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Abu Dhabi Airport Manager’s Ethics & Leadership Essay

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Ethics have diverse definitions depending on the field in which it is applied. From a universal perspective, ethics encompasses well-established standards of wrong and right acts that human beings should avoid and do. The standards include instances of honesty, societal benefits, fairness, and particular virtues. Moreover, ethics revolves around developing the standards mentioned above in ensuring that institutions study their own ethical standards. Ethics is a philosophical division that touches on human conducts that are in line with the goodness and badness of their actions, motives, and results of such actions (Dion 2012).

Different theories have different ways of classifying actions as good or bad. For instance, from utilitarianism point of view, an action is ethical if the consequence is beneficial to a given group of people even if the method applied harmed others. This ethical theory holds that the end justifies the means no matter the repercussions that result from the actions. Ethical practices are not limited to the laws and social norms. For that reason, a lawful act may not be ethical. The exertion of influence or authority over a group in a given direction to achieve certain objectives constitutes leadership.

Different Sides of the Debates

There have been debates on the type of leadership that is universally better than others. Numerous research papers have defined, analysed, and explored several theories of leadership and their applications in daily life (Thoms 2008). These research documents have dealt with the qualities that make one a successful leader among his/her employees or followers. Moreover, the leadership studies have paid due attention to the perception of leaders and the feeling he/she commands from the group. Notably, people have been identifying leaders using their emotions and not on a rational and objective basis (Giuliani & Kurson 2002).

On its part, the contingency theory holds that there is no single approach that leaders can apply in their management styles since there are variations of circumstances. Therefore, leaders must change their behaviours and styles of leadership to fit the environment. Fielder came up with this theory in 1964 after he had noticed that successful leadership was imminent when leaders altered their behaviours to be in line with the environmental factors.

The task-oriented leaders have a poor relationship with their followers hence may not realise success in their management. Leaders must endeavour to match their personal traits with the task requirements and, at the same time, incorporate personal interactions with employees to be successful. The organisational environment also plays a role in the success of any leadership style. It entails the parameters within a firm that can aid the exertion of influence on a team (Price 2000). The situational variables’ subdivisions include the position of power, nature of the relationship between a leader and the members. However, the studies have failed to connect the nature of the environment, the followers’ characters, and the leader-preferred style of ruling the people. These are the primary foundations of successful leadership.

Examples from My Industry

For successful management of the HR department in the Abu Dhabi Airport, the manager has to apply ethics in his/her leadership styles. The manager will have to apply the core values and virtues of the department to ensure that the leadership style follows the principles of the corporation to the letter (Mendonca & Kanungo 2007). Since ethical leadership guarantees the application of moral acts within an organisation, there is a likelihood of commanding trust and respect from the subordinates.

Upholding honesty, integrity, fairness and equity form the basis of ethical leadership. In following the moral factors that guide excellent leadership, I will be able to engage in corporate social responsibilities to widen the scope of Abu Dhabi Airport to the local community. From this aspect, the leadership under ethical guidance creates a healthy relationship between the firm and its stakeholders.

To ensure efficient management of cargos, flights, and other logistics within the Abu Dhabi Airport, ethics must form the cornerstone of all business transactions and management of the available human resource. Organisational success relies on proper management that is steered from the higher offices. Issues of accountability have to take centre-stage in ensuring successful implementation of the Abu Dhabi Airport’s strategic goals and objectives. Ethical considerations build a strong fabric within organisations, making all stakeholders work towards achieving common goals for the organisation.


Leaders have their own ways of ruling; they can successfully realise their goals when in one place but fail to do so in another environment. This can occur even if one applies any leadership style. Leadership does not necessarily imply exercising authority on the followers; it has to take concern for the behaviours of the followers, the mood of the leader and the situation at hand. Environmental factors can affect the outcomes of leadership; for instance, societal culture and practices can be a source of an impediment to the success of organisational leadership. Different leadership theories explain how leaders apply their skills in management.

In my view, a leader has to consider all the ethical dynamics within his/her industry to bring all stakeholders on board. For instance, if a department manager at the Abu Dhabi Airport engages in malicious and shoddy deals in the procurement of services within the firm, mistrust and disobedience will arise. Therefore, leaders have to consider customers, employees, investors, and the local community in the day-to-day management of the organisation (Ibarra & Hansen 2011). Ethical leadership is a significant aspect that all organisations have to reckon with, as it reignites lost hopes, ensures job satisfaction, and increases dedication among employees. Leaders have to encourage ethical behaviours in their firms to avert scenarios that Enron witnessed.


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