The Limited Third-Person Narrator in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

The Metamorphosis is one of the most famous short stories by Franz Kafka. It revolves around transformation of protagonist Gregor Samsa from human into the vermin. The short story is a typical example of magic realism that focuses on social problems and life of individual who is underestimated and alienated from society. The subject of […]

Critique of Essay “Franken-Frogs and the Mushroom Bear”

Thomas LaBrie’s essay is a perfect illustration of how we learn from our mistakes particularly those committed when we are still youthful and obsessed with our own thoughts. LaBrie has managed to show how hastiness often characterized by a serious lack of a sense of moderation and second thought with regard to what a young […]

Individualism in Romantic Literature

Introduction Individualism has been the center of debates among researchers and literature analysts. The world is mainly divided into individualists and collectivists. Some of the countries that promote collectivistic cultures include Korea, Taiwan and Egypt, among others. On the other hand, those that promote individualistic cultures include most western cultures such as Italy, France and […]

Ancient Poetry Analysis

Ethos is a conviction that becomes evident when the author depicts diverse character. It equally accords the author authority to exemplify facts. Interestingly, it focuses on capturing the reader’s attention (Braet 316). The author begins by describing the entry of reporters into the scene as undiplomatic. This portrays journalists as unprofessional. The description of reporters […]