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Soil Articles Summary Analysis

The video illustrates the trials of using cover crops to manage weed on the farm during the winter season. In the video, Peter describes the aspects of the winter season and its impacts on managing [...]

Strawberry Pest Management

The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief overview of pest management in strawberry in general and in the context of Western Australia specifically.

The German Car Industry: Marketing Plan

Another factor is the structure of distribution of the area where the car is going to be sold therefore the management will start by analyzing the market environment then choosing to go into the market, [...]

Technological Development: Oman Insurance Company

According to the requirements of combining information technology and information system relating to the internal and external environmental elaboration and development purpose, critical analysis of technological background and overall judgment of competency regarding the selected [...]

Business Plan: Oloibon Eateries

The plain is a famous world-renowned tourist destination that receives a lot of visitors from the outside world who come to experience the safari climb the nearby Mt, Kilimanjaro or view the eighth wonder of [...]

Roses International’s Marketing Function

The customer base is limited to the marketing processes of the various branches the company has. Managers who are responsible to the vice president in their department head the strategic, communication and product departments of [...]

The Many Faces of Strategic Marketing

When it comes to practical application of marketing skills, a case study is one of the most efficient ways to solve the company's problems regarding the popularity of a specific item and the provision of [...]

Social Media and NPO’s

The advent of internet and social media has however disrupted this direct engagement and offered NPO's and public sector an opportunity to interact with consumers in a more complex yet influential way.

Google Operations in China

The decision to stop censorship of its search results in China and the possibility of reviewing its business operations in China was purely a decision of Google's United States executives.