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The Cookies Concept Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Dec 27th, 2018

What are cookies?

These are small files stored on ones personal computer. They hold a specified amount of data specific to a client and the website accessed. These files can only be accessed when a computer is connected to an internet source from an internet service provider. The web server delivers a page that is only meant for a particular user. However, in some cases the page can contain scripts that know the data that cookies contain and can relay information when one visits a website followed by subsequent visits.

Browsers can be configured to allow for cookies by visiting the cookie checker after which you can create a cookie. A report will be given as too when creation of cookies was or not successful. A cookie contains pairs of keys and data. Codes on the server or client computer help in reading cookies. The data obtained is helpful in appropriate customization of web pages visited.

When new web pages are loaded, data is normally written on cookies. When a user presses a submit button the page that deals with handling of data automatically stores the information in the cookie. When cookies are disabled the write operation stops sites that rely on the cookie resort to default action. The user will have to re-enter the information that were previously stored in the cookie.

Where cookies are used

Cookies are very useful in carrying information from one session of browsing to the next in related websites without stretching the server’s capability of data storage. Data stored on server machine without the help of the cookies can be disastrous because it can be a near impossibility to retrieve specific user information without having to login each time the user visits the internet.

In cases where the amount of information to be stored is large enough it is advisable that cookies are used because specific users can be identified for purposes related to further corroboration of information about them on server-side database. In fact, when one first visits a site, their username may be stored in the cookie. Data related to his or her password, his name, the address, the preferred font size would subsequently be obtained from their username that is used as the key.

On subsequent visits to the site, the server automatically reads the cookie to ascertain the username and give all details about the user from database without having to re-enter all the data. Cookies can be very important to enterprises that market their goods and services on-line. Service industries that undertake to repairs like leaking pipes, treatment of swimming pools on receiving phone call from a customer do not have to ask for a lot of information from their client.

They can use things like phone number, address, or even the surname to log into the database. From the database they will look at the nature of the problem their clients normally suffer from and come up with appropriate remedial measures before a team of experts are dispatched to the location to address the problem.

Internet service providers can also use the cookies to crack down on people who steal intellectual properties that have been patented without getting express permission from the owners of these properties. Cookies can also be used by businesses to prevent piracy of software products. Information about those who use these soft wares can be obtained from the cookies.

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