Design Paper Examples

Writing essays on Design may seem difficult at first. However, as you will learn from this article, there are some essential points that will make the process much easier for you.

  • Choose a topic that you have some preliminary experience with. For example, if you have done some work in graphic design, writing a graphic design essay should be easy.
  • Write down possible titles before anything else. This will help you to structure the essay and choose what themes to include in it. A poorly-structured piece with too many themes will not earn you a good mark. This is particularly true for short essays, where every word counts.
  • Carefully choose references to include in your paper. For some Design essays, references are not required at all. But if you need to provide some citations, make sure that they come from trusted sources and that they are relevant to the topic. Publications by famous designers can help you to get into designer minds, thus bringing more details and depth into your analysis.
  • Check example papers available online. This point is especially helpful if you are writing your first design essay and are unsure about what is expected of you. Sample papers online can give you numerous Design essay ideas.
  • Finish your essay ahead of the deadline and review it at least twice. This process is perhaps the most important because tutors can take away marks for grammar and referencing mistakes even if your essay is excellent. Checking your paper twice will allow you to point out errors and fix them before it’s too late.

Looking for inspiration to start writing your assignment on Design? Make sure to check our website for samples of great design papers made by students and scholars.

The Ancient African Art

The ancient African cultures are characterized by examples of primitive art. Simplification of the form is the characteristic feature of many objects belonging to the ancient stage of African art. The poetic meaning of the simplified forms is the ability to represent the naturalistic objects in the forms which are easy to duplicate. As a […]

The Camper Showroom in Shanghai

Introduction Nowadays there are a plenty of materials and technologies allowing making design a masterpiece of art. However, modern design goes beyond the frameworks of the art value. It is also aimed at making the premises useful and appropriate for the modern activities. The Camper Showroom in Shanghai is one of the best examples of […]

The Importance of Graphic Design Related to Internet Communication

Abstract Graphic design has significantly proved an important and integral component in relation to internet communication. Despite the different definitions of graphic design, the discipline has proved the fundamental worth in online communication in a world that has increasingly embraced the internet, merging the virtual and the real world into virtual reality. That is evident […]

Designing Children’s Environments

Children’s playing environments are crucial in helping them to improve their physical strength as well as their intellectual growth. The design of the playing environment is crucial in helping children to learn positive outdoor activities that can help to grow better. The time that children spend playing outdoors can be made more valuable for their […]

Fashion of Lebanon

Introduction In the contemporary world, fashion and design has become a major aspect of global culture. Particularly, fashion has flourished in many parts of the world. This reflects change in terms of perspectives and perceptions that fashion in the previous decades elicited. Of particular interest is fashion industry in Middle East and other parts of […]

Tunnel Design and Cunstruction

Introduction Tunnels refer to any enclosed passageway. Usually, tunnels pass underground to bypass natural barriers and to reduce the cost and impact of aboveground construction. This paper looks at various aspects concerning tunnel construction. The main issues of interest include the construction of underwater tunnels, construction of tunnels in soft soils, and the examination of […]

Contextual Urban Design

Introduction Various urban theorists have expressed diverse opinions regarding new urban developments. For instance, Leon Krier and other theorists show the importance of capturing new development within its context. On the other hand, Rem Koolhaas, the controversial Dutch urbanist asserts that the focus should be on discovering a new form of urbanism, which does not […]

Product Design and Modernism

The principles of modernism affected many areas of human activities, including product design. It is necessary to focus on the following important distinctions of this style, namely: the absence of ornamental elements and minimalism; pure geometrical forms; the use of new materials; the suitability of the modernist designs for mass production (Greenhalph 1990). At the […]

Product Engineering and Design Review: Coke Bottles, Running Shoes, Air Conditioner, Dishwasher, and iPhones

Introduction Product engineering and design is important because it allows consumers and manufacturers to interact through several ways. Adequately designed products are better selling, with certain designs also improving on the quality of some of the products. Some of the factors considered in product design and engineering include the use of the product, the target […]

Carbon Fiber Use

Introduction A number of materials may be used to strengthen and stiffen reinforced concrete. For instance, the use of carbon fiber in the form of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) has gained popularity rapidly in civil engineering for the last two decades. Being a cost-effective alternative to steel due to its high strength to weight […]

Good Wristwatches Design

Problem statement When it comes to discussing the deficiencies of a particular artifact’s design, it represents the matter of a crucial importance to be able to identify the extent of this item’s compatibility with currently predominant socio-cultural discourses. The reason for this is quite apparent – in order for a particular design to be considered […]

Graphic Design Concept

Graphic design is a wide concept that mainly involves creativity. It facilitates the design and production of artwork. Like all businesses in an economy, their growth and development is based on stable clientele base. However, from a close look, graphic design products are a bit different from other commercial products. This is due to the […]

Cascading Style Sheet Design

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) has been significant in styling Web text. However, CSS is now crucial in “positioning and styling content at all levels related to local, global, or in-line” (Eccher, 2011). Effective application of the CSS design can ensure that a single CSS document can control all styles of the entire Web site. CSS […]

Graphics Design – Literature Review

Research Question This section will attempt to explain what elements in the creative process of graphics design are the most challenging for students? Conceptual Framework Instead of focusing primarily on students, this literature review will examine the arguments and opinions of various studies that have tackled a plethora of aspects related to graphics design and […]

Background of Graphics Design

Background of the Study Graphics design can be considered the combination of technological processes with creative thinking in order to produce an output that is visually appealing to the required target audience (Halliday, 2012). What must be understood though is that while a student can effectively and efficiently reproduce what is taught in regards to […]

Indian Furniture and Finishes

Introduction Furniture is a commodity that every house requires. Good artisans make furniture that is appealing to the eyes and tastes of users. The quality of skill that Indian designers use in making their furniture is very appealing, and people compete for their products in the whole world. The designers make furniture from wood, metals, […]

The Most Challenging Aspects of Graphics Design

Abstract Evidence of improved learning outcomes when incorporating creative problem solving in the learning process can actually be seen in graphical design students who incorporate proper message delivery, research, conceptualization and understanding the audience. It is based on this that this section explores the personal and professional impact of the study and helps to reveal […]

Omega Watches Marketing Strategy

Audacity and Inventiveness of Omega: Blurring the Line between the Ordinary and the Luxury Of all accessories, watches have been neglected for an insultingly long time. Though impressive changes have occurred to fashion in general and fashion for women in particular, there is still enough room for being creating in watches design, and the Omega […]

Graphic Design in the Internet Communications: Let the Art Envelop the Whole World

The Importance of Graphic Design Related to Internet Communication Since recently, Internet and its specifics have become an integral part of people’s everyday lives, making the boundary between the virtual reality and the everyday world merge to a practically unnoticeable line. However, it cannot be denied that, despite the seeming similarity, the real and the […]

The floor plan of a proposed spa

Introduction The purpose of this assessment is to examine and critically review the floor plan that has been presented for assessment by an architect for the purposes of facilitating guest satisfaction and profitability when the spa is finally built As it is, there are several partitions in the current design which are a mechanical room, […]

Evaluation of Lighting Design

The design of interior lighting systems in any architectural space is of utmost importance (Binggeli, 2013). The finishing of an architectural space has to be aesthetic. Thus, it is only possible to achieve such a finishing with proper interior lighting systems (Diprose & D’Aprano, 2008). More so, the light intensity and color should match with […]

Victorian and Modern Corsets

Introduction Corsets have a long and amazing history. They have survived historical moments to the current time. Over time, they have continuously been modified to shape the bodies of women into what the society expects them to appear like. During the Victorian era, corsets were not only body shapers, but also indicators of a woman’s […]

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding refers to a form of branding aimed at making customers see the relationship between a corporation’s name and its entire advertising procedures. Success of corporate branding enables the customers to relate the name of a corporation with satisfactory experiences and uniqueness whenever they see or hear it. Regardless of the services or products […]

Vogue magazine cover image

Introduction The cover of Vogue magazine that was issued in April has stirred different perceptions among the moderators and the general public. Ethnic and racial issues have been debated by different personalities in relation to cover image of the magazine. James, a well known basket ball star is paired with Jezel who is a top […]

Design Activism to Contemporary Designers

Introduction Designing have attracted a quite large number of people, which offer beneficial professional for many people. Sometimes designers undertook some projects without considering the consequences to the people affected by such projects. Therefore, there were endless tussled between the projects developers and the directly affected communities where the projects took place. Fortunately, this profession […]

Colour and Design

Introduction Colour is important in any image since it conveys different meanings when different combinations of it are used. Image texture, colour intensity, proximity of different hues, and the shape of the parts that contain certain colours govern the way the image is perceived by the observer. Different parts of the image convey different pieces […]

Flash multimedia project

Introduction This essay critically assesses and analyses a Flash multimedia project by drawing on some distinguishing features based on Flash Project site at The Planet Zero. The essay also demonstrates principles and theories of multimedia that apply in this project. The core idea of the project The Planet Zero Project emphasises zero emission of greenhouse […]

Design and Craft

Introduction Design and Craft are terms which are commonly used interchangeably although they differ in meaning. Craft is technique believed to have evolved many years ago, and it is still in existence. The oxford dictionary defines craft as a capability to generate and organize items by the use of intellectual power, force, strength, ingenuity and […]

Culture of Design

Brand vs. identity A brand refers to the functional associations that the customers attribute to the product depending on their expectations of its performance. The brand is concerned with the attributes that make the product to appear unique from the customer’s perception (Adrian 2000). Once the customer identifies a certain brand, he or she can […]

History of Interior Design

Interior design is a multidimensional profession that entails the application of creative and technical skills in an interior space to create an effective environment that can accommodate a range of human activities (National Council for Interior Design Qualification, 2004). These undertakings are not only meant to be of visual value, but are also meant to […]

The Insights into Technology That are Valuable for Designers

Innovate or evaporate. This is the modern business imperative that has summed up the current competitive trends being experienced in the business world. As Marchal established, in addition to securing the time to market, improve quality and cost, manufacturers are now forced to focus on innovation (1). Innovation was universally defined by most scholars as […]

Dajoji Inc.’s Obsession with Functionality has a New Design; Organic Cotton Chef’s Jackets

Vancouver based Dajoji Inc. has unveiled a new design of chef jackets made of organic cotton, with the aim of redefining sustainability in restaurant kitchens. Dajoji Chef Jackets brings eco-fashion awareness on kitchen apparel. Dajoji Chef Jackets are also stylish and as well as having enhanced functionality to improve the chef’s performance in the kitchen. […]

Designing a Vehicle

Introduction Design and development of a new system or product requires certain procedures and development stages before it finally becomes a product. Design and development of a product or system is a technical process. Design is the process which revolves around its look, its overall style, as well as other issues that make up the […]

Video series “Objectified”

Introduction The primary focus of the video series “Objectified” is the impact of design on the everyday life of an individual. It analyzes different perspectives of the importance of design and how it influences perception, innovation and above all changes in the way in which people interact with objectives in their surroundings. Furthermore, it questions […]

The Design Prototype of Kiosk

Having just finished sketching a new universally accessible kiosk for the London underground, I am going to build and test a prototype in 1 hour. It is really important to build and test a prototype for a particular period of time which allows to consider the typical environment conditions which are going to be present […]

The Concept of Design Icons

Abstract The concept of design has evolved along the same lines as human civilization. Perhaps this is the paramount aspect that has contributed to the evolution of design both as utilitarian and functional concept. Equally, the very dynamics of design is thus correlated to environment this is testified by the diverse artistic designs that have […]

What is meant by “wicked problems of design”?

In his article, Richard Buchanan quotes Rittel as having defined wicked problems as “a class of social system problems which are ill-formulated, where the information is confusing, where there are many clients and decision makers with conflicting values, and where the ramifications in the whole system are thoroughly confusing” (“Wicked Problems In Design Thinking” 15). […]