Connections between Plato’s Allegory of the Cave & Galileo Galilei’s Dialogue of Two Chief World System Research Paper

Introduction Throughout history, the understanding of human nature has been a complex phenomenon. Scholars, philosophers, researchers and the laymen, have been reading different scripts, concerning the real nature of human society and human thinking. Different philosophers, including Plato and Galileo, have offered insightful ideas concerning the actual nature of human mind and the society in […]

Solipsism and Solitude Essay

Solipsism and solitude are two ideas that are closely related. The ideas are a part of an extensive topic brought up by early western philosophers, and is still widely studied by today’s philosophers. Solipsism is a complex philosophy that explores the individuality of the mind. It is the belief that the mind exists while nothing […]

Report on the prophet and the dandy Essay

“The Prophet and the Dandy” observes two theories. The theories concern philosophy as a way of life. This means that philosophy is practiced in real life by the believer of the philosophy. Several philosophers viewed philosophy from different perspectives. In the analysis of the prophet and the dandy, two philosophers are considered. Nietzsche and Foucault […]

The Marxist Theory on Class Struggle: The History of Human Relations has been one of Class Struggle Essay

A continuous struggle is going on in the world of Karl Marx, for as long as there is an exploiter and an exploited. Karl Marx lived and struggled all his life for the emancipation of the working man who was reduced to a common serf. There is continuing class struggle as people with the same […]

Aesthetic Life in “Either/Or” by Søren Kierkegaard Essay

In his book Either/Or, Søren Kierkegaard explores aesthetic perception of the life. In his opinion, such a worldview has several distinctions, but the most important ones are self-reflection and the ability to distance oneself from others. A person, who looks at life from this perspective, does not attempt to pass a moral judgment. Instead he […]