Life outside planet Earth Report

Introduction All living things have one thing in common. All living things are carbon-based and that they need water to survive. Water is therefore important to sustain life. There is no need to elaborate the reason why water is a crucial ingredient in a habitable planet. Water must be used as a primary requirement in […]

System Development Essay

Overview NASA initiated a program in 1993 that was referred as Mars Surveyor program with an objective of conducting on-going missions to explore Mars. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was assigned the role for leading the program. The MCO was launched in 11, 1998. It was supposed to reach Mars in December 1999 as the […]

Nebular Model of the Solar system Research Paper

Introduction Philosophers and scientists, particularly the astronomers, have been looking for information pertaining to how the universe was formed. Even though there is no single authoritative model that explains the manner in which the universe was formed, there is one model that satisfies the highest share of astronomers: the nebular hypothesis or model. The model […]

Life in This Universe Essay

Researchers have speculated whether there is life elsewhere apart from Earth for many years. There are two different scientific thoughts that explain the existence of life in the Universe. The first school of thought is the Rare Earth Hypothesis. It suggests that the possibility of life existing in other parts of the Universe is very […]

History of the Telescope Essay

Introduction Telescope is an instrument used to observe minute objects. It has the capability of collecting and analyzing radiations from objects that are at a distance. It has an electromagnetic spectrum that helps to magnify the size of an image when taking a photograph. Information is also collected/ gathered through image sensor. There are various […]