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Leadership in a Working Environment Essay

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Updated: Aug 28th, 2020

The service division

The service division is responsible for the provision of proper services to a company’s clients. A successful service division requires a well-organized team whose qualities are reflective of their leader. The leader in question should be conceptual, a good communicator, be effective, and interpersonal. As a recruiter, it is significant to take into consideration several factors before selecting potential managers. These skills should reflect on professional planning, organizing, leading, and controlling that the service department entails. Recruiting the right manager will, in turn, improve the performance of the department in terms of excellent customer service. The knowledge of management functions, behavior, and skills enables a recruiter to come up with questions and conditions that all potential employees should pass.

Five questions that determine the candidate’s capability regarding taking charge, organization, motivation, returning to the service market (Compton, Morrissey & Nankervis, A. R. (2009).

Are you a team player or a team leader?

A team leader is an individual who manages and controls a group of people in an organization or establishment. A manager should be able to portray this skill during their interaction with the rest of the employees. A leader needs to form sustainable relationships with their employees. This builds a level of trust that encourages an employee to confide with the manager without overstepping his or her bounds. Some of the qualities required for this role are respectful, loyal, and hardworking. Most people who possess these qualities can lead to different types of groups that are tasked with managing.

Are you capable of overseeing the wellbeing of the company and staff needs as a whole?

Overseeing the wellbeing of the company and the employees is one of the functions of marketing. This ranges from delegating, controlling, and implementing the company policies regarding the welfare of the company and the employees. Both the establishment and the staff have a major role in the growth and sustainability of the company’s goals and objectives. The new service manager should identify with these qualities to portray good service skills with their customers. Some of the qualities required for this role are organized, reliable, effective, and efficient. A person who displays these qualities regularly is capable of taking on the basic functions of management.

How do you respond to critical issues that affect the normal function of the company?

Responding to challenges and issues that the company undergoes is a vital role in service management. The business world is full of unpredictable circumstances that result in the success or failure of a company. Most of these situations are a result of the uncertainty of the social factors that change the dynamics of global trade. It is significant to come up with a strategy for a company during the management process.

This involves projecting future events and occurrences in the internal and external markets. Most of the positive events result in the progress and increased output of the company. The events may, on the other hand, disrupt the normal activities of the company. A manager should be able to act in a way that will protect the company until a viable solution is established. The qualities, in this case, should be composed, collected, and precise (Compton, Morrissey & Nankervis, 2009).

What are your most admirable qualities as a possible leader in the service department?

Admirable qualities are qualities that people in an individual’s immediate environment commend them for displaying. Each person has several qualities that they relay to the people they come into contact with. These qualities are a determining factor for a possible leader in that they show the ability to take control. The qualities of a service department leader should be approachable, intuitive, responsive, and creative. Dealing with customers is the key requirement of the service department. Customers should have a good experience with the company so that they can enhance repeat business. It is thus, ideal to ensure that the department leader displays the required qualities to influence the rest of the staff positively.

Which of the organizational skills do you value the most?

There are several organizational skills when observing management. Most of the skills arise from the need to establish a well-executed business plan. A manager should have a list of organizational skills that can be used independently or dependently. Identifying the right service manager involves selecting an employee who shows different organizational skills. The skills range from being systematic, accurate, efficient, logical, and categorical. Employees who respond using these organizational skills are likely to show diversity in terms of tackling issues in the service department (Guilfoyle, Smith, Morris & Australian National Audit Office, 2008).


The above information should consider the different types of leadership in a working environment. Recruiting the right type of leader is key to the success of a company. Following the above criterion is one step in the right direction of establishing an effective service department.


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