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Michael Jackson Research Paper


Michael Jackson (JM) was born in 1958 and died in 2009. He was an American pop musician. It is estimated that the singer had undergone about ten plastic surgeries by 1990 to conceal his blotched skin due to vitiligo and lupus (Alfred Publishing et al. 16). In 2003, JM and his siblings said that their father had physically and emotionally abused them.

As a result, JM rarely talked about his father and his acts and despised him. It was reported that JM suffered from body dysmorphic disorder (Halperin 43). It has been argued that cosmetic surgery signified his lack of self-respect and self-mutilation (Pratt 121). Throughout his life, MJ has been accused of committing some of terrible crimes although he has been a simple of fame for some. In this paper, I argue that since MJ has been accused of terrible crimes, no one should be an admirer of Michael Jackson.

The unavoidably immense examination into Michael Jackson’s life has been a focus on both his enormous abilities as a performer and his spectacular weirdness. Although, there were other performers that also exhibit strange habits, the “king of pop” certainly outdid them by displaying unusual characteristics that were both unusual and sometime bizarre.

His obsession with toys and child like behavior that marked his career, were unfortunately used to judge the person we now know as the king. His peculiar physical appearance, supported by countless plastic surgeries and childish voice contributed to the negative perception that surrounded him. This was coupled with alleged gratification with sleeping with children.

This behavior, was revealed years before his passing on. This behavior, was revealed years before his passing on. So it is disappointing to read that all this behavior is being blamed on the lack of him having a normal child hood because of his over ambitious father. He was often seen as an individual trying to acquire back, his stolen childhood. If this was true, then we would have multitudes of stars also acting in the same way. Thus no one should admire him at all (Markillson 56).

I recommend a justification of his behavior , if true, can clarify numerous distinct things, the molestation charges and interest in kids, the fixation with Peter Pan, and multiple plastic surgeries All this points to him suffering from erotic identity disorder.

Michael Jackson has been accused of being a paedophile. Between 1988 and 2005, MJ stayed on his ranch in Neverland. On this ranch, MJ built a private zoo and amusement park. The zoo housed poor and terminally ill kids. He held frequent sleepover parties on this ranch.

The parties received “unfair” media coverage after it was established that MJ was frequently sharing his bed with some children. This accusation was first revealed when MJ was accused of sexually abusing a child in 1993. These parties were again criticized in 2003 during a TV documentary titled Living with Michael Jackson.

Even though MJ was successful in pop music and often referred to as the King of Pop music, he never stayed away from controversy (Alfred Publishing et al. 12). The allegation of child molestation in1993 placed his sleepover parties under scrutiny. In spite the accusation, MJ remained adamant that he had not committed any crime. Although MJ denied this allegation, it was reported that he paid the accuser about $20 million to settle the issue out court (Halperin 61).

This resulted in the charges against him being dropped. If he was innocent as he claimed, why did he opt for paying his “victim” to drop the charges against him? Why could he withstand d the court proceedings and justice could prevail? All these questions leave some doubt to whether MJ was innocent (Jefferson 89). So, can a paedophile be a role model? MJ was not only accused of being a molester once but on several accounts.

MJ was accused by a man in 2006 to have molested him in addition to intoxicating him with alcohol and drugs. The man also claimed that MJ forced him to undergo uncalled for cosmetic surgery (Pratt 12). MJ was successful in battling the man in court after hiring best lawyers.

However, his reputation as the king of pop was adversely ruined. Even though MJ was never proved to be a paedophile, the fact that he paid one of his ‘victim’ to settle the case out of court and that another man accused him of molesting him shows that there were some truth in the claims that he was a molester. On this basis, I argue that no one ought to be an admirer of MJ.

Michael Jackson was also accused of dangling his baby on a hotel balcony in 2002. This incident happened in Berlin, Germany. Even though MJ apologized for this heinous act, this was one of the most questionable judgments that MJ did. The dangling of his nine-month-old son was an indication of carefree act.

This act received a public outrage since MJ was seen holding the child by use of just a single hand around the child’s waist as he greeted his fans who had gathered four stories below. Although some of his fans cheered him, others were to scream at this heinous act. The child could have dropped from the way MJ was holding him carelessly (Alfred Publishing et al. 81). The child in question was MJ’s youngest son. Prince Michael II.

Although MJ committed this act while he was about to receive an award for his philanthropic work for children, this act was seen to go against his mission of being a caretaker of unfortunate children of which was being awarded. This saw MJ receive damaging media coverage.

For instance, the British tabloid ran a headline titled “Mad Bad Dad” while the sun ran a headline titled “You Lunatic”. MJ was also on the receiving side from child abuse experts who criticized MJ behaviour. They criticized him of having irresponsible behaviour toward a child and an indication of being careless.

Some argued that such an act needed some people who care about children to have called a child protection hotline and police to arrest such a carefree person (Pratt 41). Given this act, which was an indication of uncaring father, MJ cannot be a role model for future fathers and as such, no one ought to be his admirer (Markillson 34).

Michael Jackson accused of lacking self-respect and self-mutilating through plastic surgery. When MJ slightly narrowed his nose and shaped his eyebrows in 1984, the black community accused him for despising his black American look (Taraborrelli 121). This was argued to be an indication of lack of self-respect.

He was accused of self-mutilating his body in 1987 when he underwent plastic surgery to change his skin from beautiful cocoa bronze to white. Even though MJ denied this at first and blamed it on his medical condition, Vitiligo, it was clear that he had undergone plastic surgery.

It was also rumoured that he was taking female hormones, which made his facial hair to disappear (Alfred Publishing et al. 73). Although MJ underwent several plastic surgeries to transform himself, he only admitted to two plastic surgeries on his nose while denied all others.

It is argued that the singer underwent multiple plastic surgeries in 1990s. The fact that MJ tried to transform himself implies that he disregarded his race and despised himself (Henning 32). Could you have a role model who despises his race or himself? I believe that no one ought to admirer such an individual who has no self-respect or who mutilates himself to run from reality. Thus, no one ought to be an admirer of Michael Jackson.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that MJ ought not to be admired, some MJ fans still belief he was a great man that need to be adored by many (Halperin 51). Some of the proponents of MJ as a role model argue that MJ had unrivalled passion for children plagued by poverty and terminal ailments.

On the other hand, some of his fans argue that MJ had passion for his children and was committed toward becoming a perfect father (Taraborrelli 105). Furthermore, MJ is adored for being passionate musician and dancer and as such is argued to be the best role model for this aspiring to become musicians and dancers.

Even though MJ had unhappy childhood, when he moved to Neverland he sort to prove that one could still have a happy childhood in his adulthood and ensure that many other children were able to enjoy their childhood also. MJ is said to have been a great philanthropist who contributed generously to children related charities throughout his life (Pratt 39). MJ was named by Guinness Book of records as being a Pop Star who supported the most charity firms.

He was involved in taking care for many kids in his Neverland ranch some of whom had terminal illness (Halperin 51). Many proponents of MJ’s good cause argue that many authors have been involved in bedevilling him without even writing about his huge contribution to aid under privileged kids and those with terminal illness (Alfred Publishing et al. 27).

Thus, MJ is said to have placed children above anything else. In spite this, critics of MJ argue that he had no real zeal for children but instead sort to put them into a place where he could easily access them and abuse them. They base this argument on the counts of accusation levelled against MJ in 2003 for molesting some of the kids that he was staying with at his Neverland ranch (Taraborrelli 34).

MJ is seen as a child paedophile rather than a passionate caregiver of kids. As such it can be argued that MJ was no kid caregiver but rather a silent molester who wanted to conceal his paedophilic characteristics by contributing to charity causes aimed at helping kids and as such he need not to be admired by anyone as a role model.

Apart from being a passionate lover for kids, MJ is also argued to be one of the most loving and attentive father who was concerned with ensuring that his kids grew up with the right values. He ensured that his kids stayed out of media coverage as much as possible. He had them schooled at home and their faces were rarely captured by paparazzi shots (Halperin 48).

One could argue that the concealment and isolation of his kids is not an indication of a father who loves his children but one who conceals his dark side. However, those close to MJ said that his three children were always engaging, well adjusted and intelligent. It is also said that his children loved him a lot.

MJ is said to have lived for his children in spite the controversies that surrounded his life (Pratt 45). He is said to have strived to ensure that his kids led a normal life. MJ is said to have acted both the role of a father and mother to his kids and as such was involved ion washing and dressing them. In spite this picture painted of MJ, his heinous act of dangling his nine-year-old son over a hotel balcony is no indication of a loving father (Alfred Publishing et al. 21).

This act was an indication of a careless father who was not concerned with the safety of his own kids. A loving father does not teach his kids to be extravagance. MJ is said to have indulged his kids in extravagance. It is said that he used to rent movie theatres all for himself and his three kids to ensure they watched in peace a first run movie. Although one would argue that MJ was trying to protect his kids from the public, this was more than protection. As such, MJ ought not to be admired as a great father.

MJ is argued have had unparalleled passion for singing and dancing. MJ first excelled in the Jackson 5 Group as a dancer and a singer. He was also successful as a solo artist. His commitment to music and dance is said to have been one of the great inspiration for many around the world (Halperin 113).

MJ’s passion for music and dancing inspired many to learn that one can be successful in any field that he/she chooses if they become committed to their cause (Taraborrelli 56). However, MJ has been criticized for being an obstacle to the career development of his brothers as he signed them for long contracts and did not allow them to release their own songs.

This is an indication that MJ was self-centred and was not interested in other people’s success (Henning 21). A good role model is interested in other people’s success and is selfless. Thus, this argument reinforces the fact that MJ is no role model that ought to be adored by anyone.


Michael Jackson was accused of being a paedophile and in 2003; he was particularly accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy. The fact that MJ opted to sort the issue out of court and paid his “victim” enormous amount of money leaves many questions to be answered on his claimed innocence.

In addition, MJ was accused for being a careless father when he was seen to dangle his nine-month-old son over the balcony of a hotel in Berlin. This was contrary to his proclaimed value of being a loving father. Moreover, MJ was accused of lacking self-respect and to have mutilated himself through several plastic surgeries throughout his life. Since MJ has been accused of these terrible crimes, no one should be an admirer of Michael Jackson.

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