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Teamcenter Software: Simplifying Business Operations Report

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Updated: Mar 30th, 2022

Executive Summary

Efficiency is of critical importance in business operation. It is only through efficient operations that a business organization assures profits and value for customers money. In the course of trying to look for means of making work easier through improving working efficiency, many companies have found project management tools very useful.

These tools are intended to provide organizations with improved working efficiencies while maximizing production and business output. Project management tools also help towards bringing to manageable levels the overall cost of producing goods and services. One such project management tool that is becoming popular is the Teamcenter. Teamcenter is a software program hosted by Siemens that has proved very helpful when it comes to improving business performance.

This report presents findings from a research carried out on the teamcenter as a new technology that improves business operational efficiency. The research focused on and thus the report highlights the strength and weakness of the teamcenter as a tool. Consequently, the report further looks into ways of dealing with the outlined weakness inherent in the teamcenter. In equal measure, the report highlights how the strengths of the teamcenter can be accentuated to accord an organization maximum benefit.

From the research done, the teamcenter has not fared badly and in fact, it has gained enormous popularity with many clients. The ability of the program to help people working on the same project to collaborate is among the reason why Teamcenter has gained such support from many clients. The other quality popularizing the software is the potentiality of the program to integrate with other programs from other companies. Given the program’s compatibility with programs developed by other companies, it has proved to be very cost effective.

Above all else, the critical attribute of the software is its ability to improve the working efficiency, which in turn improves business performance. This capacity has attracted many businesspersons to using the program. Those who have tried it greatly appreciate and many acclaim it as the perfect solution to business operations streamlining.


Of late, the world has turned its attention to information and communication technology as a way of helping improve the working conditions and at the same time making work simpler. With the increasing interest in simplifying and integrating the business operations across the world, project management tools have come in handy for many business organizations.

These tools are intended to provide organizations with improved working efficiencies, maximize productions and business productivity as well as bringing to manageable level the overall cost of producing goods and services.

Programs such as Microsoft projects Prowork Flow and Siemens Teamwork are some of the various programs that business organizations are using to improve their business operations. Different IT tools have different features and capacity. However, although the programs are different in the way they handle operations, the result is that they all organizations towards being able to achieve better results.

Teamcenter is reputed for making work easier and consequently achieving better results in the organizations that deploy it. There are many ways in which teamcenter impacts on business operations. The most critical ones are as follows:-

Individual and Team Productivity: Do More in Less Time

Regardless of where an individual is operating from in the world, Teamcenter will always assist you to perform job in a better way (CIMdata, 2010).. With Teamcenter 8, which actually is the second most important release of the combined Teamcenter platform, one can access information speedily in the context he or she require it.

Teamcenter equally offers live incorporation with Microsoft office, together with word, PowerPoint and access (CIMdata, 2010). It has been noted that this release of Teamcenter is an invention of many years of research as well as continuous improvements made to the Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software (CIMdata, 2010).

Application Productivity: Make the most of End-to-End PLM

As discussed on CIMdata (2010), Teamcenter 8 comprises of hundreds of new features and assortments. Consequently, with Teamcenter 8, an individual is able to initiate new solutions for content and document administration. Teamcenter turns on the right submission when you require it (CIMdata, 2010). This capacity results from the Teamcenter’s incorporated structural design, which makes it ideal to drive any company’s application efficiency.

IT Based Advantage

Teamcenter is project management tool that one can easily customize to suit organizational needs (CIMdata, 2010). This tool is useful for organizations that work on internet business platforms. It provides ways through which one can consolidated different internet sites into one manageable platform. Many improvements have been done to Teamcenter and thus making its usage a memorable experience among those who may happen to work on or with it (Cable, 2009).

The current release by Teamcenter according to Cable (2009), just entails what many companies may appreciate, in recognition of enabling them meet the ever-increasing demand for efficiency and simplification of task in business operations. The improved efficiency should as well be understood to largely translate into reduced operation costs. With regard to Teamcenter 8, Cable (2009) notes that being the second most important release of the unified Teamcenter, the program has been a result of many years of research.

Many clients in the process have made a move from the older to the newer versions of Teamcenter. As per research done by Cable (2009), it was discovered that most clients were contended with smooth transition from the older to the newer version. The company was equally found to be using high quality technology in all their releases, an attribute that made its products such appealing.

According to Europa Science (2011), Teamcenter products such as Express Version 5.3 contentedly combine with Microsoft products as well as Adobe acrobat Software. This proves that the Teamcenter can equally be used together with products from other companies that they may work together and hence reduce the extra cost incurred in purchasing different equipments.

Currently Siemens PLM has released Teamcenter mobility, which is a mobile connection tool for use with products from other companies; for example, the tool enables use with products such as the Apple iPod (CIMdata, 2010). The tool is available promptly at no cost and in paid version, with the free version having more features but permitting admission only to a section Teamcenter installation hosted by Siemens (CIMdata, 2010).

This release has made Siemens appear to lead the way in showing how much can be attained with production lifecycle management technology (Newton, 2011). Newton (2011), shows that Teamcenter Mobility has many revolutionary features and thus by using Teamcenter, clients are able to augment efficiency and cut down on cost.

Gourlay (2009) explains some main features of Teamcenter and highlights how it incorporate with other accessible programs used for the same rationale of improving work effectiveness. Gourlay (2009) goes further to provide a designation for Teamcenter noting that it’s a production lifecycle management (PLM) software that has been developed to permit better performance. The use of this software according to the author will lead to great reduction in operation costs because effectiveness in operation will be emphasized.

Levine (2009), on the other hand, comes up with another definition of Teamcenter, where he describe it as a management device that can be functional in any assortment of work circumstances to realize improved output from a team of collaborators.

The author further notes that managers too can make use of this tool to ease business processes as well as improving the level of competence and efficiency. Being a powerful tool, the software can be used by anyone who may wish to have all business connected information in one place and thus considered suitable for big and well-established business.

The release of Teamcenter 2007 heralded development of some key features that were not initially included in the previous versions (Siemens, 2008). Other key design functionalities highlighted by Siemens include, preparation for necessities as well as for the implementation of development management assignment.

SlideShare (2011) highlights the main features of Teamcenter that can assist to make better the aspect of collaboration. This is owing to the fact that Teamcenter can be used to give assurance of better collaboration amongst team members working on the same project. There is also the mention of how Teamcenter as a program can be used together with other available software for improved efficiency and better output.

World chief Mechanical seals experts AESSEAL have honored a contract to Majenta PLM the foremost Siemens Industry software business associate in Europe (TenLinks, 2011). The contract is intended to make available and put into practice multi –site license of the Siemens Teamcenter product lifecycle management (TenLinks, 2011).

Ultimately, Teamcenter will be used to run all product-connected information across all AESSEAL sites around the globe. AESSEAL membership agrees that there is no better project cycle management tool than Teamcenter. They had already implemented other systems but having learnt about Teamcenter, they concede that it offers a more comprehensive platform, which best supports global business operations (TenLinks, 2011).

This management system is intended to reduce the cost of operating business. AESSEAL established Teamcenter as the best management system, which had the capability of enabling AESSEAL to unite and integrate product information and business development within a combined IT environment that is accessible to all, no matter where they are actually situated within the AESSEAL community (TenLinks, 2011).

Among the reimbursements that AESSEAL anticipates achieving from the execution of Teamcenter are reduced product developments and enhanced cost control. The objects are achievable through superior and easier admittance to state-of-the-art product information and through rationalized product development and business progression (TenLinks, 2011).

Information Analysis

From the above information, some conclusive analysis of the finding can be carried out. It is without doubt that Teamcenter has had quite a success in delivering what was expected. From the original goal of cutting the operation cost to improving the business performance, the program has been quite successful.

Similarly, the program has attracted quite a lot of interest from managers of well-established business organization and ordinary persons. This is because the program has been found to fulfill the need of each particular client that intended to acquire the services of the program. The managers for example can obtain business related information from one place while using the Teamcenter; while a common person can as well integrate the program with Apple I pad and correspondingly enjoy the services he wishes to get.

Another inference that can be derived from the research findings is that Siemens uses high quality technology to come up with the program. This is attributed to the fact that the program comfortably integrates with other programs made by different companies but which likewise perform the same task.

Such programs are the Microsoft work, prowork flow, among others (Microsoft Corporation, 2010). This clearly gives the impression that the program is quite effective in cutting down the operation cost as this act of integrating with other programs simply implies that one will not be required to have an extra equipment to enjoy the same service.

On the other hand, there are still some improvements that the company is required to come up with in order to cut a big share of the market. These improvements may not be instantaneous but may in the end be of much assistance to the company. Through extensive research this improvements are very possible to achieve.


From the report information provided above there are a number of recommendations that one can propose to the management of Siemens. First, Siemens as a company needs to creatively generate ways of taking advantage of the high demand of Teamcenter in order to boost it revenue through increased sales of the program to the people. Creative marketing to the product could help make it accessible and demanded by more individual across the globe.

Therefore, it is recommendable that teamcenter is marketed in order to increase its demand and ultimately raise the revenue of the company. Finally, the program is supposed to be made using the state –of –art technology, which will make it more compatible with many other programs from other companies and in the process increase its demand and consequently its revenue potential.


This report presents findings on Teamcenter, which is project management software. Like many other project management tools, Teamcenter helps simplify business operations. Additionally, the software by simplifying operations thus improving efficiently, it helps towards cutting down the cost of operations. From findings presented in this report, it is obvious that Teamcenter has had success in the market.

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