Social Security in the United States

Social security in the U.S is the most significant income program available for the elderly. However, United States ranks 26th compared to Greece which ranks 3rd in the replacement of the prior earnings. Despite this great variance, Greece has recently had its national debt restructured by the European Union to avoid bankruptcy. The following discussion […]

Government spending and tax legislation signed by the president

Introduction Fiscal policies can be described as policies that governments implement to stimulate their economies. Every government tries to spend within its revenue limit. In fact, rarely do governments spend beyond their income. However, United States has been spending more than its revenue since 1969. This is mainly because it pays interest on the loans. […]

UK Taxation System

In 2008-2009 total UK government receipts have been 37.3% of UK GDP. This is as same as approximately £ 10,900 for every adult or £ 8,900 per person in the UK. The big sources of revenue for the government are Income Tax, National Insurance contributions and VAT (Stuart and James, 2009). The Tax System Income […]

The problem of high taxes in United States of America

Recently, American citizens have witnessed a tendency of rising taxes (Blodget 1). This issue of rising taxes seems to have gained momentum, especially after the financial recession of 2008. Today, many Americans are concerned about the increasing tax levels. The issue of huge taxes has led to declining disposable income, forcing many consumers to struggle […]

Persuasive Piece

Introduction A white paper is an authoritative report or a persuasive piece that is written by government by interest groups and government agencies to influence government policies and legislature. White papers are usually formulated to address specific issues or problems that exist in government policies or laws. White papers are formulated to educate the general […]