The Decline in Birth Rate in Hong Kong

Introduction It has been noted that the birthrate in Honk Kong has decreased drastically over the years. Arthur points out that Hong Kong’s birthrate had been in the increase over years, that is after II World War but a decrease trend from 1960 onwards had been observed (112). Statistics indicate that the population in 1960 […]

Concept of ‘structure’ used by Levi-Strauss and concepts of ‘structure’ and ‘function’ used by Durkheim, Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowsky

The definition of concepts of structure and function is important for explaining various anthropological phenomena. The anthropologist’s choice between the structuralist and functionalist methods has a significant impact on further development of his/her theories. Besides the concept of ‘structure’ used by Levi-Strauss, the concept of ‘function’ was implemented by Radcliffe-Brown, Durkheim, and Malinowski. Raising a […]

Nacirema People

The Nacirema community has its distinct believes just as any other cultural group. They believe that human body is very essential for the continuity of a person. However, they believe that human body is susceptible to various evil spirits which cause diseases. For a person to be sick in the Nacirema community, his or her […]

Human behavior

Human behavior is a concept that is often discussed along with questioning its origins, reasons and consequences. No one is absolutely sure where human behavior comes from, but there have been several philosophers and psychologists who have offered explanations. Rene Girard is one of the theorists and writers who have extensively written on the particulars […]

How societies construct gender identities, sexual practices, and gendered bodies

Introduction For a long time, society has been subjected to universally standard natural settings, which tent to follow a certain path. The society naturally construes gender to be either male or female and any other type of gender is viewed as an abnormality, especially in conservative societies. At the same time, sexuality and sexual practices […]

Demographics Analysis

There are many things that affect the movement of people globally and within a nation. Demographics is the study of the reasons why people move around. There are many factors that influence the migration of people, from social, to cultural and personal. Religion, people’s education, their national preferences and the surrounding environment all play a […]