instance, it provided a complete set in its inventions of wireless endoscopy. Endoscopy set included a camera pill that was supposed to be swallowed by patient. The set also incorporated a recording pack that patient would wear after swallowing camera pill. Further, Given Imaging had software through which a doctor would upload images recorded in wearable recording pack.

After development of wireless endoscopy was successful and accepted into market, many research firms adopted innovation strategies associated with science. After tremendous developments on wireless endoscopy by rival technology, Given Imaging stepped in to develop camera pills that would target esophagus and colon.

Demand pull is also a notable characteristic of Given Imaging development. Meron was fascinated by developments presented by Iddan, since he recognized that such idea was in demand. The endoscopy set invented by Given Imaging was comprehensive and expensive.

In this regard, strategies and efforts applied in invention process of wireless endoscopy can be attributed to profitability associated with success. Notably, Given Imaging enjoyed benefits associated with wireless endoscopy developments alone, since it was the pioneer technology. Endoscopy developments were minimal during this time and were rejuvenated by penetration into market by rival technologies.

Threat of competitors compelled Given Imaging to secure its patent for wireless endoscopy development in United States of America. Given Imaging installed its devices in most hospitals and clinics, thereby leaving minimal tendency for choice of rival technology.

Change of installed Given Imaging devices meant great expenses for clinics and hospitals. In this regard, developments on camera pill that could target esophagus and colon could be seen as being demand driven.

Collaboration of Iddan with Swain’s team is characterized by advantages as well as disadvantages. Combination of ideas led to efficacy, since there were better results. For example, Iddan specialized in science of semiconductors that was essential in development process of wireless endoscopy.

Swains team was more experienced in anatomy and medical field. In this regard, both teams were essential in development of wireless endoscopy. Notably, development process of wireless endoscopy was shortened, by combination of efforts from both teams.

Teams combined their strong points to reduce impacts of their weak sides. For example, Swains team would have invested more time and resources to come up with idea of semiconductors. Similarly, developments of Iddan would have been limited by his inexperience in anatomy and medical field.

The disadvantage would be linked to shared latent, in perspective of commercialization process of wireless endoscopy. Since both teams worked together in development procedure, advantages associated with success were shared. Notably, scientific method used was not private, thereby making it open to public. As a result, rival technologies penetrated wireless endoscopy field with minimal barriers.

Notably, shared method used in wireless endoscopy rendered Given Imaging vulnerable to competition. Tremendous evolution and science push directed to developments of endoscopy, almost rendered Given Imaging insignificant. Combination of efforts of both teams shortened time taken in realizing results but at the same time limited innovation and creativity, in endoscopy developments.

Reduced period of developments meant reduced rate of innovation, since a team would not research on the area of specification of the other. For example, since Iddan was associated with knowledge of CMOS, Swain’s team adopted his idea without further research that could have even led to better results.

Similarly, Iddan did not research anymore on aspects of anatomy, since Swain’s team was expert. In this regard, creativity was discouraged since every individual would have discovered different things using his own method of research.

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