Top Ten London Undergraduate Degrees in Graphic Design Essay

University of the Arts London: BA Graphic Design (the first place) Currently EU students, who want to receive an undergraduate degree, are supposed to pay £9,000, provided that they start their studies since 2012. In order to be eligible for this program, an applicant should meet several entry requirements. In particular, he/she should have 1 […]

Corporate Branding Proposal

Corporate branding refers to a form of branding aimed at making customers see the relationship between a corporation’s name and its entire advertising procedures. Success of corporate branding enables the customers to relate the name of a corporation with satisfactory experiences and uniqueness whenever they see or hear it. Regardless of the services or products […]

Design Activism to Contemporary Designers Essay

Introduction Designing have attracted a quite large number of people, which offer beneficial professional for many people. Sometimes designers undertook some projects without considering the consequences to the people affected by such projects. Therefore, there were endless tussled between the projects developers and the directly affected communities where the projects took place. Fortunately, this profession […]

Colour and Design Report

Introduction Colour is important in any image since it conveys different meanings when different combinations of it are used. Image texture, colour intensity, proximity of different hues, and the shape of the parts that contain certain colours govern the way the image is perceived by the observer. Different parts of the image convey different pieces […]