Google in Corporate Business World Report

Google is one of the greatest success stories in corporate online enterprise. The growth of the company from a humble enterprise to a multinational company turning over millions of sterling pounds is a feat that only a committed business-minded collaboration can achieve. The company has established online presence in various areas including search engine, social networking, messaging and service in data centers.

This presentation has analyzed both the company’s business and leadership strategies in the light of other approaches that could have been used to warrant such tremendous success.

It has been well established that the transformational leadership style that was embraced is best suited for the kind of business that Google is involved in. This strategy should therefore be maintained even in the wake of the paradigm shift facing the company.

An internal review has been conducted for the company and this generally revealed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the company have been critically highlighted. It has been realized that some of the company’s greatest strengths include a well established brand name through the provision of reputable services as well as proper market capitalization.

By the company ensuring that the usage of the website accords them interactivity and is easy to use, Google has consistently triumphed over competition. These benefits are spread by word of mouth and this by extension contributes to the growth of the company’s reputation.

The weaknesses that have been touched on include the fact that the company has been overly dependent on the search engine for almost all its financial benefits while the rest of the services it invests in yield nothing in return. One of such unprofitable ventures include Youtube which provides receives massive daily traffic but does not bring any returns to the company.

Another weakness that has been established is the vulnerability of Google to spam attacks. Even though the company invests a lot in ensuring that spam and other related attacks are kept in check, the rapidly occurring changes in information technology see the creators of such malicious content carry the day by coming up with more elaborate versions of spam.

The identified opportunities available to the company include the venture into android software- a factor that has been necessitated by the gradual shift of the internet to mobile devises. However, with such opportunities come even greater threats. The company is now prone to law suits emanating from privacy issues and censorship authorities.

Other threats include the rise of competition from other internet giants such as Yahoo and Microsoft. The creators of online libraries are now starting to be more protective of their content and can configure it in such a way that it is not accessible via Google. This has seen users migrate to other ways of conducting data searches gradually ‘stealing’ clients from Google.

Aside from this, an external review of the company was also done and it listed some of the factors outside the company that have made Google achieve the immense success it has so far. These include the fact that the company has grown into a strong supplier of online advertising space and has gone ahead to capitalize on this venture to its advantage.

The loyalty that the company has attained from its clients has also been regarded as having contributed to its ability to deal with competition. The company’s business model, its strategies and future outlook were also assessed in light of the challenges that the company has to contend with on a day to day basis. The core competencies of any company always end up reflecting on its overall success.

The consistent development of new products and the establishment of a proper human resource framework have immensely increased Google’s innovative and visionary approaches. The company’s culture where all individuals are allowed to present their opinions without discrimination has turned the establishment into a cohesive environment which in turn translates into greater staff output.

This report has elaborated on the various features of the strategies adopted by Google using extensive literature drawing from the works of various scholars. It is important to note that this strategy works for the company and should therefore be reinforced by the various other strategies that have been discussed in this report.

It would be unwise for the enterprise to completely abandon a working strategy due to the current transformational changes facing the company, for another that has not been tried and tested for the same market.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the Google Company has over time come to be a force to reckon with in the corporate business world. As has been noted above, the successes of the enterprise draw from its strong managerial framework and innovative approaches in making the interface user-friendly.

With the kind of financial supremacy that the company has at the moment, it is likely that it will continue its unrivaled ascent to success in the foreseeable future and still maintain its position at the top of the search engines’ ranking.

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