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Quality System: ISO 9001:2008

The other factors that have slowed down the implementation of ISO 9001: 2008 include lack of adequate resources, interdepartmental relations, social issues and recognition.

Global Communications: Gap Analysis

Current research is a multidimensional analysis of Global Communications company current situation, finding the ways for solving its operational and strategic problems, enhancing its market and stock positions, and bridging gaps in product positioning, usage, [...]

Orlando International Airport

The external environment of MCO offers excellent opportunities that could be utilised to guide the performance of the organisation. In order for the management of MCO decide on the best approaches to adopt so that [...]

Financing Small Businesses

Considering the importance of finance in the success of a business entity and the significance of SMEs in the UAE's economic growth, it is fundamental to understand the issues and challenges faced by SMEs.

ADGAS Company’s Training Department

Business plan analysis Business plan analysis is a broad area that entails a number of managerial activities to determine the appropriateness of the strategy, and the ability of an organization to achieve the set objectives [...]

Apple Case Study

It moved from 200,000 songs to 500,000 a day and iPod was the only music player in the market that could play iTune music Social Apple has the network of cooperative suppliers & the base [...]

Telstra Corporation

Outline and Purpose of the report: The rationale of this report is to evaluate current and past performance strategic decisions of Telstra, to assess the competitive position, to consider the internal and external environments, and [...]

Marketing the Human Microchip

Further analysis of the marketing situation reveals that the production cost of the microchip has to be evacuated to determine the most cost effective strategy to employ in manufacturing the chip.