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Flushing Hospital Medical Center Strategies Proposal Essay

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Updated: Aug 1st, 2022


In the wake of a technological resurgence of the 21st century, the evolution of global economy seems to have affected the operations of a range of organizations, including the ones that belong to the realm of healthcare.

A recent overview of the activities of the Flushing Hospital Medical Center (Flushing Hospital Medical Center, 2015) has shown that abstaining from altering its communication processes and HRM strategies, it has driven itself to capitulation to the harsh reality of the financial and communication challenges. Rejuvenation of the information management system adopted in the hospital, however, is likely to lead to a major resurgence of the hospital’s operations.

Consultant Team

It is suggested that the hospital members and leaders should use the services of professional consultants; specifically, the organization must resort to the assistance of business and technical consultants. Seeing that the inability to put technology to proper use and update its services in accordance with the demands of the digital era is the key concern of the organization, it will be imperative to consider the advice given by technological consultants.

As far as the allocation of the existing resources in general and the financial ones in particular, the hospital will need a lot of help from financial consultants. the latter will assist the hospital in allocating the key costs and, therefore, defining the budget for the next year; more importantly, the key losses associated with the adoption of the latest technological innovations will be identified, which will help the organization leader and its staff overcome the impending financial difficulties (Lipschultz, 2014).

Statement of the Problem

As it has been stressed above, the lack of ideas concerning the means of navigating in the realm of the modern economy is the key obstacle preventing the hospital from becoming successful in the modern healthcare service environment. Particularly, the communication issues and the problems concerning information transfer to the members of the organization must be mentioned.

Unwilling to adopt the modern approaches towards managing data, such as online databases, the Flushing Hospital Medical Center members have recently found out that keeping track of every single patient’s personal data and communicating with other organizations is becoming increasingly complicated currently.

Generally speaking, the specified case can be considered a graphic example of an improper choice of strategic management information systems for the delivery of essential information within the healthcare setting. The communication problem is, therefore, a hot-button issue for the hospital in question, and an adequate solution must be provided within a relatively short amount of time.

Statement of Solution

Seeing that it is the communication issue that the hospital staff is primarily concerned with, the inclusion of the corporate network for storing, sharing and distributing data can be suggested as a possible solution. The resulting strategy will allow for faster information disposal and an instant transfer of data from one member of the hospital staff to another one.

In addition, the staff’s skills of using the corresponding devices for information transfer need updating badly, which means that the introduction of training courses will be the next step towards making the hospital a more efficient organization with timely and successful interventions and responsive staff.

There is no need to stress that the instructions for the use of modern technology may seem quite convoluted to the employees, who have little experience in using information technology. Herein the necessity to design training courses into the design of the company’s HRM strategies lies.

Naturally, the incorporation of the latest technological advances into the organization will presuppose that the hospital should cut some of the expenses so that the technology and the HRM department could be supported financially. It can be suggested that the direct costs for logistics, i.e., the transportation expenditures, could be reduced by resorting to the services with reasonable ore prices.

Though time is of the essence for the hospital, the delivery of some materials may be slackened slightly so that new equipment could be bought and new databases could be designed for facilitating a better communication process. It should also be born in mind that, with the adoption of new technology, security must be enhanced. The safety of digital information depends on the proficiency of the IT team, which means that the hospital will have to recruit new IT staff members (Ganapathy, 2013).


Though rather tricky to out into motion, the decision to adopt a modern approach towards information management will lead to the benefit of both the hospital staff and the patients. Also, the residents may benefit once the information management approach allows for enhancing awareness concerning topical health concerns among the residents of the area.

Registered nurses and especially the local emergency nurses will most likely find the innovation outstandingly useful, as the specified members of the hospital staff need the information to be delivered fast and that they could have an opportunity to share it and patients just as efficiently. While the aforementioned approach may take time to be implemented and tested, it is bound to reinvent the healthcare services delivery at the Flushing Hospital Medical Center.

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