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Virtual Reality Technology in Soccer Training Essay


The role of VR technologies has been rapidly increasing over the last few years. Our company has developed a unique VR system that can be used to enhance the skills and abilities of soccer players. Because several competitors operate in this sector and offer similar products and services, a lot of attention should be devoted to patents and copyright to ensure that innovative ideas are not copied. Our team is quite experienced and devoted to the examination of the current market situation and uses only the latest technologies to do so. We utilize innovative techniques and practices, and we are open to modifying the product if it is necessary.

Because software patents have become so common, it is much easier for professionals to identify copyright infringements (Sandoval, 2014). Therefore, it is imperative to invest in this area to protect the safety of our technology and ensure that we have a viable product.


One of the primary issues that the company may have to deal with is the fact that similar programs are already offered by competitors. On the other hand, the approach we utilize is rather unique, and based on our research, we have every reason to expect that the training outcomes with our product will be much better than those of the competition. One of the core aspects that differentiates our product is a unique software program and high-quality hardware.

The government has improved its policies related to piracy over the last few years, but it is still an enormous problem that needs to be addressed. Encryption is commonly used to avoid such issues, but experience has shown that most patterns can be cracked by hackers (Morley, 2012). Therefore, it necessary for us to use the latest anti-piracy instruments in order to protect our software. Our training program would require a USB dongle for registration and authorization, and the device would have to be connected at all times. It is understandable that this approach may be viewed as inconvenient by many customers, but it is a necessary measure that should be taken.

This copy protection unit is rather hard to emulate, and complications are not expected. We will devote the work of a particular department to the identification of weaknesses, and our company will provide customers with any and all necessary security updates. Another approach that may be considered to combat piracy is authorization via SMS. This technique would require enormous resources and additional expenses, but it should guarantee the safety of the program.

We also plan to cooperate with football associations to ensure that our program is distributed through safe channels. One of the aspects that should not be disregarded is that a lot of attention is devoted to the code of the software. The company has utilized internal professionals to ensure that the code is original (Zeidman, 2011). Such tools as the latest anti-virus programs and encryption technologies are used to protect the data. This approach is critical because numerous complications would occur if an unfinished version of the product without additional safety measures were to be leaked.

Research conducted by our internal specialists has shown that other developers do not utilize these protective techniques and technologies, so our approach is unique. A provisional copyright application has already been filed and is currently under review by professionals in this area. Internal specialists believe that the process will not be complicated and that our technology is safe. An attorney will guide developers through the whole process and will provide all the necessary information related to patents and copyright. We have also taken such aspects as fees and additional expenses into account.

Beyond the code itself, one of the most important aspects of our technology is the design—so it is also important to take measures to prevent any copying of design. Because some competitors may try to develop a product that is different but that has a similar external appearance and design, the registration of our product’s design is essential. If a competitor were to copy the design, the situation would be extremely problematic: the damage to the brand could be enormous, and it could have a negative impact on the experience of customers. Also, it is important to note that we will make sure that some of the information about the functionality and design is not revealed during the registration process.

Even though the product has not yet been presented to the public, it has been able to generate tremendous interest. Therefore, it is appropriate to focus on other aspects besides the discussion of its capabilities and unique functionality. This approach should help protect our ideas and would be beneficial in the long term. On the other hand, we are willing to provide investors with all the necessary information if they request it because the company acknowledges that such proprietary information could affect their decision-making processes.

In such cases, we will request that investors sign non-disclosure agreements. In fact, every employee who has participated in the process of development and promotion has signed a similar document to guarantee that they will not reveal any ideas. The company has also managed to receive approval from the developers of the devices and technologies to avoid any possible complications.

Moreover, collaboration with the team of developers that is focused on responsiveness and reliability of controls was also critical, and all of the aspects related to copyright protection of such techniques were acknowledged. The company has utilized a unique technology focused on realistic controls and has established long-term relationships with the developer. A contract has already been signed for both parties to promote the product and offer support if necessary.

We have also trademarked the name of the product because the company understands that it is an essential part of the brand and overall strategy. Moreover, we did not overlook the need to consider copyright laws in other regions because our product is expected to be incredibly popular throughout Europe and Asia. The organization has contacted professionals to help manage the necessary paperwork. In addition to the copyright of the product itself, we have applied for a smartphone application patent because we believe that this area has tremendous potential that is not yet fully utilized. It will be possible for us to modify the software program to run on mobile operating systems, and users will be able to use VR glasses without any problems. Overall, these preventive measures should be incredibly helpful and will limit attempts to copy our product.


In summary, our company has evaluated the current market situation and has developed a plan that will help protect our intellectual property. Going forward, it would be reasonable to focus on additional safety measures. The implementation of anti-piracy techniques will require much more resources and funding. However, the demand for our technology is enormous, and it is appropriate to use a significant percentage of capital to guarantee its safety. Through the careful consideration and implementation of these measures, we do not expect any major difficulties related to the protection of our technology and product.


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