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Communication Between Cultures Report

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Updated: Mar 19th, 2021

A person that believes that he or she is an Australian shares common values with fellow Australian people such as the spirit of adventure, willingness to help the less fortunate in society, and brief humor. Tcv Values that define Australian people include respect for women, mateship, a fair go, easy-going, respect for democracy, value to agree with Indonesians, respect for diverse cultures, and tolerance. North Americans and Australians share their values because if you can compare their values they serve the same goal. For instance, North American values include respect for human beings, individual freedom, respect for the Great Spirit, and earth. According to me, I don’t think similarities in values bring a problem in national identity because there is a distinction of some values especially between the aboriginal population and the original people of North America.

Hyphenated Australians are common in Australia and they still preserve the cultural practices of their countries despite settling in Australia. They include Chinese-Australians, German-Australian, and others. January 26th has been given a big meaning by the Australian youth more than even their parents. This is perhaps because they were brought up in a society that respected multiculturalism which made them understand that they were living in a country of many tribes. Hyphenated Australian’s distinct identities, signs, dress codes, and traditional foods make them unique. They appreciate that these diversities make Australia a good place.

Samovar et al. argued that Australia had always been a nation of immigrants but throughout history, the original occupants had always worried whether the new arrivals will degrade or enrich their culture. Among the immigrants is also the question of whether each ethnic group will maintain their customs and practices or will be forced to adopt the Australian culture. “Melting pot” best describes the Australian society because as many people from different countries arrive, they soon fit into the Australian way of life, hence, becoming a melting pot of nationalities. Today in Australia, the number of foreign students getting an education is growing rapidly, a collaboration of businesspeople from the globe, scientists, and public organizations. These factors are playing a major role in interethnic interactions as well as negotiations and common understanding acting as a powerful tool for nationalism.

For an immigrant to qualify to be an Australian citizen, he/she needs to have stayed in the country for the last five years but two years residence before the application which costs one hundred and twenty dollars. Also, the applicants must be eighteen years of age, know the basics of the English language, understand the nature of citizenship applications, and be of good character. Looking at these requirements, one does not need to be linguistically correct to become a citizen but have an understanding of the basics of English. An immigrant can qualify for citizenship as long as one meets the citizenship requirements as stated above and is not only limited to the 2nd generation of the immigrants in the question.

Reference list

Samovar, L. A., Porter, R. E., McDaniel, E. R. (2010). Communication Between Cultures. Edition: 7th ed., International ed: xv, pg 463.

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