Sport in Society

Nowadays sport managers have to solve a variety of questions concerning cultural diversity as athletes join different teams where people of different cultural backgrounds have to cooperate. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many opposing nations, i.e. people of different cultural backgrounds detest each other for some reasons. This can be a very serious problem for any […]

Technology and Sports

Is using technology an unfair advantage? Sportspeople are gradually embracing technology as a way to improve their performance. Austin (2007) stated that competitive advantage matters in sport. Hence, each sportsperson or team has the liberty to enhance their performance at all costs. For decades, athletes have not been able to adopt technology due to strict […]

Diet and Exercise Controversies

Both good diet and regular exercises are important for individuals to stay healthy. However, there are many controversies that surround exercises and diet. Some people argue that particular foods are better than others. With regard to exercises, some individuals think that they have negative effects while others argue that it is important to exercise regularly. […]

Enlighten Up!

Yoga has become a common phenomenon among individuals in the modern world. Yoga did not originate from the western societies. It originated from India and has been embedded in the Hindu religion. However, for someone who has not known anything to do with the yoga, the individual may not comprehend what the yoga concept entails. […]

What are Fan Behaviors towards Sports Officials at the Middle School Level?

Abstract The objective of this project was to discuss fan behaviors towards sports officials at middle school level. In order to achieve this objective, qualitative research method was used to collect and to analyze data from different secondary sources. The results of the data analysis and literature review indicate that incidences of misbehavior among middle […]

2012 London Olympic Games: Ticket Retailing Challenges

Introduction Over the past 112 years, the Olympic Games are held after every four years. This analytical work discusses the 2012 London Olympic Games. It focuses on the analysis of the 2012 London Olympic Games case study. Specifically, the treatise reviews the current challenges with regards to ticketing, transportation, and economic impacts of the games. […]

Sport Governance Issue

Professional sports and the use of performance enhancing substances has been a matter of the more recent times. A larger number of major events have special committees that check for any illegal drugs taken by athletes, but sometimes, there are controversies that require a much closer look. Even though it might seem that it is […]

Revision of sport issues

Future of sports managers It is likely that sports managers will have to work with a series of suppliers for sporting facilities. Mainstream sport has a well-organised supplier base. However, with the emergence of new types of sports, managers will need to open themselves to divergent providers. This also implies that opportunities for entrepreneurship will […]

Cultural, Gender and Racial Differences in Sports

Cultural, gender and racial differences in sports are often observed but rarely acknowledged as important facets to sports management. Currently, there are many racial profiles regarding sports; like the common assumption that African Americans are better at sports than whites or Asians and males are better at sports than females (Bloom & Willard, 2002, p. […]

Referee VS. Technology

Introduction There is no doubt that mankind is experiencing advancement in technologies like never before and the trend shows that he should expect more. Following this, every field ranging from business, economics, management, judiciary, local government and more importantly sports have tried to embrace these new technologies in one way or the other. One field […]

Virtual Reality in Soccer Training

Recently, there has been an increased demand for the development of sports science. This area is recognized as an academic discipline and as a valid are of professional practice. The use of the technologies allows players to evaluate their performance by looking at the situation from a perspective of a viewer. Specifically virtual reality technologies […]

Development of Monitoring System for Racing Camels and other Racing Species

Technology Driven Project Development In the modern world, technology seems to play an essential role in the life of every human being. However, it should be stressed that the social life is not the single sphere where technologies are applicable as they are commonly used in the development of projects. Open innovation is one of […]

Sport can be local and global

What makes a sport local, regional, or global? Local cultures, communities and individual venues of a location may make sport remain local. Such local sports have a strong connection with history, culture and community of the location. These sports may also be available in other countries. However, participation and connection only remain strong in countries […]

Value of Sports Talent

Introduction One of the greatest motivators of the sports industry and sometimes the only motivator is identified to be the revenues that players as well as their teams rake in after a particular game or tournament. The need to increase the amount of revenue that a team or a player makes has led researcher to […]

Coaching Philosophy

The fundamental foundation of a good team rests upon the ability of the coach to lead the team to greater heights. Consequently, a well-developed and tested coaching philosophy as demonstrated by the coach is one of the basic prerequisites of building a strong team. Below, the tenets that describe my coaching philosophy are outlined. I […]

Sport Policy

The “Developing the European Dimension in Sport” has been identified as the first policy issued by the Commission with concentrating on Sport related issues after the implementation of the “White Paper”, which gives the EU a mandate to support, coordinate and supplement sport policy measures taken by Member States (European Commission 2011a:2). The Communication comprises […]

Football and media in the UAE

Introduction The UAE is made up of seven emirates and Abu Dhabi is the capital. “The rest are Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain” (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). The region is highly recognized for petroleum, natural gas, metals, tourism and in the recent past, real estate. Sport is considered as one of […]

Use of PEDs in Sports

Sports Commissioner on Implementation and Legalization of PEDs Since doping is an increasing concern within the world of sports, there is a need to accept the reality of the matter and endorse a legal legislation that allows for the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in the sporting arena. The procedure though will involve the World […]

Should Professional Sports Allow the Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Introduction Humans have always shown an extraordinary creativity in trying to get a physical edge on other humans. Each innovation has had side effects, both positive and negative. The innovations in techniques that current athletes seek and use to garner a competitive advantage are a natural continuation of this longstanding pattern of behavior. In recent […]

Violence in Hockey

Introduction Human beings and driven by emotions that originate from deep within them. Rage is one of the emotional responses that individuals have while responding to an incident or a situation (Andrews 21). In the process of expressing their rage, humans usually turn out to violence or violent like behaviors. Violence from rage can arise […]

Collision Martial Art School

Executive summary Collision Martial Arts’ vision statement is to provide the means for each and every individual to possess a more productive and fulfilling life experience from martial arts by learning respect, honor, self discipline, self defense and physical fitness in a professional structure and friendly environment. The main objective is to create an environment […]

The Coney Polar Bear Club

Introduction Among the variety of leisure activities, it is hard to define the one that is worthy of attention and recognition. Each activity has its own characteristics, strong, and weak sides and may be supported by people all over the world. In this paper, much attention will be paid to the idea of winter swimming […]

The Title IX Decision against the Quinnipiac University

The question of gender is actively discussed in relation to sport with references to providing the equal opportunities for female athletes. According to Title IX, any discrimination regarding the sex or gender issues is prohibited (Thornton, 2010). The Title IX Decision against the Quinnipiac University of 2010 became one of the most controversial cases associated […]

Nike Dumps Lance Armstrong

The article discusses the fate of Lance Armstrong, a world champion cyclist accused of using drugs to enhance performance. Several companies that used Armstrong in commercials to promote their brand ended their partnerships. These companies include Nike, RadioShack corporation, Trek Bicycle Corporation, FRS Company and Anheuser-Busch (Albergotti et al par1). Among these companies, Nike was […]

Strength and Conditioning Article Critique

“Strength Training for the Warfighter” an article by William Kraemer and Tunde Szivak discusses methods that can be used to make endurance training for soldiers and professional athletes more effective. Kraemer and Szivak deviate from the traditional methods used in endurance training for soldiers which focused on physical fitness. Kraemer and Szivak propose that endurance […]

Heat Related Injuries in Sports

Heat related injuries in sports occur as a result of doing excessive physical exercises in hot or humid conditions resulting in heat cramps, heat stroke or heat exhaustion. This paper is going to look at the symptoms, signs and ways of preventing heat related injuries in sports. In human bodies, heat is regulated through sweating. […]

The athlete’s performance

To achieve high results in the sport competitions of different levels, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the improvement of physical skills and abilities and to the regular training but also to the development of the athletes’ mental skills. In this case, imagination can be discussed as the most influential mental skill. […]

Armstrong gets dumped

Introduction Nike is a cloth and footwear company with products that have gained high recognition for their design and quality. Lance Armstrong is a former seven time champion of the Tour de France cycling championship. Lance Armstrong has been the Nike’s iconic figure for a long time. The long term relationship between Nike and Armstrong […]

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Implications and limitations The sample in the research was a proposed study in the National Football players’ league. The players interviewed suffered from head injuries, causing the Chromic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The sample for the research is the players with head injuries. In a research, the proposed sample should reflect coverage of the represented population. There […]

Scavenger Hunts

One of the most exciting, yet not necessarily tiring, outdoor physical activity that is gaining in popularity these days is the outdoor scavenger hunt. The rules are quite simple; several people within a group pair up and go on a hunt to scavenge items all throughout a particular location. The pair that successfully finds all […]

How governments and global processes influence football

Introduction Association football, sometimes called soccer to differentiate it from other leg sports, is the world’s most popular sport. The sport is frequently referred to as football by much of the English speaking world and has come a long way to become the most important sporting activity in the world. According to available scientific evidence, […]

Victorian rugby league

Rugby is one of the biggest international sporting games in the world, and this is the case in Australia in which it is one of the three major football codes that dominate Australian sport. The origin of rugby can be traced back to times in which it was played at the eminent English public schools. […]

Hawthorn and Collingwood

Introduction Event organization can be seen broadly as a subject whose lessons are highly practical in application since there is an environment that may largely require these services. A number of things must be incorporated into the analysis of an event or events especially regarding the overall gain that results from effective application of event […]

Grass roots Vs. Elite Sports

Introduction Sporting is a very important activity for Australia as a nation. Previously, sporting activities have been funded through a ‘top down’ approach that is now inadequate for the maintenance of the nation’s sporting glory (Houhlias, 2011). The ‘top down’ practice has led to widespread claims of imbalance between funding of the elite and grassroots […]

Justification of the Bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics Games – Rio de Janeiro

Introduction Long in history, different events are hosted in different places around the world. The events are very diverse and include sporting events, cultural, religious, and environmental among many others. Major sporting events are known to attract very many participants such as the Olympic Games. A lot of planning and management decisions are deployed by […]

Sport and money

Which sports should not have received any money and/or as much money? Each sports developed in Australia deserves further advancement to introduce the highest professional level at the world level. However, inequality of funding allocations leads to uneven distribution of resources and inadequate development of sports in Australia as a whole. Funding selected sports, therefore, […]