Documentaries Paper Examples

When writing essays on Documentaries, you may be struggling with topics, structure, and content. Don’t worry; we have collected some tips that will help you write the best Documentaries essay.

  • If you don’t have a topic yet, focus on a subject that you are passionate about. Do you care about climate change? Choose a documentary that examines environmental issues. Do you follow a healthy lifestyle? There are plenty of films about nutrition available. You can also search for a Documentaries essay topic online – this will surely give you some great ideas!
  • To ensure that your essay is structured well, create an outline before you begin writing. Start with a simple structure (introduction, main body, and conclusion) and add more sub-topics as you progress.
  • To make your essay stand out, pay a lot of attention to the analysis. You can find a film analysis worksheet online to help you structure this part of the paper. Using resources from the internet, you can also document analysis examples from other essays on the topic.
  • Finally, relate the content of your chosen film to current events to produce the best essay. Documentaries often focus on the topics that are pertaining to modern society, so this part should be easy. You can watch some television or check social media to see if you can find any news related to the chosen topic. Examining how the content of the documentary is relevant and applicable today will definitely earn you extra marks.

We hope that these tips will make writing your Documentaries essay much easier. To explore recent documentary films and watch them online, be sure to check out this website.

“Sicko” Documentary

Introduction Federal government has the most expensive health care system. However, it still struggles to offer the best health coverage. In fact, countries like France and Canada offer better health care benefits than the United States. Issues of great concern include high cost of premium, among others. Health care reforms began in 1965 when Lyndon […]

“Obsession” Documentary Film

Introduction Obsession is a 2005 documentary film exposing the radical views of extreme jihad activists against the western world. It uses several television extracts from Middle Eastern televisions (which are normally not broadcasted to the western world) to expose the views of the radical Muslims (Clarion Fund, 2011). The movie has caused a stir in […]

The Corporation

“The Corporation” is an award winning Canadian documentary that explores the structures and autonomies of modern-day corporations. The film is the brainchild of Canadian law professor Joel Bakan. When the film was being produced, Bakan accompanied it with a book named “The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power”. “The Corporation” elicited mixed reactions […]

“Salud!” and Cuban healthcare system

According to the film ‘Salud’, physicians reside within the neighborhoods that they are supposed to serve (Gorry, 2009). The Cuban healthcare system focuses mainly on preventive services and execution of rapid treatment whenever patients are admitted to hospitals. Effective emergency responders to cater for unexpected events such as earthquakes have also been trained in Cuba. […]

Michael Moore’s Documentary “Bowling for Columbine and Elephant”

Introduction Michael Moore’s documentary Bowling for Columbine and Elephant is a quasi-satirical revolving around gun crime culture in America and aggression. The documentary is entirely on the infamous killings that took place at Columbine High School. These killings revealed extreme forms of aggression prevalent in an industrialized society. The killings were among several gun sprees […]

Documentary film called “The Corporation”.

Introduction The documentary identifies that corporations often apply some potentially harmful techniques in their production system as they seek to increase their profits. There has not been a lot of interest in identifying the potential harm that some production processes in corporations pose to ordinary people since most people have not been affected directly. The […]

“Promises” Analysis from a Contact Theory Perspective

Promises is a 2001 documentary movie that has received the audience award and has been recognized as the most intensely thought and provoking film featuring the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians through children’s viewpoint. The interaction among seven Arab and Jewish children has been displaced to define their attitudes, prejudices, and opinions about the war […]

“Reconstruction: The Second Civil War, Parts I and II”: Revealing Narratives and Lesser-known Lives

In the documentary Reconstruction: The Second Civil War, Parts I and II, the personal stories shared are intriguing because they have not been told in detail for most students. This era of US history had as much impact on subsequent events as did the Civil War itself. It was largely the result of the actions […]

Reflection Paper: “Blood Diamonds-The True Story” by Schmuddelginger

Introduction The film, Blood Diamonds-The True Story, is an assertive and fascinating documentary which explores infamous historical events. The film is an eye opener to the global population on little-known truth regarding the diamond trade. The key issues regarding civil wars in western and central Africa are attributed to the hefty money from the diamond […]

A State of Mind

A State of Mind is a 2003 documentary film intended for adult audiences. It was written and produced by Daniel Gordon. The film which has won various awards across the world focuses on the day to day life of North Koreans as dictated by the prevailing political regime. The film brings to focus issues of […]

Gillo Pontecorvo’s “Battle of Algiers”, Frantz Fanon’s “Concerning Violence” and Hannah Arendt’s “Reflection on Violence”

Introduction Some fundamentals on the topic While discussing the ways Gillo Pontecorvo’s film supports and challenges Frantz Fanon’s perception of violence and Hannah Arendt’s attitude towards the same issue, there is a need to consider some fundamentals of the Battle for Algerian Independence. As far as the topic of the current essay involves a deep […]

Too Big to Fail

Introduction The recent global financial crisis that started in the United States of America caught many individuals, businesses and governments by surprise. The fall in the mortgage market in the US quickly spread like a wild fire to the whole financial sector in the Country and to all other sectors of the economies. Many financial […]

Film Review on Kimjongilia

Kimjongilia is a documentary film directed by Heikin which features the stories of escapees and survivors of prison camps in North Korean during the dictatorship regime led by Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-iI. It is based on various interviews taken from residents of North Korea, people of all ages and status, who had survived the […]

Smartest Guys in the Room

Introduction Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room was a documentary film showing the real story of the largest business scandal in the U.S. where top executive officers in Enron Corporation squandered over one billion American dollars while the Corporation investors and employees lost everything. Enron Corporation was a leading commodity, and Service Company established […]

Documentary Presentation: The Confessions

The Confessions is an award winning documentary, which investigates one of the major landmark cases on miscarriage of justice. The case involves four ex-soldiers from the US Marines accused and convicted of the murder of Michelle Bosko in 1997. The documentary raises several issues concerning police investigation. Evidently, the innocent Americans bear the burden for […]

The World of Documentaries: Touching the Void and Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Introduction In the movie-making industry, there are a number of powerful works which deserve viewers’ attention and recognition. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of modern people are fond of exiting 3D ideas, the importance of documentary movies is regarded to be noticeable as well. With the help of documentaries, people get […]

China’s lost girl

In most countries of the world, families get to choose the number of children they need. However, this is not the case in some countries like China. In the 1980s, China’s population increased at an alarming rate. This rapid growth concerned the Chinese government. Based on the country’s economy and politics, the government formulated a […]

Goodbye, Norma Jean: The World’s Most Famous Documentary Director about the World’s Most Beloved Movie Star

When it seemed that there was nothing else people never knew about Marilyn Monroe and when the entire world started to forget about the way an unknown starlet Norma turned into the most famous star the humankind has ever known, Liz Garbus came into the spotlight, promising to shed even more light on the actress’s […]

The End of Poverty

Philippe Diaz’s documentary, The End of Poverty, is a piece that attempts to dissect the causes of the huge economic inequalities that exist between countries in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. The documentary, through the narrator Martin Sheen, gives a graphic description of the years of exploitation that have turned American and European […]

Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11, a 2004 documentary by Michael Moore, a political commentator is the most watched political documentary. The main argument is that the paranoia, patriotism and false values present in the American Security System (ASS) resulted to the incapability (poor decisions) of Bush administration when it came to dealing with security issues affecting the Americans […]

A Beautiful Mind: Understanding Schizophrenia and Its Impact on the Individual and the Family

The film A Beautiful Mind is a film revealing the life of outstanding mathematician and Noble Prize winner John Nash. The movie starts with early years of the scientist when the first signs of paranoid schizophrenia were revealed. Despite incredible skills and abilities, his psychological disorders somehow contribute to his perception of the reality. Moreover, […]

“The Corporation” a Film by Mack Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan

“The Corporation,” a film by Mack Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan, is a fascinating film presenting convincing and realistic perceptions on the origin, nature, emergence and impacts of the modern corporate institutions, which are dominating the economical, political culture and the social life of many people, while also presenting people and organizations fighting against […]

Fluoride and Mercury – The Dumbing Down of our Population

Introduction ‘Fluoride and Mercury – The Dumbing Down of our Population’ is a documentary that commences with assessing the ethical principles behind environmental degradation emanating from government services as well as from privatization of its services. Blaylock highlights that the government takes little concern while carrying out functions related to environmental issues, as evidenced by […]

A Beautiful Mind

Directed by Ron Howard in the year 2001, A Beautiful Mind is a chef-d’oeuvre film based on the life of Nobel Laureate in Economics, John Nash. The film brings out the struggles that Nash encounters with his mental health. In the year 1948, Nash enrolls at Princeton University as a graduate student and immediately stands […]

“Examined Life”, Cornel West – Summary and Analysis

Introduction “Examined life” is a film that reveals people’s philosophical view of the world. In addition, it tries to apply rationality in lives. This paper will examine three philosophers in the documentary. It will also try to examine interesting, frustrating, agitating, and exciting things about them. Cornel West Cornel West is a professor at Princeton […]

The Corporation: 2003 Movie Reflection Paper. Documentary Review Essay Example

The Corporation is a documentary written by Joel Bakan in 2003, which revolves around the attainment of legal status by corporate companies, which accords them the privilege of enjoying similar rights as human beings. It brings to the fore the social injustices that corporate companies commit in their business ventures. The Corporation reaction paper seeks […]