Gulliver’s Travels

Introduction Jonathan Swift wrote “Gulliver’s travels” in order to satirize European and British society and also to satirize human nature. Through the different tales, Gulliver illustrates just how man acts and thinks inconsistently. Sometimes these analyses dwell on different communities while in other instances they focus on his community. In other instances, it is the […]

Gender Role in Harry Potter Books and Movies

Introduction Rowling’s’ Harry Potter series has managed to capture a global audience for both print and film. This sensational fictitious tale has ensnared the hearts and minds of many children and adults alike. Mostly, the children read them right into adulthood, growing simultaneously with the famous Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermoine Granger as the […]

Howards End

Analysis of major characters Howards End I. Analysis of Helen Schlegel Helen Schlegel is an idealistic, kind and very unpractical person. Like her sister Margaret, she is concerned about the struggles of poor people, especially the Basts; however, she cannot offer them valuable help. She has an obvious disdain for money and agrees with her […]

Classic Tale About Janie Crawford

This novel is about an interesting classic tale about Janie Crawford. The identity of this woman takes her through several life processes whereby she gets a good opportunity to learn more about love, to differentiate lives’ joys and sorrows, and then settle in peace with much knowledge and skills concerning life. The life expectations of […]