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Case Analysis on Banking Industry of Germany

The globalisation and competition of the banking industry have increased because of the growing importance of banking in the marketplace. The decisions of Basel II and the EU for public sector banking and capital markets [...]

PDR Hotel & Resorts: Managing Hospitality

As a result of the need for diversification, the PDR Hotels & Resorts has developed an interest in purchasing the Mortloch hotel; the management of PDR Hotels & Resorts believes that investing in the hotel [...]

IKEA’s PESTLE Analysis

At the moment, IKEA holds leading positions in the world as the major furniture retailer, and the tendency preserves in the UK because of the popularity and recognizable image of the organization.

Blue Nile Company’s Analysis

A strong dependence of the diamond cutters, delivery services, the suppliers, and the other representatives of the supply chain creates the main weakness of the company; this includes not only partners' operations but also their [...]

Qantas Airways Limited Analysis

The following chronology of events summarises the succeeding history of Qantas: 1927: The firm recruits the first trainee 1928: The launch of the Flying Doctors Service with Qantas offering the air travel services.

The Movie Industry

The meaning of the PESTLE analysis entails evaluating each of the PESTLE components and the way in which they influence the movie industry.

Conexia Strategic Management

In order to conduct a comprehensive external environmental audit of this market, it will be necessary to use a number of tools in order to bring a clear understanding of the relevant forces that may [...]

Marketing Strategy for a Shopping Mall

In any business marketing action, the variables of an effective marketing are the human capital, the product of the business, finance aspect of the business, the promotional techniques, the pricing strategy, and the marketing channels [...]

Energy Generation Industry in India

The Ministry of Power is in charge of the power industry in India. Unfortunately, in the case of India, the rate of increase in the supply of electricity has not caught up with the increase [...]

Unilever’s Personal Care Products

According to the annual report 2011 of this company, it has more than 171,000 efficient employees all over the world and it has plan to double the size of the company in the near future, [...]

Procter & Gamble Company

This is achieved by evaluating the challenges that the firm faces and the strategies that the management team should integrate in order to enhance the firm's competitiveness and future success.

Uniqlo marketing analysis

The commitment of the UK government to enhance the country's economic recovery is likely to improve the consumer's purchasing power and this trend is likely to lead to improvement in Uniqlos' sales volume in the [...]

Blue Nile Case Analysis

Market competition enables the company to identify the needs and demands of the customers and helps to intensify the effort of the company to increase the quality of its products.

Wal-Mart in China

The limitation of the strategy in the Chinese market has arisen from the complexity associated with the Chinese retail industry. Despite the firm being in operation in the Chinese market for over a decade, the [...]

PESTLE Analysis of Project Ballycotton

The government's decision to give a tax relief to the film project is a favourable political condition for the project. However, in the case of Ballycotton project, the team did not use any proven financial [...]

The footwear industry

Footwear industry can takes advantage of the political situation in the world; the world is in the process of employing a free trade policy whereby the market is the one that determines the price in [...]

ZipCar Marketing Strategy

Focus group discussion The group discussion comprise of 3 customers and employees of ZipCar and hertz global company in an attempt to find solution on how to attract and maintain more customers to zip car [...]

Creating employment and business opportunities for ODA

In trying to ensure the delivery of its employment and business objective to "create new employment and business opportunities locally, regionally and nationally", the Olympic Development Authority should consider all the duties and responsibilities that [...]

An outline of ‘PESTLE’

Analysis of the industry QVC operates in the retail sector which entails purchasing goods from the manufacturers and selling the merchandise to clientele after charging a certain profit margin. The attractiveness of the industry QVC [...]

Marketing for Spice Man

The success of individual handling of the customers depends on the establishment of a good relationship between the organization and the customers.

Alexander Mcqueen

Political Alexander Mcqueen cab takes advantage of the political situation in the world; the world is in the process of employing a free trade policy whereby the market is the one that determines the price [...]

Coca-Cola in Kenya

Strategies of the company are then explained followed by the changes that are happening in the market currently and their impact on the future strategies of the company.

Online Shop Business Plan

One of the major aims of a supply chain management is to ensure that the goods used in manufacture are of the right quality and quantity; this goes ahead as it is reflected in the [...]