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ANOVA Analysis Examples

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Saudi Market Stocks Analysis

SABIC is a key player in the Saudi Petrochemical industry, and the principal activities of the Saudi petrochemical industry are to manufacture petrochemical products.

Analysis for Home Prices for Austin, Texas

A multiple regression analysis was used to determine how various explanatory factors affect the prices of homes in Austin. Home prices in Austin differ from place to another and the cost is determined by various [...]

Working With Inferential Statistics

The number of injuries is a dependent variable that meets the assumptions of scale and homogeneity of variance, but it violates the lack of significant outliers and the normality of distribution.

ANCOVA and Factorial ANOVA: A Case Study

A factorial ANOVA was conducted to compare the main effects of classroom size and gender and the interaction effect between classroom size and gender on math scores. Therefore, classroom size and gender have a significant [...]

Smithton Inc. Marketing

The actual performance of the organization proves that in general, the standards set underestimate the ability of the organization to efficiently apply the use of materials in production.