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Linguistics Essay Examples and Topics

Linguistic View on Accent and Language

This means that such an elevation to standard status leaves the other variants to appear undesirable, yet they are not inadequate in any way whatsoever since they have a complete syntax, grammar, and phonology. In [...]

Baby Language: Development of the Dialect

The analysis of this paper discusses Fahad's grasp of Arabic dialect due to the influence of the Arabic language speakers around him. The boy continues to learn the Arabic language from his mother, who is [...]

Electronic Translation and Its Advantages

The electronic translation refers to the conversion of one language to another by the use of the electronic translation software. Considering the development of the internet and technology, the use of electronic translation in language [...]

Language Teaching and Learning

According to the results of the research mentioned above, it is clear that the best way to teach an additional language is to involve the learner's different senses and skills into the process of the [...]

Scholarly Style Features in the Education

The academic articles, which are reviewed in this work, embrace a variety of relevant data that certifies the findings of the studies. Moreover, the foundation of the L2 reading learning, which lies in the focus [...]

Irony’s Usage by David Brooks

When first trying to grasp the irony in a statement one must remember the very definition of irony itself in that it is an attempt to convey a train of thought that is the complete [...]

Learning a Foreign Language in Childhood

The validity of this assumption is supported by the empirical observations of what account for the specifics of how a child becomes familiar with a particular language, and by the fact that, as of today, [...]

Young Child’s Language and Literacy Development

In addition, a work of literature on any social issue may influence how children respond to the demands of their learning environments. Taken together, the growing importance of literature in learning and children's linguistic development [...]

English Language Evolution

Because of the consolidation processes which England was experiencing in the course of the sixteenth century and the following strengthening of the empire, as well as the establishment of the relationships with other states of [...]

The Phonological Contrast Therapy Efficacy

A phonological disorder is "a specific term used to describe error patterns of speech that reflect a linguistic speech disorder in which speech difficulties arise from differences in developmental rules and in the organization of [...]

How to Write a Speech?

The main objectives of a writer when writing a speech is to engage the attention of the audience, use a language that is easy to understand, and present ideas in a way that makes them [...]

Armenian Linguistic Community in Southern California

This paper examines the statistics of the Armenian language native speakers, history of immigration, primary features of the Armenian language and its role in the modern community of its native speakers, including the perception of [...]

Ethnolinguistic Situation in Rwanda

French is still used in many urban areas in Rwanda; however, the government is keen on propagating English as the leading language of science, commerce and economic development in the country and in its interactions [...]

Language: the Art of Translation

According to al-Jahid, the most important aspects of the translation's success are the profound knowledge of the subject and a deep understanding of the original texts.

Guide to Writing a Poem

The purpose of this is to help the student construct a good poem based on the general principles of poem writing. The tone of the poem is very important as it conveys feelings of the [...]

The Uses of Enchantment in Fairy Tales

Fairy tales on the other hand are more practical and they give the child the picture of life full of struggle and human predicament for example many fairy tales usually begin with the death of [...]

Translation and Its Effects on Languages

It begins with a historical contextualizing discussion of the political and social climate of the Middle Ages through the Reformation and the events that eventually lead up to the translation of the Latin bible into [...]

The Arabic Language 50 Years Later

According to the ideas expressed by the scientist, it was quite likely that the "low" variant of the Arabic language would finally oust the "high" one, thus making it closer to the spoken variation of [...]

Linguistics of the Gurbetcha Dialect

The aim of this project is to identify the roots of the dialect Gurbetcha and compare it to the other Cypriot dialects and varieties and Cypriot Turkish dialects in particular.

Concepts of Language

On the other hand, the lexicon is more of an ingredient of language that language itself. In cognitive psychology, language hence, lexicon forms the basis of understanding individuals' background abilities.

Language Borrowing Definition

It is used to describe a meat of domestic animals in the original language. It is an individual of a high rank in the original language.

The Norman Conquest of the English Language

The conquest resulted in the development of two categories of the English language called the Old English and Middle English. Old English refers to the language used before the Norman Conquest, while the Middle English [...]

Language Change in the Southern US

As far as the specifics of the Southern American pronunciation is concerned, one must note that the latter stands in sharp contrast to the manner of speech adopted in the northern areas of the United [...]

Languages: Canadian English

Taking into account the fact of the geographical neighborhood of Canada and the USA, which is one of the biggest English speaking countries in the world, it should be clear that the USA has the [...]

Languages: Models of World English

The spread of English led to the development of such concepts as World English and English as Lingua Franca. As has been mentioned above, English as Lingua Franca is the concept that appeared due to [...]

Gender Role in Language

The indications of certain words belonging to a specific gender can be noticed in the English language rather easily; the question, however, is whether these indications can be viewed as a step forward in promoting [...]

Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition

The title of the article A Longitudinal Study of two Boys' Experiences of Acquiring Italian as a Second Language: The influence of Age. The researcher uses letters A to refer to the elder brother and [...]

Language Skills Acquiring Process

The information provided below was retrieved by recording the dialogues between the child and the members of his family, as well as the utterances that the child made in the course of playing or interacting [...]

English Language in Canada

Over a third of the people in Canada speak the Standard Canadian English while the rest of the population is either multilingual or Anglophone.

The Asiatic Society of Calcutta

Another outstanding characteristic of the Asiatic Society of Calcutta is extensively dealt with in the article as outlined by the many efforts by various researchers in the orient. It is evident that the establishment of [...]

Status of English as the Global Language

However, I tend to differ with that school of thought and cite the following reasons as to why the future of English remains assured globally: the large numbers of English speakers and learners, the simplicity [...]

Language Contact Situation

It would be interesting to analyze why the language of these children shifted from their mother tongue to English. Such interactions also made them realize that this English was the right language to be used [...]

The Word ‘Antique’ New Definition

Due to the confusion surrounding the accuracy of what objects fit the antique-description, the definition of the term antique should be changed to explicitly refer to objects that are more than a hundred years old.

Superman and Me

It can be argued that the supporting content used by the author is effective to the extent that it demonstrates how the author was exposed to reading materials early in life, and how this exposure [...]

French’s Customs and Language

The French language is also used as an instrument to tarnish customs consequently promoting the growth of French language and customs. In French customs, the language is used as a representation of unity.

Yiddish Language

They brought the German dialect and customs to the Jews in the Slavic territories. This led to the emergence of the Yiddish literature.

Sexism in the English Language

The significance of Piercey's discussion is the attempts to prove the idea that the English language is sexist in the nature, thus, the topic of the gender inequality is discussed with references to the linguistic [...]

Intrusive R and Linking R

In non-rhotic English, the word would be pronounced with an 'r' between the two sentences. The sound 'r' would therefore be acting as a linking word.

Do All Languages Have Word Accent?

Larry Hyman who is the author of the report on the universality of word accent is a linguistics professor at the University of California where he specializes in phonology.

Language Evolution in Human Being

The first participant would be given the names of all the fruits, and after mastering the names, the participants would read out the name of the fruits once its picture is shown.

Gestural Theory of Language Origin

While many scientists and researchers attribute the emergence of the use of language among Homo sapiens to spontaneous emergence in a manner similar to the "big bang theory" of the origin of the earth, others [...]

Research Methods in Linguistics

The field of research methods in linguistics is a dynamic and fast evolving field of study Researchers continuously endeavor to unearth fundamental facts underlying this line of study, the modes and codes of its operation, [...]

The Characteristics of Generative Syntax

C-command is the structural relationship between two elements in a syntactic tree such that one can be said to c-command the other one if that other element is located in the area of the tree [...]


A group of words or a phrase that has been used to refer to the same object or concept is called a semantic field or a semantic domain, and gives meaning to a word in [...]