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Technology Plan for a Private Security Firm Essay

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The aim of any business is to attract attention to the services it provides and to ensure sustainability by maintenance of efficient working systems. Information and communication technology (ICT) is a crucial component of any business enterprise whether big or small.

It plays a key role in the management of company operations by ensuring that all members involved are within contact distance from each other as well as assist in proper organization of company records. The world is indeed becoming a global village with business exchange and educational activities being carried out through the internet and via satellite systems.

In this way, information systems help provide the link between business and technology because the more efficient an organization’s operations are, the more its economic benefits. This report seeks to illustrate how the principle of information and communication technology (ICT) can be put into use by a security company.

Technology needs

Information systems

Security provision companies need specialized information systems if they are to offer excellent support for customer service and guidance of company operations.

Being a business that directly affects individuals, this system comprises a variety of subsystems including a virtual data ware house, an enterprise resource planning system, a geographic information systems and an office automation system.

The office automation system helps in creating an efficient managerial scheme by providing a link between the executive officers and junior administration level officers.

Since most of a security firm’s services are mainly offered outside the office premises, the geographic information system helps collect geospatial information which is relevant in ensuring a proper record of the covered areas is maintained.

For an average sized enterprise, the information manpower mainly comprises few ICT technicians whose major role is to ensure smooth running of operations involving the information system as well as its subsystems.

Networking system

The LAN mainly serves the employees of the company and it is accessible through a regulated password authentication system. In some areas within the company offices, ITU-T G.hn technology has to be used to create a high speed intranet. Other regions allow administrative staff into the network via the IEEE 802.1 wireless technology (Leonandes, 2002).

Database management system

A relational database management system has to be put in place to help track particular client information whenever need arises (Leonandes, 2002). Authorized personnel can link to the data bank to either add or edit information that has been stored in the various databases.

Internet connection

The company needs a local area network (LAN) part of which maybe wireless. An Ethernet bridge should be installed to ensure that even the wired part of the system can connect to the wireless part of the system. The wireless part of the network has to be configured in such a way that it allows for both internal and external roaming.

Microsoft office tools

Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint will be used extensively within the company. Word is very important in processing company documents and client applications while Excel is mainly used in the financial department in keeping payment records and analysis of company expenses as well as profits. Powerpoint is very useful in offering presentations illustrating the company’s progress.


The Security firm’s website should ideally be corporate dynamic (automated) with information being generated periodically. This kind of website provides important background information about the company and enlists services offered by the organization (Fujita & Johannesson, 2003).

Some pages within the website serve the purpose of brand building by offering testimonials and listing the professional qualifications of employees. The design, reengineering, updating, managing and running of the website is mainly outsourced from companies that specifically deal with websites.

Since this company operates as a member of the service industry, regular updating and redesigning of the website is mandatory in order to attract new clients.

Security firms offer security services to residents of particular regions and do not exactly sell products that other people around the world could purchase online. Therefore, the need for language translation on the website is not exactly called for.


Security and privacy policy

The website offers ways of contacting the company management but does not at any time demand for visitor’s contact details. The company needs software programs that can monitor traffic in the web and in the process collect information which can indirectly identify the user such as the IP address and the domain name.

This information is however for administrative purposes only and is at no time stored with the aim of keeping records on an individual’s visits.

Viral protection policy

The company needs to have a policy which states that any data that enters into the system be properly screened using appropriate software. This data can originate from within the LAN or from the internet through the website.

The antivirus software is supposed to lock out any malicious programs attempting to find way into the information system structure (Simonyi, 2002).

Information systems policies

The security firm in discussion is a small institution and its policy framework covers every area of operation of the institution with some very minor specifications on individual departments (Fugini & Bellettini, 2004).

Since the institution has a small department that deals with ICT, the staffs in this area are the responsible for analysis of the system and offer suggestions as to what changes need to be made.

These same members of staff will sit with the senior administrators and pitch their ideas as well as offering suggestions on the best equipment providers. The administration will then study the list of suppliers both from within the country as well as abroad and then decide on which purchase would make more economic sense.

Once the new system has been installed, the staffs in the department of ICT will be responsible for the maintenance and reengineering of the system.

The policy also holds that should there be need for individuals to be trained specifically to handle the new system, the company will finance this training provided the individual comes back to work for a period of time not less than two years. This individual should ideally be from the company’s ICT department.

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