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The Bellarine Committee of Management Essay

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Updated: Jun 17th, 2020

The types of plant communities present in the reserve

The Bellarine committee of management regulates the work of many reserves in the region, including such reserves as the Edwards Point State Faunal Reserve, the Portarlington Recreation Reserve, and the Salt Lagoon State Nature Reserve. Protected plant communities presented in these reserves are Coastal Moonah Woodland which includes Moonahs and Coast Beard Heath as main species and the communities of Manna Gum and Drooping Sheoke, where the populations of Yellow Gum and such shrub species as Silver Banksia and Smooth Parrot-pea can be found. The plant community of cypress pine trees is protected according to the Victoria laws (Bellarine Flora and Fauna 2014).

Fauna to inhabit reserves

Fauna of reserves in the Northern territories of Bellarine is diverse, and it includes such species of animals as brush tailed possum, glider, bat, kangaroo, and echidna. The coastal regions are also inhabited with dolphins, seals, and rays. Reserves are also famous for resident and migratory bird species, including orange‐bellied parrot (Bellarine Flora and Fauna 2014). The above-mentioned animal and bird species are protected according to the standards, laws, and guidelines proposed by the Bellarine committee of management.

Water Mark

The particular geographic features of the Northern Bellarine territories influence the type of management of the reserves in relation to the High Water Mark or Low Water Mark. It is possible to note that the reserves are located at coastal territories, and the mean High Water Mark is more influential for managing the region than the Low Water Mark (Bellarine Flora and Fauna 2014).

Currency of management plan

The Northern Bellarine Foreshore Plan was developed during the period of 2011-2012 in order to address the key issues associated with managing Bellarine Bayside reserves. The plan was completed in 2012, and signed by the Chair of Bellarine Bayside. The developed management plan includes the mission, goals, and lists of activities to be realized and implemented during the period of 15-20 years in order to improve the management of territories (The Northern Bellarine Foreshore Plan 2012). The business plan and financial plan are developed for three fiscal years, till 2015.

Visitation rate and facilities available

The rate of tourists and visitors attending Bellarine Bayside increases each year. During the period of 2012-2013, the visitation rate increased by 17%, and today the number of tourists visiting the Bayside is more than 20,000 monthly. Bellarine Bayside Holiday Parks is divided into such destination zones as Portarlington, Indented Head, and St. Leonards (Bellarine Bayside Holidays 2014).

Facilities in Portarlington include the Portarlington Recreation Reserve, golf courses, boat ramps, a bowling club, and a skateboard park. Indented Head attracts visitors with a paddle steamer, places for swimming, fishing, and camping. The destinations of St. Leonards include two foreshore parks with stores and cafes. There are also golf clubs, tennis courts, and facilities for boat ramps (Bellarine Bayside Holidays 2014).

Available level of management plan

The development of an effective management plan for Bellarine Bayside is important to determine what strategies to follow for the Bellarine committee of management in order to preserve plant communities, resolve ecological issues, and contribute to the environmentally friendly progress of destinations and other facilities. At the ‘coalface’ level of implementing the proposed project, an effective management plan contributes to the creation of improvements in the region in order to address the community’s needs. The available level of the management plan is the management project programme which outlines the goals, mission, guiding principles, strategies and activities presented within the framework (The Northern Bellarine Foreshore Plan 2012). It is a regional management plans which is developed to address the issues of specific areas.

Documents and studies

In 2013, the Bellarine committee of management proposed the Bellarine Bayside Community Grants Program in order to support the community initiatives associated with protecting the environment of the foreshore and coastal zones. Additionally, in 2013, the community members proposed the improvements for the Dog Control Policies in relation to Bellarine Bayside. The published projects also include the Erosion Mitigation Policy and Project (Bellarine Bayside 2014). Documents and studies demonstrate how the committee works at realizing the goals proposed in the management plan as priorities for developing the Bellarine Bayside territories.

Projects completed in last financial year

During the year of 2012-2013, the Bellarine committee of management completed a range of projects, including such projects as the following ones:

  1. Port Pier Café;
  2. Portarlington Cenotaph War Memorial Upgrade;
  3. Portarlington Beach Renourishment;
  4. Recreational Fishing Reef for Portarlington;
  5. Cliffs Behind Portarlington Bowls Club;
  6. Perrett Street Stairs Replacement;
  7. Portarlington Seawall Extension;
  8. Batman Park Rock Revetment;
  9. World War II Honour Board Relocation (Bellarine Bayside 2014).

The proposed list includes projects which were developed in order to improve the local territories and attract more visitors to the Bellarine Bayside in the following years. Much attention was paid to reconstruction and improvement activities associated with protecting the regional historical places and places of destinations (Bellarine Bayside 2014).

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