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Clear Wash Company’s Marketing Campaign Essay

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Clear Wash is an international company that offers bleaching products for washing cloths and cleaning furnished floor surfaces. The main purpose of the company is to offer its customers with safe and effective products that ease the process of washing and cleaning. The bleaching solution of Clear Wash targets dry cleaner companies, households, and hotels, as the major consumers. As dry cleaners often use the bleaching agents in their laundry procedures, Clear Wash targets them as the main consumers since they buy its products in huge quantities, as per the demand of their businesses.

These companies buy different types of bleaching agents, including the colored solution that removes tough stains on colored cloths and the white solution that removes tough stains on white cloths. The household customers are parents, who buy the products to use them in their homes for laundry and cleaning purposes. Hotels are the greatest target of the company because they buy the products to wash surfaces, table linens, beddings, and curtains, which are determinants of the hygienic state and reputation in the hotel industry. In essence, the company needs to expand their market share and elevate their sales. Therefore, the essay describes a marketing campaign by outlining various ideas that would make Clear Wash to grow competitively in its market and uplift its brand.

Marketing Campaign

There are different channels of visual communication that Clear Wash can use in communicating with its customers. The channels include the Internet, billboards, packaging, television, and outdoor screens. Keller, Parameswaran, and Jacob (2011) illustrate that for consumers to create a good relationship with a given brand, they require clear, persistent, and consistent information about product from various sources. The knowledge from these sources varies, according to functional benefits, emotional values, target audience, attractiveness, and convenience. Therefore, it is important to use as many channels of communication as possible to pass the message to customers.

The functional benefits can be improved by coming up with diverse products that have wide usage. Keller, Parameswaran, and Jacob (2011) argue that coming up with a mild product that people can use to disinfect clothes of the sick and babies without causing any effect on their skin, such as irritation, can improve the company’s brand. A new product in the company expands market share, improves sales, and augment competitiveness (Sandhya & Girija, 2011). The visual communication offers effective marketing strategies, which pass the right message to the consumers. In this case, the packaging of the products should include images that capture the attention of potential customers. The company should also put videos on the Internet, which illustrate a procedure of laundry and cleaning, as well as the way of handling people, who are allergic to the products. Hence, improvement of the functional benefits of the brand will lead to increased market share and sales volume.

Promotion of company’s brand is critical to enhance satisfaction of consumers’ needs. Acording to Sandhya and Girija (2011), for a company to stand above others, it must understand tastes and preferences of customers, and consequently convert them into appealing products. In this view, Clear Wash should understand the needs of customers and factor them in designing and packing products. The solutions sold by Clean Wash are harsh to human skin and most of the customers buy gloves to protect their skin when cleaning surfaces. With such an understanding, the company can pack the product with a pair of gloves. The customers need the awareness, which the visual communication avails through diverse means of advertising. The diverse adverts should have pictures, diagrams, and video clips, which explain the inclusion of gloves and the benefit of using them. The concerns that the company depicts to the society will increase the relationship between the brand and the audience.

It is important to monitor how the brand progresses in the market to ensure that the company’s competitors do not outcompete the brand with their new ideas and innovations. There is a need to keep a record of how competitors progress and come up innovative strategies that maintain competitiveness of Clear Wash. The communication should continually update customers about new packaging and generate novel products that revive the interests of customers and enhance their loyalty (Sandhya & Girija, 2011). The company should often renew the contracts of hiring screens in the shopping malls and streets to keep the brand in the limelight. New diagrams, pictures, and video clips require continuous renewal to encourage innovations, which keep customers abreast with the current products in the market.


The marketing campaign is central to Clear Wash for it enhances awareness of products, increases sales, augments profits, and improves competitiveness of products. Although Clear Wash can utilize diverse ways in communicating its message to the customers, visual communication offers an effective way. Visual communication captures people’s attention quickly and portrays the main message in a credible way for customers to understand. The Internet channel is unique because it allows the customers to interact with the brand. It is through various channels of advertising that the potential customers learn about the existence of products, how to use them, and the benefits. However, marketing poses a considerable challenge to many companies because lack of reliable knowledge leads to poor advertising. Some companies manage to market their products for popularity purposes and outcompete their competitors.


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