Moral Dilemmas

Moral dilemmas occur when one encounters a conflicting circumstance and no matter the kind of action or resolution he/she takes, the consequences end up violating ethics. Therefore, moral dilemmas are very challenging and complicated because they force people to make hard choices that lead to the violation of ethics and sacrifice. In the case study, […]

Meditation in Our Life

The philosophers usually have thought that if a person knows something, that means that the person believes that (1) the thing is true, (2), is in fact true, and (3) that person who presents claims that he or she know that thing is in a position to give a justification for thinking that thing is […]

Sartre Human Condition

Sartre’s view Concerning the Human Condition The theological claim that the nature and purpose of humanity precedes the human creation and existence forms the basis of Sartre’s description of the human condition. However, Sartre, the famous philosopher during his time set forth to disapprove the view claiming its opposite as the case. Therefore, according to […]

Euthyphro Problem

Introduction The Euthyphro problem is a dilemma that seeks to delineate the relationship between God and piety. The dilemma is about whether something is inherently pious or dependent on God’s perception. According to Hardwig, Socrates inquires from Euthyphro whether something is pious because of God’s love or God loves it because it is pious (263). […]

Studying the differences between “Appearance” and “reality”

“Everything’s not what it seems”; for some reason, human beings have always been intrigued by the mystical properties of illusion. However, given a choice, most of us have been pre-programmed to accept facts as they are, based on our own experiences in life and common shared experiences. Our prism of objective reality is clouded by […]

The Value of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell

Introduction Russell landed in philosophy from mathematical backgrounds. Starting with mathematics was not by his choice. Every Cambridge student had to start up the first part of his or her degree with mathematics or classics. Later in his career life, he emerged as a subtle logician, historian and social critic who stood for what he […]