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American Expansion-Georgia and New Mexico Essay (Article)

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The United States was initially geographically smaller than it is currently the case. Major expansion and development of new territories was achieved using the manifest destiny doctrine. The manifest destiny proclaimed that the United States was destined to expand its territorial boundaries and influence across all North America.

It was believed that the entire North American continent should fall under the US control. This was not viewed as colonialism, intrusion or invasion, rather was seen as the destiny of the country. This doctrine brought about military confrontations with neighboring nations and the doctrine was used as the justification for the war with Mexico (Groisser 525).


Georgia was the last of the thirteen original colonies. However, this state was one of the eleven states that had declared secession from the Union to form the Confederacy, and was the last to be restored back to the Union. In the American Revolution, Georgia joined other twelve states by signing the 1776 Declaration of Independence (Ladoux 23).

In so doing, the state revolted against the British rule and was instrumental in the attainment of independence. The state had a large population loyal to the crown, but this did not deter the people to join the other states in establishing the United States. However, at the time of the Revolution, Georgia was relatively a new state and thus did not become as active as the rest of the twelve states. The Georgian forces were also not well developed and his led to the capture of Savannah by the British forces.

However, the other states were determined to acquire Georgia and did not want the state to revert to being a British colony. Benjamin Lincoln, the commander of the American forces, led his troops in laying siege on Savannah. However, he was unsuccessful and Georgia remained a part of the British colony.

After the war, Georgia became free from the British rule and ratified the US Constitution. The discovery of gold led to an influx of white settlers and the federal government took the land from the initial Cherokee Indian population. The state received federal funding for its development projects. Electricity projects have since been established with the industry sector receiving major boosts. Atlanta is the biggest city and a major economic center, being the headquarters of major companies like Coca-Cola.

New Mexico

Having been part of the New Spain, the state became part of the independent Mexico after the Mexican War of Independence. However, the manifest destiny expansionist policy of the US saw the US administering states that were willing to join the Union. Although there was the believe that the US was destined to expand to all parts of North America, it had been agreed upon that the US policies would not be forced upon any state and administered states should join the Union voluntarily.

The vast expanding US ignited the secession of Texas from Mexico. Texas was administered to the Union and since it had claims on New Mexico, contentions over the region became high. After the Mexican-American War, California and parts of the South became part of the US.

Some parts of the state had been purchased from France, the initial owner. Congress finally admitted New Mexico to the Union as the forty- seventh state in 1912 (Heinrichs 45). Since then, the state has been developed immensely receiving funds from the federal government. Major industries and military bases have been established in the state. The first atomic bombs were designed, developed and tested in this state. The state is also home to many federal research centers and hosts three major and important Air Force bases.

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