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Chemical Weathering Prevalence and Effects Essay

Types of Rocks

While chemical weathering is not common in the mid-latitude regions, some rocks are affected adversely by this weathering due to their chemical composition and the prevailing climatic conditions. The climate of mid-latitudes is characterized by humid conditions prevailing within the humid subtropical, Marine West coast, Humid Continental, and the Sub Arctic among other climatic zones. They are characterized by average temperatures that support chemical processes. The combination of humid conditions and average temperatures purport the corrosion of rocks containing iron elements by the formation of iron oxide that weakens the rocks. These rocks containing iron compounds include hematite, goethite and magnetite rocks (James, 1966).


The prevalence of chemical weathering in relation to iron compounds has profound effects to the corrosion of artificial structures made of iron such as fences, gates, and iron sheets among others. This leads to gradual destruction of the structures that demands frequent replacement and utilization of extra capital directed to other sectors of the economy. In addition, it has forced people to adopt the use of other structures that are more expensive than iron structures.

Control Measures

Control of iron rusting has been triggered adversely to curb the verdict. For example, some structures are painted with artificial paints. The artificial paints prevent the contact between structures and humidity in order to prevent rusting. The most recent technology aims at using alloys preventing the formation of Iron Oxides that cause corrosion. These two methods have been applied widely showing excellent performance.

Module 7 D2

Differences of Rivers

Unlike rivers without deltas, rivers with deltas undergo intensive erosion on the upstream to provide sediments for deposition at the mouth. In addition, these rivers tend to flood at the upstream due to blockage of water especially during the rainy seasons.

Impacts of Deltas

In the USA, deltas act as residences to people who are homeless where they obtain minerals and fertile soils for cultivation. This implies that deltas are purporting the social and economic autonomy of USA’s population.

Module 7D3

Glacial and Sea Ice

Although there are various occurrences that impact on glacial and sea ice, the most significant occurrence is the natural melting of the ice. This occurs due to global warming and the increment of climatic temperatures which leads to the rising of sea levels. Global warming has been triggered by human activities that cause the emission of carbon gases which depletes the ozone layer and purports the green house effect. The human activities that contribute to the emission of carbon gases include the excessive use of motor vehicles, decomposition of waste materials, and burning coal among others.

Human Impacts

The rise of sea levels leads to the displacement of people from the coastal region due to the movement of water into the land. This displacement results to migration which forces people to live in slums. On the other hand, melting of sea ice can reduce the number of accidents caused by icebergs due to reduction of ice in the water. In addition, the melting of glacial ice can expose land that might be used for agricultural cultivation.

Module 8 D2

Sand Transportation

Transportation of sand from the sea to the land causes the formation of features such as sand dunes. As a result, some people have changed their transportation routes to avoid the dunes while others have planted vegetation on the dunes to prevent destruction. These actions aim at protecting the wildlife that is found within the sand dunes. On the other hand, the preservation of the sand dunes attract tourist leading to financial income to the areas.

Hurricanes and Government Responses

Hurricanes have resulted to adverse negative consequences to the coastal areas. Once the hurricanes blow across the sea, they develop sea waves on the surface of the water leading to movement of water into the land. This movement is referred to as tsunami. It has been known for causing destruction of property, human death, and evacuation of people among other negative consequences (Langley & McGuire, 2006).

The government responds by employing proactive and reactive measure to mitigate losses and save property (Langley & McGuire, 2006). Proactive measures aim at anticipating possible occurrences of the hurricanes ensuring that people evacuate their residences before the tsunami takes place. When the hurricanes occur unexpectedly, the government employs reactive measure by involving the navy and other marine experts to save lives.


James, H. L. (1966). Chemistry of the iron-rich sedimentary rocks. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off.

Langley, A., & McGuire, B. (2006). Natural disasters: hurricanes, tsunamis, and other destructive forces. New York: Kingfisher.

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