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Linguistics Essay Examples and Topics

African American Vernacular English Study

Therefore, the African American variety of English language refers not only to grammar and vocabulary attributes that make the differences, but also to social and cultural dimension they form in society.

Figurative Language versus Literal Language

According to Heywood, figurative language is the use of words, phrases, and expressions that compel the audience to use its sense of imagination. The function of a metaphor is to facilitate understanding by instilling a [...]

Critique of a speech by Tristram Stuart

The speech sensitized the audience on the dangers of food overproduction and cosmetic food standards. The examples connect him with the audience and people in different parts of the world.

Concept of Language Contact in Linguistic

Other times, the contact of two languages can lead to a partial replacement of one language by the other. In other cases like in a situation where people without a common language interact, language contact [...]

Concept of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

As compared to this, the communication in natural language will ease the operation and communication with computer and in accessible way. Besides, the natural language processing can be used as production device in summarizing and [...]

Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

It is important to note that Amy Tan not only uses the article to give us an insight into her world of writing and the continuous commitments she made to better her mastery of the [...]

English Language

Defining the Role and the Intended Audience of the English Language Dictionaries Language is the basic instrument for rendering and expressing human emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

Bilingualism in East Asia Countries

In most East Asian countries, multilingualism is restricted to elites; although patterns of language ability differ between the classes multilingualism is the norm at all levels of the society.

Multilingualism and Identity

Moreover, one is to keep in mind that multilingualism in the United States and "plurilingualism of individuals is one of the cornerstones of Europe".

Korean and Japanese Honorific Systems

Subject and predicate have to match while using honorifics and it is impossible to attach a marker to the predicate when the subjects are categorized as group of nouns which are not in agreement with [...]

Second language acquisition and identity

In this regard, it can be stated that the process of second language acquisition is a platform for either improving one's identity or reinforcing one's identity as a member of the privileged class. In other [...]

Hypothesis of the Pronunciation Words

What is needed in this particular case is a hypothesis that focuses on a specific subject and concise method of application in order to create a statement that leaves little confusion as to the type [...]

Clausal Nominalization

In order to be in a position to determine whether this word is used as a verb or as a noun, it would require one to get the context of the word.

Differences in Languages between Arabic and English

The teachers should assist the learners with the good writing skills or patterns while understanding that they are changing writing and thinking patterns also rather than being irritated on the repetition of endless sentences by [...]

The word ‘like’

In this essay the main points concerning the use of the word 'like' is highlighted with different views concerning the word examined The word like is used in a range of uses.

Figurative Language versus Literal Language

The comprehension of the application of a figurative language requires from one to be able to understand it in depth. The use of an analogy is appropriate in circumstances where the two cases in question [...]

The Dialects Superiority

According to historians, the dialects that are there today are not the same dialects that existed in the past and therefore it is the fact that dialects keep on changing according to the needs of [...]

Standardization of language

The benefits that results from standardization of a language are numerous but the main issue that follows standardization is who is responsible for standardization of a language.

Forces Reducing Linguistic Diversity

Crawford carried out a study on language extinction in the United States and pointed out that the problem of language loss is now considered a crisis and a threat to the entire world.

English Language Power and Variation

This greatly impedes on the communication efforts of the student in class Non native speakers have to take into consideration the culture of the Native speakers. This paper set out to highlight the variety of [...]

Speech and Written Forms of Communication

Due to the dynamism of speech as a means of communication, it has a great impact on the confidence, speaking, and listening skills of students while the static nature of written communication greatly affects writing [...]

English as a dominant language

It is also important to recognize the close connection that exists between language and culture and recognize that for that reason choosing one language to be the language of the world might difficult.

Tai-yu Language Policy

Aim and scope The aim of the research consists in investigation of the attitude toward the language policies implemented in order to encourage the rising generation to speak the Tai-yu language and be educated using [...]

Language Exploration: Spanish and English

For example, the noun insect in English is insecto in Spanish and professor in English is profesor in Spanish. Pronunciation of words in English and Spanish is very different as in Spanish, each letter in [...]

Article Reflection about Literacy

Reflecting on these four articles; 'There is reading...and then there's reading,' 'Taking literacy skills home,' 'The importance of the act of reading,' and 'the new literacy studies' I cannot help but appreciate and celebrate the [...]

Legally protected speech

However, the degree to which the First Amendment protects commercial speech is not the same as that for other forms of speech protected by the Amendment.

The Cultural Styled Approach

Moreover, in the study of language, this approach can be quite beneficial, in the sense that, it better encourages the accommodation of foreign languages and cultures as opposed to the deficit model, because to a [...]

Bilingualism in Canada

However, the code-switching of language words between English and French have raised concerns of the French standard in Canada, particularly in Quebec. The effectiveness of French speaking programs in Canada is unknown.

Tribal Inference

Although it is impossible to pinpoint the exact geographical location that the Amiables lived, their language sheds some light as to the nature of the land that the tribe may have occupied.

How Language is Different From Communication?

To know a language in general is to be able to understand the language but a more technical approach would be to be able to transmit, receive, and understand information communicated in a given language.

Philosophy of language: Speech act theory

Foundation of the speech act theory The best way to analyze the features that form the foundation of the speech act theory is to make a comparison between it and other theories that are presented [...]

Encoding Manner and Result Verbs

Besides verbs expressing the manner in which an action is carried out, English language has variety of verbs that encode the result of an action, but not the manner of achieving this result.

English as a Global Language

Ghosh states that different settings vary in level of English proficiency, how they use the language and the differences in the language as compared to the original dialect.

Bilingual Language Acquisition

Successive acquisition is similar to first language acquisition because a child learns the second language through analysis of rules and making errors.

The Context of a Swear Words

The swear words are a separate division of language, as the meaning of the swear words greatly differs from others. The word "act", defines the meaning and the physical understanding of what is being said [...]

Wolof Language in Africa

According to, the number of Wolof speakers are rising given the fact that majority of the communities within Senegal, Gambia and part of Mauritania are using the language in their socio-economic and political undertakings.

Theories of the Language Evolution

One of the theories of the language evolution suggests that during the prehistoric era, language evolved as an adaptation to change; a change that meant better survival and enhanced understanding of the surroundings.

Syntax-Semantic Roles

In the sentence "The boy hit the ball," The ball is the patient because the action of hitting affects it directly.

Syllables in phonology

An example of an onset in a syllable is 'r' in the word aread.' In the event that a word is made up of more than one syllable, each individual syllable comprises the normal syllable [...]

Modals in Different Varieties of English

I have used the corpora of English language to investigate the frequency of use of modals in different varieties of English though the primary purpose of the research was to compare and contrast the findings [...]


It is said that the word is derived from the Latin word "illuminare" which means either to enlighten or illuminate. Some people associated the word illuminati to a powerful satanic group or cult that came [...]

The Cornerstones to Early Literacy

Displacement is the idea that language can be used to communicate on things not in the immediate environment. One unique feature of language is that children, growing up, can easily learn how to communicate in [...]

Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

In her essay 'Mother Tongue', Amy Tan tries to use her personal experience to describe the importance of language in a society.

Computational Linguistics

The first step would be to develop the language structure of the two languages that are involved. The next phase will involve developing the structures of the two languages in the computer application.

Influences of language

People need to be encouraged to learn their native languages to make them appreciate their cultures more. People work hard to conform to expectations of their peers to ensure they communicate in a language everyone [...]

Community Interpreting

The rise in demand of professional interpreters in almost every field in the society has inspired the growth and significance of competent interpreters in the industry.

Medical terminology

The language is suitable to be used in the medical and the nursing fields. In medical terminology, when a single letter is changed, the denotation of the word is transformed.

Second Language Acquisition

During the process of acquisition of two languages, a child can make developmental errors, transfer errors, and mix languages while communicating orally, and the character of these errors can be analyzed in order to make [...]

Language Planning

One of the reasons in this group would certainly be that the capital city of the new country is located on the territory where Caspian is the majority language.

The Role of Languages

Anne Fadiman also develops the idea of the language's significance in her The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, and it is important to refer to the experience of Lia Lee's parents in the [...]

Work of Composition

In fact, the aspect of globalization can be argued to be the main reason for the spread of the English language.

Language Development Analysis

Children normally respond and comprehend to simple tasks; and can speak simple sentences and phrases. Besides that, children are capable to use interrogative sentences using words such as "how" and "when".

Martin Luther King Junior

During his lifetime, Martin Luther King Junior had the privilege of giving several speeches whose main theme in almost all was on the freedom of the black Americans.'I have a dream' was among the many [...]

Sound of English

In these cases it is the sound [t] which is changed under the influence of the process of glottalization caused by closure of the gottis in the flow of the speech.[ ], [ ] Deletion/Elision.

Analyzing and Critiquing a Paradigm

Failure to understand the perceived meaning of the drawings led to the development of such stereotypes. The surfaces made the presentation of drawings extremely difficult owing to the ability of the surfaces to regenerate.

Conservative and liberal languages

For example, in his debate for gay marriage Sullivan indicates that conservatives consider gay marriage to be "a slippery slope towards polygamy and other things such as pedophilia, or even bestiality" and as such it [...]

What is a Language

Therefore, the grammar of a language is a description of the rules of the language, rules of a kind that human beings are innately disposed to learn.