General Anthropology Essay

Studying humanity journey Introduction Anthropology is the study of human beings in time and space. The central theme of anthropology is to trace the development that has occurred to the human race from the past to the present in different geographical locations. In fact, it uses both scientific and humanistic means for its data analysis […]

Ethnography Essay

Introduction Since time in memorial, anthropologists have utilized the dynamics of ethnography to understand the socio-cultural lives of people in various places around the world. Durkheim argued that social generations could perhaps be understood through studying how time is appreciated. Evans-Prechard on his part argued that time and age are perhaps striking. Societies vary in […]

What role do bodies play in experiencing the world Essay

Due to revolutionary discoveries that took place during the course of 20th century in the fields of physics, biology and psychology, the conceptual fallaciousness of metaphysical conventions, which presuppose the separate existence of soul and body, is now becoming increasingly clear to more and more intellectually honest social scientists.1 In its turn, this implies that […]

The Huaorani of Ecuador Research Paper

Introduction The Huaorani or Waorani is a group of indigenous Amerindians living in the Amazon rainforest and specifically in Ecuador. This community has very unique characteristics from other South American tribes. Besides speaking a totally different language, these people have isolated themselves from other communities by living in the Amazon forest. The number of Huaoranis […]