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Linguistics Essay Examples and Topics

Cultural Linguistic Autobiography

Some of the courses that I took included curriculum development and assessment, language reading acquisition and research, teaching in a pluralistic society, and the English linguistic. In these classes, I gathered methods and tactics to [...]

English as a Communication Language

The reason behind this is the fact that English has been considered for long as a foreign language in the Expanding Circles and therefore only suitable as an official medium of communication with the native [...]

Pragmatic Failure in Successful Communication

The "How do you do?" utterance is a manner of formal greeting between the acquaintances and traditional response to this expression would be the same "How do you do?" Obviously, the Englishman, intending to greet [...]

Sociolinguistic Perspectives of ELT

These include the daily duties discussed, the domain of the ELT which is mainly educational, the medium mostly used in the presentation of ELT programs that are to be 'spoken', the mode that is a [...]

Students Language Skills Project

Due to the growing body of research on the issue of grammar proficiency and processes involved in grammar acquisition, the project is aimed at showing which approach to grammar improvement is the most viable, and [...]

Language and Time

This is perhaps the reason why at the end, critics of time like Jose Luis Borges were forced to accept that time is real and that time is needed by all especially when it comes [...]

English for Global Communication

Thus, the majority of the interviewed students claimed that the concept of global citizenship is applicable to a person who treats the humankind as a whole and believes that people should emphasize that they belong [...]

Testing in Language Teaching

Since the result is crucial in teaching, an educator is to be able to measure the performance of the learners, their improvements, strengths and weaknesses and this is where testing is necessary.

Orthographic Transcription

Here, the story is told and there is certain return to the beginning of the story. This section is the end of the story and reference to the point mentioned at the start.

Multilingualism and Children Language Behaviour

The theory called the ethnography of speaking, offered by Dell Hymes, will be used to situate the problem of multilingualism and its effect on children's language behaviour as it helps to comprehend the components of [...]

English Language Learners

First, it is critical to have school-wide commitment to the needs of students who are not native speakers of English. Apart from that, it is critical to remember about the use of best methods in [...]

Al Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language

While examining the stages of the new language's development with the focus on the concrete social group, the researchers are able to resolve the dispute on the role of culture and nature in forming the [...]

Cantonese Language

Most of the similarities are in the domain of lexicon, but the differences are located in syntax and phonology. The category of velar sounds is quite rich in Cantonese.

A New Role for Contrastive Analysis

Considering the following quote from Fries' paper: "The most efficient materials are those that are based upon a scientific description of the language to be learned, carefully compared with a parallel description of the native [...]

Speech Language Pathology Research

In order to properly study the effectiveness of the research and improvement methods, many more aspects of the individual characteristics and social life must be taken into consideration.

Religious Studies: Marcel Mauss Theory of Magic

Among the most common practices in the Christian fraternity, which, for the purpose of this paper, can be classified as magical, one could mention the practice of speaking in tongues. Can the practice of speaking [...]

Language of Children

According to Alatis, the language of children vary a great deal when they talk to their peers, and when they talk to the adults.

Morphology and Phonology

Morphology is a linguistic term that refers to the process of identifying and describing morphemes, parts of speech, intonations, affixes, and root words of a language. This knowledge is important in the improvement of reading [...]

Integration of Essays on Linguistics

The set of articles reviewed in the present work provide a deeper understanding of the connections that a language has with the reality on any level, the functions that it plays in reflecting the human [...]

English vs. Russian Adjectives

Role of adjectives in Russian Due to the differences in language structures, the role of different parts of speech in Russian and English also differs.

Pragmatic Development

The present study is the actual replication of the study of Chang on the analysis of developmental pragmatics and evolution of speech acts of L2 learners with the increased proficiency levels in English.

Visual Language Analysis

Most of the signs and codes are recognised by all as living in one and the same society we seem to have the similar vision and interpretation of those signs.

When Words Mean not What They Are Supposed to

The problem becomes even more obvious and hard to cope with when it comes to dealing with the similarities and differences between Semitic languages, which the Arabic one belongs to, and the Indo-European language family, [...]

Natural Semantic Metalanguage

This paper is a critical review of semantic primes within and across languages, particularly of the Natural Semantic Metalanguage theory developed by Anna Wierzbicka, a Polish and Australian linguist who is engaged in linguistic semantics, [...]

Importance of Paraphrasing

Whichever reason it may be, the important thing that a writer should realize is that it is normal to make errors in the first attempt.

Bilingualism and Multilingualism

However, to discuss the aspects of bilingualism and multilingualism, it is necessary to focus on the factor of the social motivation and psychological peculiarities of the ability to use two or more languages for interactions.

Whorf’s linguistic relativity hypothesis

The perception of the world depends on human culture as in most cases cultural and traditional aspects influence people from their birth and it presupposes the formation of their vision of the surrounding reality based [...]

The Problem of Speech Genres

The excerpt "the problem of speech genres" explores the infinite diversity of speech. In addition, the excerpt argues that style is complex and that it determines the nature of the grammar used in a specific [...]

Meaning of Spelling

Spelling is considered to be one of the invaluable components of orthography and also prescriptive component of the language of the alphabets.

Literature review on Language Use

In spite of the fact that L1 has a role to play in students life, it is imperative to mention that English for academic purposes is very crucial not just to outshine in academic field, [...]

Effect of Mandarin on spoken English

In some cases, it may force the listener to make guesses based on the context of the speech to develop a meaning because the speaker could be pronouncing a word in a manner that is [...]

Teaching the Spoken Language

Its important to note that the same style that is used in the US, UK and other countries that have English, as their first language is not the same that is used by learners taking [...]

The Difficulties Asian Students at the English Class

Moreover, the investigation is constructed to determine the differences in perceptions of the strategies by foreign language teacher and by Asian students, for the effect carried by the practice of these strategies may differ from [...]

Acquisition of a language

It is therefore believed that similarities and differences in various languages play a significant role in the acquisition of the second language, the more the differences, the difficult it is to acquire the second language [...]

Observer’s Paradox

In cases where the interlocutor is of higher social status, the effect to the informant would be either that of aspiration to illustrate same social status to that of the interlocutor's or one that is [...]

English for Special Purposes

Identifying Characteristics of Taxi Drivers as Learners of English for Specific Purposes The group of students includes taxi drivers who will need to meet the existing standards of the language proficiency.

Anaphor agreement effect

In the article, the author seeks to enhance the understanding of anaphor agreement effect. To strengthen the perspective of argument marking, Shiraki shows the different roles that case and agreement play in the context of [...]

Cognition of Language

Different results have led to the explanation of the language acquisition patterns that are revealed by children and adults of the first and second language.


This text aims to find the correct definition of the term 'bilingual', by identifying the characteristics that define a bilingual, the distinctions caused by the different times a language is learned, and whether learning a [...]

Language Testing and Assessment

Extensive reading will also enable the learner to develop an affinity to the second language and; hence, will be able to master the use of the language in context.


This is because learning the second language involves learning new things or aspects about the language. The third and last phase is a product of first and second language learning.

Review of Scoring Rubric

The IELTS tests are available in over 800 centers and locations in 130 countries of the world, and are accessible internationally.

Pragmatics Application

This is due to the high level of understanding that exists between the individual who is sending the information and the one who is receiving it.

Translation Strategies

However, this is part of the reason why it is very difficult to establish standards used in explaining English swear words into Arabic.

Mandarin Chinese

Teacher's Evaluation of Student Performance Assessment is an inherent component of a learning process and teacher's task here is to be consistent in marketing students' achievement pursuant to the material as well as approaches to [...]


The dimensions of variations in the sociolinguistic paradigm includes the adoption of theoretical aspects such as the concept of function, stylistic and social meaning, variation and linguistic change, bi-directional relations between the synchronic and the [...]

Speech Genre

However, the presenter of a speech genre is free to use accent to express individuality and is capable of mixing genres from diverse spheres.

The Value of Learning Linguistics for Teachers

The ways of how descriptivism and prescriptivism are applied to English reading and writing, the dialects of English, which are inherent to the chosen community, and the examples of dominants dialects will be discussed in [...]

American English Dialect

The main focus of the project is to analyse the phonological, structural and lexical features of the American dialect. In terms of the phonological distinctness of General American English, the group found out that the [...]

Second Language Teaching

The above observation was also apparent in the study by Benseman, Sutton and Lander who explained that, the involvement of the learner in the teaching allows students to increase their use of first language literacy [...]


The following is an example of a contextual assumption from the journal: "I enjoy reading novels about romance and thrillers because I am drawn to the suspense created by writing styles in thrillers and also [...]

Creative Ways of Teaching the Grammar

At this point, the teach calls it "the end" of the first round, helps the students to identify the remaining mistakes if any and call for the second group which will be assigned a new [...]