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LaLiga North America

Using this tool in the case of Relevent's joint venture with LaLiga entails examining those environmental factors internal to the joint venture and external to it which affect the success or failure of the arrangement.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): Company Analysis

This risk is attributed to the unpredictable nature of the pharmaceutical industry and the inconsistencies in GSK's financial statements. Since 2008, the company has shifted its priorities to increasing the company's growth, based on the [...]

Al Hosn Gas Excellence Program

It is within this backdrop that the case establishes the relevance of the EFQM Excellence Program and the RADAR Methodology and examines the importance of awards in the application of the excellence program at Al [...]

Report- E-Business Strategies

The present report is a summary of the solution proposed to the New Castle Australian Theatre in response to the venue's identified problems of the lack of customer's awareness, low revenues, the absence of a [...]

Internship in Merrill Lynch Company

The report is concluded with a summary of findings on the probability of potential changes in the corporate, growth and marketing strategies of Merrill Lynch and recommendations in these areas for improvement in the performance [...]

Case Analysis on Banking Industry of Germany

The globalisation and competition of the banking industry have increased because of the growing importance of banking in the marketplace. The decisions of Basel II and the EU for public sector banking and capital markets [...]

The SWOT Analysis: Cityville

As for the unknowns that should have been included, but the case study lacks information on the topic, they are the specific preferences of the Citiville community in terms of art-related programs.

Entrepreneurship in Terms of Investment

As an example that confirms the importance of coordinating the interaction of stakeholders in the business sector, the situation in Indonesia will be examined, which Porter and Ketels analyze in their case study.

Boeing Company SWOT Analysis

Firstly, it is necessary to review the external environment of Boeing, mainly the aviation industry, which is undergoing a crisis, presenting many threats for Boeing, especially considering the recent disruptions affecting air travel, supply chain, [...]

Chase Bank Company Analysis

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased pressure on all the stakeholders of the industry to utilize the latest innovations to adapt to the rapidly changing reality. The paper provides an overview of the banking and [...]

Berkshire Hathaway Company’s Organizational Planning

The company’s internal and external stakeholders Internal stakeholders External stakeholders Warren Buffett (Chairman, President, and CEO) The public: The company is accountable and responsible for the harm caused to consumers, the community, schools, and health care facilities among others. Charlie Munger (Vice-chairman) The media: It has an interest in the company by relaying information regarding […]