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Behavioural Finance Theories Evaluation

Specifically, the study will cover the problems of the capital asset pricing model in pricing stock returns or portfolio returns, whether the size effect is against the EMH, the main differences between behavioural finance and [...]

Amazon Company’s Strategic Audit

From the analysis, based on the weights assigned, it is apparent that the most important factors affecting Amazon's business growth and expansion include the growth of Internet usage, the expansion of the e-commerce industry, and [...]

Theoretical Stock Prices

The model is an identity that calculates the required rate of rate by adding a risk premium to the risk free rate of return. The risk premium is the product of price of risk and [...]

Capital Asset Pricing Model

The following diagram indicates the SML, which explains the CAPM functions based on Markowitz portfolio theory, the risk of an asset in a portfolio is the covariance of that asset with the market portfolio m.