Chinese Calligraphy

Introduction Calligraphy refers to the art of writing letters beautifully. This type of art dates back many years ago but has evolved over the years so that modern calligraphy is even more attractive. In today’s world, calligraphy is mainly used in events like weddings, anniversaries and other entertainment events. Calligraphic writing is always striking and […]

Profession and Cultural Language

Executive summary Psychology is one among many professions that is considered to be fulfilling. The psychologists are concerned with the behavior of human beings. They are mainly interested in solving problems that are emotional and mental. Their aim is to help patients recover and live normal lives. Like in other professions psychology has its own […]

Stylistics of Poetry and Prose: A case of Contrast

Introduction The poem and prose differ in assembly of words. Richard Bradford (1997, p.15) states that the poetic line differs from the prose in assembly of words. The use of grammar and syntax and forms another system of organisation of language. He further states that ‘awareness of the grammatical rules which govern the way that […]

Stylistic Devices used in the Declaration of Independence

The writer of the Declaration of Independence has used various stylistic devices to bring out different messages in the text. These stylistic tools help shape the perception of the reader to agree with the writer. The writer has used antithesis, linguistic patterns, rhythm, and the use of a poem writing structure as stylistic devices to […]

How the recognition of the audience affects the writing process: a look back at the results

Evolution is an essential element of academic writing. A writer’s style cannot remain the same – it must develop over time; otherwise, it will soon become too stale for the audience to get involved into the narration and pay attention to the argument. Despite the fact that the three papers analyzed below were written on […]

Sandra Cisneros

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to review the literary style used by the feminist author Sandra Cisneros. Cisneros is one of the female writers who has expressed dissatisfaction with the American social system, especially due to racial segregation, poverty, economic and gender inequalities. Her poetic approach, use of vignettes and the Spanish language […]