World Literature Paper Examples

Literature Studies: The Australian Folklore

The folklore tells a lot about the nation, its history, culture, and mentality. The Australian folklore is especially interesting for studying as Australia is the country located on a separate continent. The geographic position explains the unique culture and traditions of the Australian aborigines. The folklore of Australia is represented by the myths and fairytales […]

Innocence and Justice: The Comparison of Characters from Shen Congwen and Huang Chun-ming’s Works

The paper argues that the female character described in Shen Congwen’s “Hsiao-hsiao” can be compared with the male character of Huang Chun-ming’s “The Drowning of an Old Cat” because of the observed similarities in the characters’ visions of innocence and justice. It is important to focus on this issue because the comparison of the female […]

The Entrepreneurial State by Mariana Mazzucato

Introduction The book titled The Entrepreneurial State is a recent publication, having been published in 2013. The book was published by Anthem Press. It is authored by Mariana Mazzucato, one of the key figures in the debate surrounding various economic issues in contemporary society. In the book, Mazzucato seeks to unravel the disparities between the […]

Ha Jin’s ‘The Bridegroom’ and Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘A Family Supper’

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly clear to more and more people throughout the world that the ongoing process of Globalization doesn’t only have strictly economic, but also psychological connotations. That is, the earlier mentioned process affects the manner in which individuals perceive the surrounding reality and their place in it. This, of course, causes many […]

The Review of John Lewis Gaddis’s Book Surprise, Security and the American

The Americans are inclined to discuss their country as the safest place in the world because their rights and freedoms are protected, and the necessary security is provided and guaranteed, and moreover, security is free. This idea is reflected in the book Surprise, Security, and the American Experience written by John Lewis Gaddis who discusses […]

Book Review: Classical realism and neo-realism

Comparisons and contrasts International relations theorists suggest that realism and neo-realism are both theories that best explain international relations due to their principles which are based on dominance and self- help systems. The book entitled Theory of International Politics by Kenneth Walts defines neo-realism as international relations based on anarchy and capacity distribution. On the […]

History of the Peloponnesian War. Book Review

This article focuses on the role played by inequality and morality in international politics based on Thucydides’ depictions of the Athenians Book Review Because of globalization, international politics has lost its potential for moral relationships and virtuous action. Many argue that the growth of self-consciousness with freedom has disintegrated into pure self-centeredness, objectification, and instrumentality […]

Sasenarine Persaud, “Canada Geese and Apple Chutney”

Immigrants have some common experiences that include uncertainty, fear and hope. Literatures on immigrants are mostly about racism, separation, and fraud. Caribbean fiction stories also draw ideas from this perspective writing about immigrants. Some of the ideas in Caribbean short stories are about local dialect, trade, culture and racial tensions between Northern and Southern worlds. […]

The Book “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe

There are distinctions between Belgian and British colonial practices. Chinua Achebe through his book “Things Fall Apart” narrates how the colonial practices of the British affected the people of Igbo in Umuofia village. Furthermore, he illustrates how the British managed to gain control of the state of Nigeria without bloodshed. The distinctions between the two […]

The European Colonization of Africans in Achebe’s Book “Things fall apart”

Introduction Chinua Achebe published the book “Things fall apart” in 1958. The book’s theme is a description of the European colonization of Africans from an African perspective. The main character is Okonkwo who is a warrior and the village hero. It clearly describes arrival of missionaries in the Igbo community near the end of nineteenth […]

“Odyssey”: The Relationship between the monstrous and the human

Introduction When looking at the relationship between the monstrous and the human in Odyssey, it can be seen that monsters represent, in many instances, the darker side of humanity. The Cyclops When looking at the instance where Odysseus encounters the Cyclops Polyphemus, it is often the case that people see a giant monster that is […]

Book Review: “Climate change: turning up the heat” by Barrie Pittock

The book under consideration is entitled Climate change: turning up the heat and dwells upon the major issues related to climate change and its impact on the human society. Pittock (2005) provides in-depth analysis of the issues supporting his claims with extensive data. It is necessary to note that the book is aimed at a […]

The Art of Being Lonely: a Portrayal of the Lives of Chinese Women of the Post-wwii Generation. Wang Anyi’s ‘the Song of Everlasting Sorrow’ Analysis

Because of their being not ready for the shift from a WWII to the post-WWII environment and the change in values, Chinese women were highly susceptible and extremely vulnerable to the lures of the “New Shanghai,” which led the main character of Wang’s novel The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: A novel of Shanghai, Wang Qiyao, […]

Book Reviews Red Dust: A Path through China and Iron and Silk

Red Dust by Ma Jian Red Dust presents the author’s (Ma Jian) experiences in China while it was under the communist rule in the 1980s. The book falls under the genre of a travelogue as it essentially gives details of the author’s three-year travels across China in a quest for self-discovery and spiritual fulfilment. The author’s […]

Gibran Khalil Gibran- Lebanon Writer and Artist

Khalil was a Lebanese-American writer and artist who made a significant contribution to the literary world. Khalil wrote several philosophical essays, novels, short stories, and mystical poems. In addition, he managed to produce several paintings and illustrations during the course of his career. Gibran was born in Bsharri an area that falls under the current […]

Mahmoud Darwish: Narratives of Exile and Diaspora in the Poetry

Mahmoud Darwish was a Palestinian who lived between 1942 and 2008. His birth place was al- Birwa, a village in Galilee, which was occupied and eventually razed by the army from Israel. Considering that Darwish and the family had not participated in the authorized Israeli tally, they were regarded as internal refugees. For several years, […]

The Mystery Genre

The mystery fiction attracts many readers because of the plot richness and strong emotions evoked while reading mystery stories. The vividness of a mystery story and the effectiveness of unexpected finales depend on the author’s talent. The prominent masters of the American mystery fiction are Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Flannery O’Connor. Dashiell Hammett is […]

Political and social conflicts and Ling-Ling’s Perception of life in Shanghai

The book The Dragon’s Village by Yuan-Tsun Chen focuses on the story of a young girl Ling-Ling who faces the complexities of life in the countryside and decides to take an active part into the realization of the land reform in a small village. While struggling with the social and political constraints, the heroine also […]

Psychological Theories of Sophocles’ Oedipus the King

Psychology and literature are united by a common intent in searching for the universal answers. Philosophy and literature helps to understand the motives of the heroes’ behavior and psychology explains how the poetry affects human emotions. One of the greatest tragedies of Sophocles, Oedipus the King touches upon a deep psychological theme of the parents-son […]

Arab Diaspora in the USA in the Work of Diana Abu-Jaber (Arabian Jazz and Crescent)

Introduction Arab American literature acquired a lot of attention in the late 1980s. It is flourishing now due to creativeness and outstanding imagery world created by the writers who address quite burning issues. Diana Abu-Jaber is one of Arab American female writers who manage to communicate really important massages to the American society. Notably, this […]

Effects of Transnational Organized Crime on Foreign Politics

Introduction Literature review refers to the evaluation of previous works of various scholars, including theories and major concepts. In academic research, both theoretical and conceptual review of literature is usually undertaken to establish the views, opinions, thoughts, and believes of various scholars and theorists. Revisiting the works of previous scholars is based on the idea […]

Spirits without Borders: Vietnamese Spirit Mediums in a Transnational Age

The book under analysis is called Spirits without Borders: Vietnamese Spirit Mediums in a Transnational Age. Karen Fjelstad and Nguyen Thi Hien have dedicated the book to discussing the reasons and preconditions for spread of ritual from Vietnam to the United States, as well as to understanding the influence of ritual transnationalism on both nations. […]

Arab Diaspora in the USA in the Novels of Diana Abu-Jaber Arabian Jazz and Crescent

Introduction The American society can be described as a melting pot of culture with different people of different nationalities with different cultures coming together to form a nation. The history of America depicts a continent that is sparsely populated by the Indian tribes of America who are the original residents of the continent and whose […]

The Essential Gandhi

The book, The Essential Gandhi, covers essential things about Mahatma Gandhi that one should know. It contains quotes from the writings of Gandhi that talks about his life, work and his convictions. The author presents Gandhi’s stand on issues like spirituality, suffering, poverty, politics, non-violence, and civic disobedience among others. Gandhi’s biographer, Luis Fischer, did […]

Dante Alighieri and the Divine Comedy

Introduction The immense contribution of the Italian poets and authors has remained underestimated due to the lack of public knowledge concerning their legendary contribution towards the understanding of the Italian history, culture, virtues, and politics.1 Dante Alighieri is one of the most renowned poets and authors who earmarked a new era in the Italian writing […]

The Representation of Valuable or Treasured Objects in Fantasy Novels

There has always been a place for valuable objects in people’s minds; indeed, the material assets of the human world have allowed to define the value of a number of things, finally leading to the invention of money. Being one of the most important material elements in the human world, valuable objects, therefore, have been […]

Integrating Poetry into a Learning Process

Poetry plays an important role in a learning process, specifically when poems are applied to teaching various disciplines. Although children sometimes prefer narrative verses to the lyrics ones, they can contribute greatly to improving pronunciation and spelling, as well memorizing various terms. It is very important for teachers to introduce poetry in an oral form […]

The Characteristics of Children’s Poetry

The interaction between children and poetry is characterized by strong materials (Glazer and Williams 271). These comprise good plots, rich settings, well-developed characters, vital and educative themes, and artistic styles that employ bold and creative language (Glazer and Williams 279). This element of novelty is developed by the author, who first understands and comprehends the […]