How to Improve Memory: Follow Simple Nutrition Tips!

Human memory and great opportunities for its enhancement

If you work with large amounts of information and have to remember a lot of facts, theories, and words, you probably spend a ton of time memorizing and revising this information. And you’re probably wishing that you knew how to improve your memory and make the most of your time.

55+ Open Essay Banks to Write My Essay Fast

Being creative can be easier than it seems. Did you know that Steve Jobs had a unique theory about creativity? He said:

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it. They just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

Edit My Essay: 22 Ways to Get It Done Right

So, have you completed the final section of your amazing paper? At this point, you may feel that it’s close to being perfect. It’s your work and your masterpiece.
You can, however, make your paper even better than it is now. If you wonder “how to edit my essay,” you’re on the right track. The first step is taking time to distance yourself from your paper. It’ll help you get a fresh eye on its occasional imperfections.

College Essay Help: 21 Terrific Tips to Get Accepted

It’s that time of year again. High school students are desperately looking for ways to be accepted by schools of their dreams. College application season is in full swing.
One of the most effective tactics is to ace your application essay. In trying to achieve this goal, you may have many questions. How can you make your essay stand out? What do you include, and which parts of your biography do you exclude? What does the admission committee want to read in your essay?

Academic Research Paper: 11 Shortcuts to Get It Right

Academic research papers are written following an in-depth investigation and analysis of findings. If you worry that a quality research report will require blood, sweat, and tears, we offer this guide to comfort you. If you use outdated tools and methods, you will need to spend hours reviewing relevant and not so relevant literature, sorting it out, writing, and rewriting a report.

27 Best Free Online Citation Generators [New 2020 Tools]

Formatting your quotes can be rather tricky. Learning where to put all the commas, italics, and quotation marks in the right places requires a lot of time and almost inhuman patience. After you write an A+ paper, you may have no energy left for it. The text can now become just a big, blurred gray spot before your eyes. Then trying to fix quotes is not what you want to do.

Using citation tools is necessary. Here’s a rating of the top 25 best free online citation generators.

But let us start with an introduction to citation styles.

Best 9 Sites to Buy Cheap Textbooks Online

When you’re in college, money can be a problem. Rising textbook prices make study materials one of the main expenses you have to worry about. Sometimes, books can even cost more than some of your classes, which is why alternative ways to buy textbooks make a lot of sense.

Term Papers Online: 90+ FREE Websites for Your Paper

Writing a term paper requires mobilizing all your resources—emotional, intellectual, and technical.

No matter if you’ve missed a couple of classes or if you hardly remember the course’s subject, a term paper can be your window of opportunity to pass this course. Effective tools can give you a great boost.

Here are 90+ of the Internet’s hidden gems for your term papers – online libraries and tools you can use to your advantage for free.

Essays and Plagiarism: Fair Use Policy for Custom Samples

Too much good-or-bad and right-or-wrong thinking can be dangerous, since things often are neither black nor white. The world we live in has countless different shades that make up the beauty of life.
That’s why, when we speak about using free essays for reference purposes, we need to avoid extremes. Stealing someone’s ideas and passing them off as your own is obviously wrong. However, when it comes to ghostwriting, the evaluation can’t be that blunt.

How to Be Productive when Writing an Essay: 19 Essay Writing Tips

It’s a pretty safe bet that writing essays is not one of your favorite pastimes, but instead a daunting task can fall on your head and ruin your plans for the entire weekend. No picnic with friends. No dancing in a club. Only the loneliness of a library and your fingers slowly squeezing some chunky text from the keyboard.
The good news is that you can keep up and rediscover your weekend and social life in general. Using the following 19 science-backed tips, you can be on your way to completing all your written homework in just one evening:

Academic Writing: 11 Fundamentals for Your Success

Academic writing is any written assignment done for educational purposes. In written assignments, ideas need to be communicated clearly and precisely. Your tutors won’t be expecting too much in the way of creativity or any surprising discoveries in your papers. Rather, they will be impressed by clear expression, logical structure and a broad vocabulary. What is appropriate for text messages or social network posts is not necessarily right for academic papers.

Can I Use Free Essays: Is It Plagiarism?

We are taught that copying the works of others is wrong. Indeed, stealing the ideas of another and passing them off as your own is a crime with far-reaching consequences. At the same time, striving for originality at any cost can have negative consequences as well. There are circumstances when copying is acceptable and even recommended. Generally, copying can be part of learning process.