7 Best Websites with Study Tools Reviews

7 Best Websites with Study Tools Reviews

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re looking for some online study tools to help you with your high school or university tasks. Today, we will present you with seven platforms that proved to be helpful for thousands of students just like you over the years.

They offer handy recommendations and reviews of popular study apps. Here, you will find detailed explanations of how particular apps work, their specific features, and why some instruments are better than others.

Let’s explore these helpful websites!

7 Best Websites with Study Apps Reviews

In this block, we will compare some of the most helpful websites with study apps reviews, where you can find exactly what suits your goals and preferences.

Let’s see what these platforms can offer to you!


StudyLlama Screenshot.

The main objective of the StudyLlama website is to make your study life more manageable and less stressful. Here, you will find in-depth reviews of text, writing, and math tools, and much more is yet to come. The experts behind the platform carefully select and assess apps to provide you with thorough and fair overviews.

What’s inside?

Each article on StudyLlama compares popular study apps. It also offers numerous helpful tips for students on choosing the one and developing their skills in the area in general. The crucial information about the tools is presented in tables and graphics, making it easy to comprehend. Even if you don’t have time to read the whole review, you can look through the table and learn about the essential features of each app.

StudyLlama Review.

The reviews contain short descriptions of the study platforms and three specific sections about the best tools. They are: ‘Editor’s Choice,’ ‘Best Paid App,’ and ‘Best Free App.’ In these blocks, the experts point out why certain apps deserve special attention. Also, such a structure of the article saves your time by making navigation easier.

An essential part of each review is the section about testing. Here, you can see examples of how some tools work and how to use them.

So, which tools can you learn about?

Best online essay writing tools.

For now, the website offers reviews of the top grammar and plagiarism checkers, text summarizers, topic generators, geometry and ratio calculators, word-to-minutes and word-to-pages converters, and more.

The interface is another advantage of the StudyLlama platform. Compared to the other similar websites, it’s more convenient and straightforward. You can find anything you need just within a few clicks. The website has no ads, which is a plus because nothing disturbs you from reading the reviews.

StudyLlama is a growing platform with the excellent aim of making your study life more pleasant. Here, you will find the app that solves your particular issue. Also, for more helpful study tips and inspiration, you can follow the platform on social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


BridgingApps website screenshot.

BridgingApps is a platform where everyone can find and request a mobile or desktop app review. There are plenty of study tools for college and high school students on Play Market and App Store. Here you can find some honest thoughts about them. All the articles are written by professional reviewers and checked before being posted. The website itself is multipurpose, so there’re lots of other things to explore too.

The primary goal of this platform is to engage educators, therapists, doctors, and others to help people with disabilities or cognitive disorders study and enjoy life. This fantastic initiative, created by parents and therapists, allows thousands of children and adults with special needs to learn new things and master their skills daily. And what’s more, this web platform can be helpful for everyone who’s looking for the best apps for studying!

BridgingApps offers reviews of more than 3,000 applications, and many of them can be used for educational purposes. You can look for apps by categories or by typing the keywords or name in the search bar. The other options include sorting tools by the following features:

  • age,
  • price,
  • skills,
  • grade level,
  • subjects.

Although the website’s interface is not up to date, it has a unique feature we can’t help telling you about. It is the Accessibility Menu. With its help, you can adjust the page look to the particular needs, set the brightness and contrast, adjust text size, make it dyslexia-friendly, pause animations, and more. This is a rare feature that makes the website convenient for people with special needs. Also, the interface is straightforward and contains no ads.


AppEdReview Screenshot.

AppEdReview offers reviews of various applications, including study apps for college students and kids. Currently, there are more than 1,000 tools, and you can request to analyze the one you need. There are different applications of different categories: calculators, dictionaries, maps, music resources, movie makers, programming tools, test preparation apps, and more.

This website will help you find top applications for students and compare them with the others. There’re study tools for different educational levels. Whether you’re a high school or university student, you can find something helpful here.

Experts and reviewers curate the platform with tremendous experience in different fields. They are ready to deal with each review request submitted by the website’s readers.

AppEdReview App Review Screenshot.

What’s inside each review?

The experts evaluate each study tool from three perspectives: efficiency, functionality, and design. You can see the grades for each of the points on the top of the review page. Also, there’s a brief conclusion about the applications or web platform. This is convenient if you don’t want to read the full review. However, it’s worth your time because the articles are short and contain practical ideas on using the suggested study apps for college, high school, or kindergarten goers. The authors also present screenshots of each tool, so you don’t need to download it to see how it looks like.


EdShelf Screenshot.

Another website with study tools reviews on our list is EdShelf. This platform is like Pinterest for apps. You can add different apps you’ve tried or want to try to your shelf, write reviews, and read the others’ posts about handy instruments for studying. Built on cooperation, EdShelf helps educators worldwide find the best tools to assist them in their teaching practice. Thus, the platform can also be helpful for students.

Here, you will find reviews of dozens of paid and free study tools. Each review is written by actual users in cooperation with the EdShelf experts. The last check the information about new apps submitted by the educators and edit or complement it if needed. Even if you’re not a tutor, you can still share your experience using a particular app with others. Click on the ‘Add Tool’ button and fill in the form, describing crucial points about the app. Don’t worry if you can’t compose the best review, EdShelf directory will check what you sent and finish it up.

EdShelf App Review Screenshot.

To find the tool you need, you can type in the keywords or search by different sections. Also, you can view shelves or members. The apps can be filtered by price, platform, subject, age, and category. Under the tool’s icon, you will see how many shelves it’s in, the number of people using it, and the number of reviews. For some reason, the last point may not be displayed correctly, so even if you see zero reviews, there can be many of them. When you open the tool’s page, you will see a video of a person using it and explaining its workflow, a detailed description, and user feedback.

EdShelf offers a collection of reviews of study tools for people of different ages and educational levels. Feel free to consult it when you need to find an excellent app.

Teachers With Apps

Teachers With Apps Screenshot.

Teachers With Apps (TWA) is an excellent web platform for parents and teachers. Here, the community members share the most up-to-date study tips and best educational practices. You can find reviews of top study apps and many blog posts on learning languages, math, and other subjects. Although designed primarily for kids, students can find lots of handy information on popular study-related issues.

The professionals behind this platform have relevant experience in teaching and social work. Each review has a clear structure and describes the tools from A to Z. The overviews are also up to date so that you will learn only the most recent information. For your convenience, the articles contain screenshots, helping you understand how the particular application works.

TWA Picks Screenshot.

TWA presents dozens of reviews of online study tools for college students and kids. If you aren’t sure whether an app is worth your time and money, we recommend you consult this free platform. It also provides certification services for the tools based on reasonable requirements.

To find a tool review, type in the name or search by categories. You can find apps for toddlers, preschoolers, primary, elementary, or upper school students. Also, there are instruments for people with special needs.


ProductReview Screenshot.

ProductReview is a versatile platform where people submit their feedback on different services or products. Here, you can find information about hundreds of things from a dishwasher to IT consulting companies. That’s why it’s an excellent web platform to look for the best apps for students.

Just like on the other websites, you can search tools by categories or by their names. There’re dozens of popular and less well-known applications. You can see what other users think of these tools and how to use them. Also, you can read many different thoughts in the comments below the review. If you’re unsure whether to use a particular app for high school or university, don’t forget to check out the ProductReview website.

ProductReview App Review Screenshot.

Although anyone can be an author on this platform, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the reviews. All of them are checked by the website’s moderators before being posted.

The apps receive grades from the users, and they can leave their reviews under the listing. Also, there’s a Q&A section, where you can ask anything related to the program and its workflow. If you have trouble using a particular study tool, you can find the solution to your issue here.

Educational App Store

Educational App Store Screenshot.

Tutors and students may both struggle from textbooks being too boring are lacking practical knowledge. Educational App Store is a platform that can help solve this problem. It’s a recommendation and review service curated by education experts. Experienced teachers publish overviews of the online study tools for college students and schoolgoers, explaining their pros and cons, giving handy tips, and more.

The best way to find an app here is to search by category; there are more than 20 of them, including assessment apps, algebra apps, tools for students with special needs, and much more. If you know the exact name of the application, you can type it in the search bar and look whether there’s anything relevant.

Educational App Store Review Screenshot.

Apart from the reviews, the website offers dozens of helpful articles on education-related topics. Here, students, teachers, and parents can find answers to their common questions.

Educational App Store also offers certification services. The app developers can submit your tool for review and get approval from the experts. It’s also free, which definitely makes it worth checking out. The professionals behind the platform are experienced educators, so if you see that the study app for high school or university was certified by this organization, you can be sure that it’s worth your attention. An honorable mention on our list would go to IvyPanda essays database. It’s not a tool per se, but you can still make a good use out of it. It’s a great resource for brainstorming, getting inspiration, or conducting research. It’s also free, which definitely makes it worth checking out.

Tips to Choose the Best Study Tool and Educational Service

The best way to find the most effective study tools for students is to begin reading reviews about the market. If you’re looking for a particular app, for example, an essay topic generator, it would be much easier to find an article that compares some of the top platforms of this kind. Then, you can choose what works best for you.

When choosing apps to help you study, you should be mindful of the following recommendations:

  • Consider the price.
    There are plenty of free study apps; however, it’s worth buying a paid version sometimes.
  • Check the number of ads.
    If the website has many pop-ups and banner ads, they will disturb you and keep you away from finding what you need quickly.
  • Consider the platform’s compatibility.
    The best study apps should work equally well on your PC and smartphone.
  • Pay attention to the language options.
    If you’re not a native English speaker, some tools may be challenging to use. It may be worth looking for a platform that supports your mother tongue.
  • Check limitations.
    Many writing tools like grammar checkers or paraphrasing apps have word limitations, making them not that convenient to use.

If you don’t want to spend hours searching for all this information, study tools reviews will help you!

Now, let’s discuss some of the crucial points that influence your choice in more detail.

What Are your Goals and Budget?

The first thing to get your head around is your aim of using study tools. Some apps can help you with different subjects: Maths, Economics, Marketing, Literary studies, Chemistry, etc. After you choose the one you need assistance with, let’s set your goal.

To figure out why you need a study tool, you can ask yourself the questions below:

  • What do I need: an answer or an explanation?
  • Do I need the app to enhance my skills or save some time?
  • Will I use is it once or regularly?

Now, let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of free and paid applications:

Type of the subscriptionProsCons
🆓 100% free tools– Free
– No subscription needed
– Fast results
– Ads
– Limitations
💰 Paid services– Many extra features
– More accurate
– Ad-free
– Moderate / no limitations
– May offer discounts for students
– Not for one-time use
– May be too expensive
– Not always have a free trial

Some apps provide detailed explanations for each solution, thus expanding your knowledge of the topic. At the same time, many platforms offer only quick solutions, which can also be convenient if you don’t want to receive too much unnecessary information. This is applicable for Math, Chemistry, or Physics calculators; however, there’s something more to consider regarding essay writing tools.

You can find dozens of different writing apps on the Internet:

  • paraphrasing tools,
  • grammar and plagiarism checkers,
  • topic and thesis statement generators, and so on.

Here, things become more complicated, and the budget becomes another point to bear in mind.

Let’s sum up the critical point about budget: if the tool will help you save your time frequently or benefit your studying, it’s worth buying. What’s more, many platforms offer discounts for students, and they can be up to half price. 

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Study Tools.

What Extra Features of the Study Tool May You Need?

If you want to make the most of using apps for students, pay attention to the additional features they offer. In this section, we will discuss what they can be for different types of tools.

Let’s see!

Speaking of various calculators or converters, you may not need too many functions. All they should do is provide accurate answers, and it’s helpful if they offer explanations too. Also, some of them will allow you to share your results or download them to your PC. An excellent extra feature for geometry calculators is the ability to draw shapes and set their dimensions. It will help you understand how geometry works better. Most of such platforms are relatively straightforward and easy to use.

Online writing tools, on the contrary, can be more complex and diverse. Each of them has a different workflow, and there can be many useful extra features. For instance, some grammar checkers also analyze the syntax and vocabulary usage in your writing piece, helping you enhance the content’s quality. The other additional features may include:

  1. Import / export files option,
  2. Compatibility with other apps,
  3. Voice input,
  4. Download results option,
  5. Sharing via social media and email.

Social Use of the Tool: Co-use or Co-engagement

As we already mentioned, tools give you an option to share your results via different channels. You can post them on social media or send them by email. What’s more, some platforms for students can help organize homeschooling and in-class activities too. In this block, we will discuss the possibilities of co-using some study tools online.

Today, studying is not limited by the school walls and desks, especially now, during the pandemic. While it was always hard to make the whole class focused on the subject, using gadgets during the class makes things even more complicated. That’s why tutors have to look for new ways of making students engaged in the lesson. There are many online platforms designed for the K-12 system that can help them out. These tools allow tracking pupils’ progress, sending tasks, setting goals, prioritizing materials, and adjusting the program to each child’s needs.

Studying together, seeing each other’s way of solving tasks, and getting help, is also beneficial for students of any age. Another great benefit of such online tools is that they make the assessment process much faster for teachers. It is partly or wholly automated, and they don’t have to spend hours reviewing your test answers. You can get the results and ask for on-the-spot clarification.


We analyzed seven websites with study tools for college students and children. If you want to find the best paid or free study platforms, don’t hesitate to consult any of the above. Each web resource is unique and designed for different purposes so everyone can find what fits them best.

Now, studying is not only about reading books and writing in your notebook. It’s about engaging as many media channels as possible so that students understand the material and can apply their knowledge in real life. Use the study tools from our list to this goal!

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