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Dubai vs. Boston Higher Education

The intent of this paper is to compare the higher education sectors of Boston and Dubai. In the last decade, Dubai's higher education sector has witnessed increased public and private investments that have not only [...]

Strategic Operations Management: Macy’s Inc

In the analysis, the paper will examine the linkages between operations strategy and business strategies in the attainment of the organizational goals through the application of various analytical tools including PESTEL, porter's five forces, BCG, [...]

Google Operations in China

The decision to stop censorship of its search results in China and the possibility of reviewing its business operations in China was purely a decision of Google's United States executives.

Under Armour Company

The type of machinery that a company opts to use in the production of its products and offer its services, the strategic measures it takes in the marketing process, and its accessibility has a lot [...]

The Hershey Company Analysis

The increment was attributed to "increased sales volume of core brands and new products in the US and the international market". The Hershey Company believes in the potential and capabilities of its human resources, brands [...]

Unilever’s Personal Care Products

According to the annual report 2011 of this company, it has more than 171,000 efficient employees all over the world and it has plan to double the size of the company in the near future, [...]

Marketing Plan

The company has established itself with the introduction of Stumpjumper in both mountain and road bikes. This is because the company has a weakness of forecasting and reacting to demand.

Marketing Plan of Ford Motor

The positive affects of globalization include the fact that together with many other industries, the automobile industry has also become open to the whole world and this has resulted in the business of Ford Motor [...]