Poem Research and Analysis: Dressmaker Research Paper

The poem Dressmaker written by Éireann Lorsung is an example of a blank verse. It is not a fixed form of poetry, and the author does not have to follow certain rhyming patterns or structure. Overall, this literary work demonstrates that poetry can explore different themes and subjects and that it can highlight the richness […]

Little Briar Rose by the Grimm Brothers Essay

Little Briar Rose is a classic fairytale written by Grimm Brothers, German folklore writers and cultural researchers. The story is originally known as a Sleeping Beauty and it is identical with Charles Perrault’s literary tale (David & Meek, 1974). Charles Perrault’s version of the story is represented in a lighter and simpler vein. In contrast, […]

Identity, Belonging and Masculinity in “The Buddha of Suburbia” Thesis

Introduction The book Budha of Surbabia is a real life memoir of experiences that every human endures whenever they go to a new location and want to be expected by the aboriginal people of that particular society. The plot attests at how people undergo a sort of rite of passage in order to be accepted […]

The Representation of Irish Nationalism Essay

Introduction The attempts to revive the Irish political nationalism have seen considerable Irish literary achievement. The country’s long history as a British colony and the effects of that colonization shapes the struggle for Irish nationhood and identity even today, both politically and imaginatively. The country’s struggle for independence intensified towards the turn of the 20th […]

Critical Analysis: The Narrow Road of the Interior of Matsuo Basho as the Reflection of Searching for the Harmony Essay

A Japanese poet of Edo period of the 17th century, Matsuo Basho is well-known as a master of the brief and clear haiku. His The Narrow Road of the Interior is a travel tale based on the personal searching for the harmony with nature. The journey impressed Basho and led to the reflection of his […]

Review: “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Friedrich Nietzsche Critical Writing

The following is a critical writing on Nietzsche based on his work called Thus spoke Zarathustra. The discussion is a critical approach of the thoughts expressed in his work. It will particularly explore four sections of Nietzsche work namely the prologue, the despisers of body image, self-overcoming and redemption. It looks into how the soul […]