Imaginary Homelands Essay

Introduction The essay Imaginary Homelands describes the plight of the writers in the Diaspora as they attempt to reconnect with their homelands. However, the reconnection fails miserably due to incomplete memory. They are completely out of touch with their homelands and hence grossly alienated. This essay will focus on the features of semantic and lexical […]

Style as Character Insight: The Use of Irony and Free Indirect Discourse in Jane Austen’s Major Works Term Paper

Introduction No work of art achieves permanence unless its creator imbues it with a unique individual style that solidifies its value across cultures and across time. Truly, art would not exist without style. According to Susan Sontag, the earliest experiences of humankind reflected art as “incantatory, magical. Art was an agent of ritual” (65). This […]

Sentence Processing: Effects of Semantic Structure on Sentence Perception Proposal

Introduction Understanding the practical structures of sentence interpretation have been an area of intense research for over a century, and interest in the basis of language and sentence processing is as old as the initially documented clinical records. In spite of this consideration, the neural design of sentence interpretation has been amazingly complex to categorize, […]

Living the plot Essay

Introduction Effective narratorial voice causes readers to share in an experience and hence feel what the characters are supposed to feel. An essay, novel, short story or any other literary work is a way of embarking on a journey. The narrator must take readers on that journey with him or her. It is never enough […]