Humor in Lysistrata and She Stoops to Conquer: Still Funny Today

Aristophanes’ classical Greek play Lysistrata and Oliver Goldsmith’s 18th century British play She Stoops to Conquer, both contain various types of humor. The humor found in these plays was certainly enjoyed by the audiences of the time. However, it is certainly true that much of this humor is still enjoyed today. For contemporary audiences yet […]

Feminism builds up in romanticism, realism, modernism

Romanticism The evolution witnessed in the realm of literature provides us with a broad perspective regarding what the world is up to. Through diverse aspects the evolution in literary works reflects the changes anticipated in the society. Hence, the development of such dynamics as romanticism, modernism and postmodernism, these dynamics are well illuminated in Charles […]

The Great Lawsuit by Margaret Fuller and The Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Introduction Margaret Fuller and Walt Whitman stand out as two ancient literature goons who have done various works in literature and ones who appreciation for what they did. They feature some resemblances as well as contradictions in their works in the way they employs the different aspects of literature such as styles, settings, plots and […]

Comparison of Shakespeare The Tempest, T.S. Eliot The Wasteland, and Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart

Comparative literature The Tempest The Tempest is a play that involves a sea tempest that strikes a crew of men who were headed to Italy in a ship. They get scared and decide to neglect the ship since they see a potential of it being wrecked. Prospero is a great scholar and therefore, becomes a […]

Different Aspects of Culture in Hemingway, Wilson and O’Connor

In the short stories The Three Day Blow by Ernest Hemingway, The Man who Shot Snapping Turtles by Edmund Wilson and A Good Man is Hard to Find, by Flannery O’Connor, certain cultural features described in the fiction persist in the United States of today. In The Three Day Blow the cultural element described that […]

Advanced Literary Theory

Introduction Literary works including novels, short stories, narratives and poems provides us with lenses through which we can see and understand deeply various cultural, social and political aspects of our society which are critical to our societal well-being. They are a mirror through which a society can attain self realization more so in relation to […]