Space Debris

Abstract Apart from the looming climate change and global warming, the world is facing a disaster in her space infrastructure, if space debris continues to fill the orbit. Records from NASA shows that, over 19,000 of debris, which are more than 1 cm in size, have been tracked, but more is believed to exist that […]

The Lowell Observatory

Introduction The space contains various wonders objects with significant effects on the study of astronomy. A wide range of research is commonly conducted in space to establish and prove various theories that are aimed at explaining the origin and significance of these heavenly bodies. The space was largely unknown to many in the ancient times. […]

Space Hazards

Introduction Space hazards refer to the events that take place beyond the surface of the earth and that may affect the health of an individual. The study of space is best understood under the subject of astronomy which explains what space is composed of as well as what can be done and what cannot be […]


Pluto has long been considered as the ninth planet from the sun. It is the sixth planet from the earth. It is so far away that for many centuries, astronomers and scientists were not able to study this planet as extensively as they would have wanted. But because of the rapid improvement in technology whether […]

The Nebula cloud theory

Scientists and astronomers the world over ascribe to the idea that the formation of the solar system is best described by the solar Nebula model. They also concur that the best theory behind the formation of the solar system and the nebula model is the Nebula hypothesis. The hypothesis builds on the idea that the […]