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Sociological Issues Essay Examples and Topics

Social Work Organizations

On the other hand, source of funding is a weakness on the part of the private social work organizations as they have to privately source for funds which may take significant amount of time and [...]

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

With elaborately spread local volunteer infrastructure, the accumulated and organized wells of local credibility, expertise, and the ability to mobilize, the NAACP continues to be uniquely positioned to play a sustaining role in transformative change [...]

Sudanese Diaspora in Canada

In general, we can say that the diverse nature of the Sudanese determines the groupings of the Sudanese, though at times, the groups' come together so as to address matters of political interests in their [...]

Human services agencies

In order to achieve this, the agency uses the best strategies to address the situation. Mediation is the best method of offering human services to the parties discussed in the agencies above.

Concept and Importance of Social Control

This is because it regulates the behavior of the individual to conform to the rules and regulations of a country. Social control in the formal context is implemented in the forms of statues, rules and [...]

Concept of a small world

The model urges that the higher the populations in the network that result from merging of small networks, the more valuable are the nodes.

Plans for Caring For Elderly Parents

Davis in his article, "Caring for the Elderly", brings up 4 specific points that he states need to be addressed when taking care of the elderly, namely: the financial status of the parents that need [...]

Testing of life expectancy

The providers of the service are planning to roll it out in the market and the test will be available to whoever wants to take it.

American Culture and Childhood

Studies examining the resulting developmental characteristics of children who grew up prior to the overly muscular and sexual trend of the 1980s showed nearly opposite developmental beliefs compared to children who grew up during and [...]

The World’s Perspective of Americans

Charging from the experience of Americans in the outside world, there is evidence to suggest that many people in the outside world hold both positive and negative inferences and assumptions about America and its citizens.

Healthy Lifestyles and Ageing

Ageing is determined by social lifestyle of a person; this comes as a result of ones experiences and environmental interaction in which one is exposed to.

Helping, Giving and Volunteerism

The role of voluntarism in term of donations and giving is immense and continues to change the lives of many people in different parts of the world.

British Social Work

The 2007 UNICEF report on children in the UK and the USA, reveal the position children occupy to be at the bottom of the list in developed countries in conditions where a range of indicators [...]

Childhood in the Multimedia Age

It can also influence their thinking process and therefore the only effective means to counteract these effects is to teach children how to deal with technology so that the TV set, the computers, and the [...]


This is in cases whereby certain people regard others as belonging to the minority groups, which define the handling of their welfare and grievances.

The Matter of Life and Death

Since it is necessary that the population of the mankind did not expand, due to the lack of supplies, it is undesirable that the pregnant woman were in the bunker.

Commodification and Globalisation

The premise of the paper is to explore the extent to which commodification and globalization has been established in the society in regard to Disneyland in Florida.

Social capital and health inequality

This paper will take in hand the issues of understanding and demonstrate how social relationships, specifically social capital, can become the defining factor for influencing individual health, as well as the health outcomes of an [...]

Marriage in Al-Khobar

In Islamic tradition, it is taught that a man has to seek the agreement of both the parents and the girl to a marriage.

The Changes in the Public Domain

The analogy presented compares between the early Roman Empire with the modern times through analysis and explanation of the similarity between people's views regarding the public space.

Growth of Modernity by Marx and Weber

Marx's theory would be correctly interpreted to mean that the working conditions experienced today is a product of the resistance that people in the industrialization era put up in order to deal with the dehumanizing [...]

Arab Culture and Teenagers

With this approach, the parents have managed to mould their teenagers into the right path that is to stick to their culture.

Beauty Concepts in Saudi Arabia

Of particular significance is the importance that the people of Saudi Arabia attach to their camels as can be demonstrated by the beauty contests held in their honor.

Ulrich Beck and his opinion

The author of the article The Cosmopolitan Society And Its Enemies Ulrich Beck defines the notions of cosmopolitan sociology and cosmopolitan society as well as discusses the enemies of cosmopolitan society.

Reflection of Society Today

This paper will focus on the perspectives of Pappano and Putnam as they try to explain the concept of interpersonal disconnections.

Pluralist and Power Elite Approaches

So, the main idea of the current paper consists in analysing and assessing the contradictions between the pluralist and power elite approaches taking into account the distribution of power in society and allocation of resources [...]

India and Dalits

This issues highlighted in this film can be examined with the help of such a theory as structural functionalism since it can explain how the groups that are included in the Indian community interact with [...]

Gender, Race and Class

These ambivalent attitudes towards females are used by males to remain at the top of the hierarchy of power and leadership and place females at the bottom. The concepts are entrenched in our society and [...]

The children’s social behaviour

African American Children's Perceptions and Developmental Differences", Xie and the group of researchers present the results of the investigation on the concept of children's popularity within the peer social networks.

Divorce through a child’s eye

The later is a rare occurrence; however, regardless of the cause of divorce, the children are the immensely affected victims. The father had a story that defended him, and the mother had her side of [...]

Fate and Fortune in Rural China

The work of James Lee and Cameron Campbell is a good example of a book that examines the social and population history of the conventional rural China with regard to social arrangement and behavior of [...]

Social Changes and Civil Rights

A nonviolence boycott of this injustice led to changing of the infamous rules, and black people were able to integrate with the rest of the people in social places.

Rural Injustice, the Fiction

Therefore, the author of the short story has managed to show various rural injustices in the Chinese rural society through the use of themes, styles and characters as discussed in this paper.

The “House Rules” Movie

"House Rules" talks about the problems that people encounter in public institutions and housing depending on the location. It is clear that a lot depends on the individuals in charge of housing.

The Marriage Traditions of Wolof Culture

These include the role that marriage plays in the family formation in the Wolof society, what the economic background of the plural marriages is, and which traditions describe the marriage ceremony of the Wolof culture.

Crime & Society: Article Review

The authors note that the concept of legitimacy is closely connected with the concept of the civil society. The authors also note that understanding of the nature of hegemony, civil societies and state crime can [...]

Why slavery is wrong

When Douglass heard this story, he got the idea of how whites manage to keep blacks in a state of ignorance so that they cannot come out of their captivity. In his book, Douglass reveals [...]

The Effects of Intellectual Revolution in US

However, with the rapid advancement in technology that has been experienced in the last few decades, the level of rationalism and intellectuality of the people of the United States has become questionable.

Social problem facing the contemporary US

Although several persons have ignored such a concern, it is evident that for an individual to comprehend the current health care crisis of the African American population, one must understand the legacy of the experience [...]

Does bullying cause emotional problems?

However, the current study was relevant because of this design, for the scope of the study covered as well as the results were accurate, and the conclusions drawn were correct.

Social Security Agency

Evidently, the financial report of the agency is quite detailed due to the huge costs incurred in both health and social security services.

Consequences of an Older Population

According to Kinsella, Kevin and Wan, "the shift in age structure in relation to population aging has a profound impact on a range of economic, political and social process for example; the intergenerational of social [...]

Changing Family Forms

The type of change that happens to the institution of the family is gradual that is, various components that constitute the family have amble time of adjusting according.

Night to his Day Analysis

Gender as a social structure is based on the fact that 'gender' is a social construct. At the society level, the significance of gender is that it focuses on identifying the differences in gender statuses.

Dating Process

The issue to be analyzed in the paper is the dating process. This indicates that heterosexual relationships are still in the mainstream and that men and women are expected to go out with members of [...]

Migration, Identity and Multiculturalism

Equity in Ethnic Policy In the earlier years, discriminative policies had been enacted but the mid of the last century saw the eradication of these policies and the establishment of better ones that addressed the [...]

The reservation system in India based on Caste

The class of Varnas comprise of Brahmans, the priestly and elite people; Vaishyas, planters and traders; Kshatriyas, the fighters and leaders; and Shudras, peasants and manual workers; In addition, the Untouchables are also under Varna.

School Disability Program

Factors that determine the disability program choice include: cost and convenience; longevity of the program service; the techniques and therapies employed; the competence of the therapist; therapists' work supervision; the therapist's expectation from you; willingness [...]

Falling in love

If a person participates in a romantic relationship, it is likely that the individual will adhere to the norms and expectations of his or her society. It is this failure to negotiate that led to [...]

Sociology of sports

Functionalists view the relationship between sports and society in such a way that it enables them to demonstrate sports as a valuable social institution, which is important for both, the society and an individual.

Each Culture Has Unique Characters

A subculture is a group of individuals who forms a group with distinct characters from the larger culture, which differentiates them from the other members of the large culture.