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Nomadic Pastrolism History Essay

Nomadic pastoralism is usually practiced in developing countries. Most of the nomads are found in West Africa and Central Asia. Increased grazing leads to desertification of lands. The Mongols lived in the arid lands of Eastern Asia. They were loyal to the group organized into clans, families, and tribes.

During the thirteenth century, Chinggis Khan forged the tribes of the Mongol into an alliance that builds the largest empire in the world. The Mongols were termed as mere cultivators. The Chinese were forbidden from learning the Mongol language. They also worked hard to secure their trade routes and ensured the safety of their merchants.

The rise of the Ottoman relates to the Byzantine Empire declined. It brought about the shift in power from a single European society to influence the Islamic. This period was characterized by Byzantine wars, which took a century and a half. During the period, the Ottoman Empire gained control.

The people and patriarchs responded with one heart to the prophets. They usually heed to their teachings and followed their savings wisely. Christianity flourished in a long way from the Roman Empire in the Dark Ages. Christians came to Europe from Ireland. They had to spread the good news about Jesus. The church in Europe developed its way of doing things.

The Lion Prince of Mali was Sundiata. Mali was formed in West Africa in the thirteen century. Tradition has it that the father of Sundiata ruled in the West African a small kingdom in the North Eastern part which is now referred to as Guinea. The Mali Empire is the wealthiest empire in the sub-Saharan.

After the death of Sundiata, the Prince’s Legacy shaped peoples lives in West Africa. It also helped to link them with people in the Mediterranean basin and North Africa. After the classical era forward there was the establishment of an extensive network of the people of the Mediterranean basin and East Asia.

After the Roman Empire disappeared, it inspired the European philosophers and rulers who dreamt of having a political structure that is centralized, embracing all Christians in Europe. In the Mediterranean region, the Byzantine Empire existed since it had the dominant power. The Holy Roman Empire was formed by the German princes in the late tenth century. This was a revival to the Christianity of the Roman Empire.

Monarchs which are independent emerged in England and France. There were other authorities that ruled in the regions of Spain and Italy. This then brings to the conclusion that Medieval Europe can be described as a political mosaic that is independent and competes with other regional states.

Europe rose from the long period of economic and political instability and intellectual stagnation. There were expansion and consolidation of the states in regions and the persistence of the Roman Catholic Christianity. In the high ages, Europe started interacting frequently with other regions in the east.

There was no stability of the European, and they were not financially stable to support the advanced education institutions. The schools that provided rudimentary education were preserved by monasteries. Scholars were occasionally supported by political leaders. Little or no schools offered formal education beyond the elementary level. The inspiration by the scholars was mainly from the Bible.

Mesoamerica came in an era of conquest and war during the eighth century. There were huge amounts of wealth in its largest city. When the city declined, it became a target of the less advantaged but well-organized forces from the north of Mexico. Attacks opened an era of civilization and lasted until the forces of Spanish conquered the region. The emergence of Mexica and Collects, the center of Mexico came under unified rule.

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