World Religions Paper Examples

Korean Shamanism vs Chinese Customary

Introduction The most outstanding aspect about both Chinese customary religion and Korean Shamanism is their eclecticism; both faiths have absorbed several elements from other religions and have also contributed in the same manner to these faiths. However, while Shamanism is regarded as more of a form of medicine than religion, Chinese customary religion is deeply […]

Muhammad’s Personality and Character Ethics Inspired Muslim’s Way of Life

Introduction There is a big difference between personality and character ethics, but many people do not have any idea on the reality of the outstanding difference between the two subjects. Personality temporary as it depends on the psychological environment that a person is exposed to, whereas character is permanent and it is not affected in […]

Buddhism and Hinduism: Similarities and Differences

Hinduism and Buddhism have many similarities and differences. The most conspicuous similarity is the origin of the two religions in sub-continent India. Some worship and religious practices are similar but there is a profound difference in the style and purpose of life in the two religions. Hinduism is about understanding the soul while Buddhism is […]

The Comparison of Buddhism and Daoism Principles

Religious beliefs followed by people in different countries influence the particular features of their daily life significantly. The adherents of various religious movements are inclined to organize their life according to the principles proclaimed within this or that religion with the help of following different rituals and practices. Buddhism and Daoism are two religions which […]

The Korean Shamans Start Their Rituals: Diving into the Specifics of the Ancient Culture

There is hardly anything as weirdly mesmerizing and at the same time ridiculous for a modern person as shaman rituals. However, taking a retrospective into the primitive, one will find out that shaman rituals served a definite purpose and even glued the primitive community together. Despite the rapid economical downfall, which Korea witnessed several times […]

Exploring Buddhism: An Introduction into the Chinese Philosophy. In Search for the Enlightenment

One of the key branches of Buddhism, Mahayana is thoroughly discussed in Mitchell’s book, Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience. The author devotes an entire chapter of his paper to Mahayana as the teaching of Buddha, thus, allowing to understand the key differences between the former and the original Buddhist teachings. With a deep insight and […]

World Religions and Their Components

Streng suggests that the definition of religion involves the interpretation of various components including the personal, subjective element, the specific cultural forms and the expression of an ultimate, supreme or comprehensive reality (Streng 9). According to Streng, the expression of an ultimate dimension of existence forms a significant part in the transformation process of an […]

“The Bondage Breaker” Book

Introduction In most societies, religion plays an integral role in the spiritual growth and development of individuals. In times of tribulations, people tend to seek spiritual intervention for the alleviation of the problems inhibiting their progress in different endeavors. In this regard, religious leaders like those in Christian ministries have been on the forefront in […]

Terrorism and Jihad

Introduction Fierce conflict between Islamic radicalism and the West has been one of the defining attributes of the first decade of the twenty-first century. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, in the United States and consequent attacks in Madrid and London, combined with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, have exposed how the renaissance […]

The Four Noble Truths and Si Shu

Every religion has doctrines that act as its foundation. These doctrines govern the daily activities of believers. Religious foundation plays a significant role in bringing together all believers. It establishes rules that all believers observe, thus creating the feeling of oneness amongst followers of a given religion. The foundation gives meaning to believers and works […]

Confucianism as the Foundation of the Present Chinese Culture

Introduction Confucianism is generally regarded as the foundation of the present Chinese culture1. To a great extent, it is associated with the way most Chinese national behave in different situations. Apparently, it a way of life that based on principles created by Confucius centered on the values held by three Chinese families namely Xia, Shang, […]

Challenging Concepts for Contemporary Christian Education

Introduction Education is the most important asset of a nation since it equips individuals to be productive members of the society. In addition to the skills gained by students through education, character is also developed through education. Education is used to instill ideals in the mind of children and this ideals influence the future character […]

The development of the New Testament canon of Scripture

Introduction The question on how the bible was formed has attracted immense scholarly research, which has lead to the emergence of an incredibly large scholarly body of knowledge attempting to explain both the Old Testament (OT) and New Testament (NT) canon. Much of this literature also endeavors to explain the factors that were considered in […]

The Daoist Temple

The characteristic feature of Daoist temples is the location at the mountainous territories which symbolizes the closeness to the heavens. Furthermore, the architecture of Daoist temples reflects the basic sacred concepts of the religion. However, a lot of people regularly go to Daoist temples and believe in the significant role of worshipping there because they […]

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Engaged Buddhism

Dialogue and Interreligious dialogue Interreligious dialogue is a conversation and exchange of valuable ideas between religions and faiths for the purpose of discussing the subject of love, non-violence, and solutions to problems and ills of the present world. Renown personalities who have advocated this noble work, such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Merton, the Pope, […]

Identity Christian/White Supremacist Movement and the Domestic Radical Islamist Movement

The Christian Identity Movement is a movement that includes the Anglo-Israelism, British Israelism, white supremacists, anti-Semitic, as well as other groups. This movement consists of “many extremely conservative Churches in Christianity, religious organizations, survival groups and political groups” (Brayton, 2009, para.3). The adherents of this religious movement are followers as well as churches, which are […]

Protestant Reformation and the Western church

Protestant reformation was a religious movement that commenced in the 16th century in Western Europe.1This movement was meant to bring about an internal renewal in the church. Consequently, it led to numerous revolts and abandonment of Christian doctrines. Notably, this movement was initiated by John Calvin, Martin Luther and other protestant activists who were largely […]

The Authorship of Hebrews

Introduction Regardless of its profound harshness, the letter to the Hebrews has something peculiar about it. It is anonymous. The author and the addressees are mysterious since they have not been indicated in the book. Indeed, the ambiguity has cast doubts among some interpreters who cannot relate its anticipated purpose in a given framework. Furthermore, […]

Elements of a religion

The elements of a religion such as belief system, sacredness and rituals have become some of the most important components that relate humanity to moral values and spirituality. While religion encompasses worldviews, belief and cultural systems, they differ in various cultural backgrounds. Law (2012) indicates that this could be attributed to variations in belief systems […]

Comparison of Baptist confessions

Introduction Baptist confessions are documents that proclaim the faith of the Christian believers of the Baptist faith. They use the Bible and have similarities and differences in their translation of the Bible. They live according to their confessions as revealed by the Reformed Reader (1999b). The different Baptist confessions include: Anabaptist confessions, English Baptist-Separatist confessions, […]

Qur’an and Its Interpretation

Introduction There are different theories that explain the understanding and interpretation of the Qur’an. The study of these theories is called Qur’an hermeneutics. Qur’an hermeneutics is important as it enables the Qur’an texts to be meaningful and applicable to the contemporary Muslims. Currently, there are several groups of Islam that came about because of diverse […]

Contemporary Roman Catholicism: Biblical Theology

Abstract Contemporary Roman Catholicism embraces a lot of biblical beliefs like most churches in the world do. Contemporary Roman Catholic Church has gone through several political, social and religious tumults all over the world. However, their understanding of God through the Bible has grown very strong across the period1. Any religion in the world has […]